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The Story of Val

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    Posted: 28 Sep 2015 at 20:26
where is chapter 2?
I'm still waiting, 2 days later - I can't read part 1 without having a part 2

thanks :D
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07:14<Silent Sword> Anyone want to hear a story/
07:14<Silent Sword> ?
07:14<Deborahhe> Sure. I do.
07:14<dar> yup
07:15<Silent Sword> Okay, here goes.
07:15<Deborahhe> settles in with tea.
07:15<viperone> graba a beer
07:15<Silent Sword> Once upon a time, in a land not so far away, lived an elf lady named Val.
07:16<Silent Sword> She lived in a treehouse high up in a forest with all her elf friends.
07:16<viperone> raises his hand
07:16<Deborahhe> nods
07:16<Deborahhe> go on
07:16<Silent Sword> Life was good, the elves were content, and Val loved life.
07:16<Mistery> /me somehow does not think of elve's being known as Val - seems so mundane *shrugs
07:16<Silent Sword> Then, one day, a troop of orcs came to the forest.
07:17<Silent Sword> Val is short for Valithorien
07:17<Silent Sword> ANYHOO.
07:17<viperone> Kagh!!!!
07:17<Silent Sword> Orcs.
07:17<Deborahhe> Right. Orcs. Elves.
07:18<Deborahhe> Is 'Life' the name of another Elf?
07:18<Silent Sword> They came to the forest, and at first the elves hid themselves from the orcs and hoped they would move on.
07:18<Deborahhe> right, like put on fig leaves?
07:18<Deborahhe> that kind of 'hid themselves'?
07:18<Silent Sword> Elves are naturally very good at hiding in forests.
07:18<Resi> hey. no need for your interrupting!
07:18<Deborahhe> naturally
07:18<Silent Sword> But the orcs were brutal and greedy.
07:18<viperone> Lok-Narash
07:19<dar> needs a oak leaf
07:19<Silent Sword> And they killed all the forest creatures to eat the meat, and chopped down trees to use for great war machines so they could conquer distant cities.
07:19<Deborahhe> nods
07:19<Silent Sword> Their leader was a hulking brute of an orc named Grah'nalg.
07:20<Silent Sword> He loved to make the lesser orcs in his horde fight each other for his amusement.
07:21<Silent Sword> Unfortunately, this meant that the horde grew stronger every day, as the weak were weeded out from the strong.
07:21<Silent Sword> Val and the rest of the elves knew they had to do something quickly.
07:22<Silent Sword> One day, Grah'nalg and his honor guard were walking through the forest, looking for innocent creatures to hunt, when a slim figure dropped out of the trees.
07:22<Silent Sword> It was clad in a robe of green, and its face was shrouded by a deep hood.
07:23<dar> your kids must LOVEyou SS
07:23<Silent Sword> It spoke in a voice like the deep earth, and shook the ground the orcs stood on.
07:23<Silent Sword> &quot;Leave this place!&quot; It boomed. &quot;Go back to your squalid orcish warcamps, we have no need for you here!&quot;
07:24<Silent Sword> Grah'nalg laughed, and shouted at his lackeys, &quot;get that wretch! I will decide where we come and go!&quot;
07:25<norsegodofmischief> Ohhhh, storytime. /me walks up the chatpane to catch the beginnings of the story, and then plumps up a pillow and settles down to listen.
07:25<Silent Sword> The orcs leapt forward, somewhat hesitantly, as they were afraid of the deep voiced stranger.
07:25<dar> gets nors popcorn
07:26<norsegodofmischief> Mmmmm, yummy. Thanks, dar.
07:26<Silent Sword> Their fear of Grah'nalg was greater, however, and so their spears lunged at the green clad figure.
07:26<viperone> swobu
07:26<Silent Sword> The figure, however, had different plans. It raised a hand, and shot up into the air, and was gone.
07:27<Frostbite> well
07:27<Frostbite> how...
07:27<Frostbite> lovely
07:27<Silent Sword> Of course, this figure was Val, and her friends had rigged thin elven rope so that she might drop down and be pulled back up as needed.
07:27<Rill> don't leave us hanging!
07:27<Rill> ;)
07:28<Frostbite> hello gc
07:28<Agalloch> allo
07:28<Silent Sword> Their hope was that this mystical stranger would be enough to frighten the orcs away.
