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    Posted: 11 Aug 2012 at 18:48
Trading in Illyriad (for dummies)

There are 2 ways to trade goods in Illyriad. They function for different purposes and are used to sell different types of items.

Universal terms and features to be aware of:
Caravans: These move your goods from one place to another
Buy Orders: This is an order placed by a buyer who decides a price they are willing to pay for an item, and places an order on the market stating the price they are willing to pay, and how many of an item they want to purchase
Sell Orders: This is an order placed on the market by a seller who has an item and wants to sell it at a certain price and quantity
1) Marketplace Trading (aka Ebay w/o auctions)
Marketplace trades are sales that take place between one player to another directly to/from their towns. There is no middle-man in the transaction.

Minimum researches required: Haggling
Buildings required: Marketplace
Units required: Caravans (created in Marketplace)
Items that can be sold this way: Wood, Clay, Iron, Stone, Food, Horses (basic), Livestock, Beer, Books, Spears (basic), Swords (basic), Bows (basic), Saddles, Leather Armor (basic), Chainmail Armor (basic), Plate Armor (basic), Siege Blocks
Market visibility: As of August 9, 2012, all marketplace orders can be seen anywhere on the map by anyone. There are no visibility limits. This will change eventually.
Taxes paid: 7.5% paid by the person with the goods (not the person with the gold). Tax is not refunded if the order is cancelled.
Quantity purchasable: Buy and sell orders must be accepted in full
2) Trading Via Trade Hubs (aka the Mall)
Trade Hubs are buildings controlled by NPC factions, placed throughout the map. You can use these hubs to set up a store (like at the mall) to sell specialty items to people within a limited area.

Minimum researches required: Guilds, Merchant’s Guild, Faction Markets, Trader, Trade Office, Procurement, Selling
Buildings required: Merchant’s Guild, Trade Office, Marketplace
Units required: Caravans and Traders (created in the Marketplace)
Items that can be sold this way: All items in game (basic resources, advanced resources, gatherables, crafted items, wine, everything)
Market visibility: You can see all trade hub offers on the nearest friendly/neutral faction hub to your town, all hubs that fall into your marketplace’s visibility range (with which you have > -35 faction standing) as well as all trade hub offers placed within hubs that you have a trader present. 
Taxes paid: A percentage of tax is paid based upon your standing with the faction at the hub, paid by the person with the goods (not the person with the gold). Tax is not refunded if the order is cancelled.
Quantity purchasable: Buy and sell orders can be accepted in full or as partial orders

Step by step to using a trade hub:
  1. Research the required technologies
  2. Build a trader in your marketplace
  3. Choose a trade hub in which you’d like to place your trader (Important factors to consider are distance and faction standing