07:28<Silent Sword> Grah'nalg, however, had different plans.
07:28<Resi> bobtron
07:28<Agalloch> good story and even better commentary Deb :P
07:29<Silent Sword> He pulled all his orcs out of the forest, lit really big fires, and burnt it all down. Everything in the forest died.
07:29<Silent Sword> JUST KIDDING
07:29<Frostbite> hey aga
07:29<Silent Sword> Because this is a story, and that would be a bad ending.
07:29<Resi> /me tears
07:29<viperone> throws rotten tomatoes
07:29<Resi> EVERYTHING??!!
07:29<Silent Sword> Grah'nalg did pull his troop out of the forest, and did light big fires, but Val was ready.
07:29<Agalloch> good ending :D
07:29<dar> lol, the nd?
07:30<viperone> starts wiggling cuz he has to pee
07:30<Agalloch> /me goes to collect the smoked elves ears
07:30<jolly roger kafka> dang i thought they just wanted all the fig leaves
07:30<Silent Sword> Her and her elven friends pushed huge tree trunks to the edge of the forest, and covered them in tar.
07:30<Agalloch> they made dolmas with those kafka
07:31<Silent Sword> Then they called upon the elementals of air to push the logs forward into the fires
07:31<Silent Sword> The orc's plan backfired, and many orcs were burned
07:31<Silent Sword> Grah'nalg, however, was not cowed.
07:31<Rill> that would have been a waste of cows
07:31<viperone> kek
07:32<dar> lol
07:32<Silent Sword> He knew his horde grew bigger daily (as orcs breed like rabbits), and knew a few dead orcs wouldn't make much of a difference
07:32<jolly roger kafka> haha!
07:32<Silent Sword> He also knew he needed that lumber and food the forest provided.
07:32<Silent Sword> So he devised a trap.
07:33<Silent Sword> Once again, Grah'nalg and his troops walked through the forest, searching for animals to kill and eat, when the mysterious figure dropped out of the trees.
07:33<viperone> pees his pants...dagnabit too long a story
07:33<jolly roger kafka> yeah dagnab
07:34<Silent Sword> &quot;If you do not leave here, it boomed, you will meet the same fate that your burned bothers met!&quot; It boomed.
07:34<Silent Sword> Oops, double &quot;it boomed.
07:34<Silent Sword> Bugger.
07:34<Silent Sword> ANYHOO
07:34<dar> gets viper a towel and new set of drawers
07:34<Silent Sword> Grah'nalg leered, and declared, &quot;you think a few dead orcs mean anything? HAH! The nets, lads!&quot;
07:35<Silent Sword> And with that, the orcs threw many nets and ensnared Val
07:35<viperone> :)thx
07:35<Silent Sword> She was a captive of the Orcs!
07:36<Silent Sword> They took her back to their camp, and her elven friends knew there was nothing they could do. The orcs were too strong to take on.
07:36<jolly roger kafka> dagnabit Granny nalg better get his comeuppance!
07:36<viperone> chases the little bunnies away...the story ratings just changed
07:36<dar> is Val your ex gf
07:37<Resi> it is a commen maiden elf name..
07:37<Silent Sword> When they got there, Grah'nalg took off Val's hood, and leered, &quot;Hey, we caught ourselves a lady elf! Hehe! Can't wait to eat your tasty ears, dearie!&quot;
07:37<dar> ah continue sir
07:37<Silent Sword> The other orcs were much relieved to find out the mysterious figure was only an elf, and laughed and cackled uproariously.
07:38<Resi> pff only
07:38<jolly roger kafka> yes elf ear sammies are real good
07:39<Agalloch> /me looks around for sammies
07:39<Silent Sword> Val looked up at Grah'nalg and spat in his face. &quot;You'll never leave this forest alive!&quot; she swore. &quot;Hehe,&quot; replied Grah'Nalg. &quot;No, you're the one that won't leave here alive! :D &quot; (Smiley should be orcish)
07:40<MadDocDizzy> /me helps :)
07:40<Silent Sword> The orcs piled up a huge pile of timber, and put a cast iron pot on top of it, and filled it with water.
07:41<Silent Sword> They lit the timber, and put all manner of nasty ingredients into it. Stuff like sharproot, miner's bane, and Aga's old toenails.
07:41<Resi> lol
07:41<Silent Sword> It was clear they were going to cook Val alive!
07:42<Silent Sword> Grah'nalg called forth two of his orc lackeys to fight for his amusement, grinning and laughing as they stabbed at each other with their spears
07:42<Silent Sword> It was then that Val saw her chance to escape.
07:43<Silent Sword> &quot;Let me fight!&quot; she cried, &quot;I can best any orc here!&quot;
07:43<MadDocDizzy> :D
07:44<Rill> /me passes popcorn quietly
07:44<Silent Sword> The orcs laughed up a storm at this, but Grah'nalg was impressed. &quot;Very well,&quot; he said, gesturing at Val's bindings &quot;Untie her! let the elf lady fight! She won't last long! Hahah!&quot;
07:44<heårtless> good night bear people
07:44<MadDocDizzy> :D
07:45<dar> sds heartless
07:45<Silent Sword> Val, sadly, had never used a spear, and the one she was given was long and heavy. The orc she was set to fight was a grizzled veteran of many battles, and gripped his spear surely and strongly.
07:46<Silent Sword> &quot;LET THE FIGHT BEGIN&quot; screamed Grah'nalg.
07:47<Silent Sword> Val and the orcish veteran circled each other warily. Suddenly, the orc jumped forward, feinting at Val. She leaped back, and the orc cackled in amusement.
07:48<Silent Sword> The fight continued, the veteran slowly advancing on Val until her back was to the cooking fire.
07:49<Silent Sword> Suddenly, the orc's spear flashed forward, and grazed Val's calf. She cried out as blood welled from the wound.
07:49<Silent Sword> Sensing an opening, the veteran charged in for the kill, spear leveled at Val's chest.
07:50<Silent Sword> Fortunately, this was just what she had been waiting for. As the orc rushed forward, she sprung to the side, and tripped the orc with the butt of her spear, right into the cooking fire!
07:50<viperone> bites his fingernails
07:50<viperone> weeeeeee!!!!
07:51<MadDocDizzy> :O
07:51<dar> gabs some of Rills popcorn
07:51<Silent Sword> As the orc fell into the scalding mixture, he emitted a long and painful scream.
07:51<dar> or grabs
07:52<Silent Sword> Val dropped to her knee, unable to support her wounded leg any longer.
07:52<Silent Sword> &quot;HAH!&quot; Grah'nalg cried in amusement, &quot;So the elf has some strength in her!&quot;
07:53<viperone> oh no....feels his bowels gurgling
07:53<Silent Sword> Val, however, was not waiting around.
07:54<dar> run viper run
07:54<Silent Sword> Sprinting forward, she planted the spear in the ground at Grah'nalg's feet, and vaulted straight over his head!
07:54<Silent Sword> Grabbing a low hanging branch behind him, she swung herself up and out of sight.
07:55<MadDocDizzy> :O :( :( :O :O :( :( :O :O :( :( :O :O :( :( :O
07:55<Silent Sword> Grah'Nalg, understandably, was enraged.
07:55<Resi> hehe
07:55<Silent Sword> &quot;GET THE AXES! I WANT EVERY TREE IN THIS FOREST CHOPPED DOWN!&quot; He screamed.
07:56<Silent Sword> And so the orcish horde advanced on the forest, axes ready.
07:56<Silent Sword> This time, Val and her friends knew there was little they could do.
07:56<Rill> /me can't watch
07:57<Silent Sword> As the axes rose and fell, the elven tribe packed their few belongings and left their forest home forever.
07:57<viperone> Gol'Kosh
07:57<Rill> :(
07:57<MadDocDizzy> :D :D :) :D :D :) :D :D :) :D :D :) :D :D :)
07:57<Rill> is this why elves should stay out of forests?
07:57<Rashidi> oh good, a happy ending. I was concerned for a moment
07:58<Rashidi> /me likes these orcs
07:58<Silent Sword> Some left the lands forever, traveling to distant continents and having wild adventures.
07:58<Silent Sword> But Val was not one of those.
07:58<Silent Sword> She wanted revenge.
07:58<Silent Sword> :D
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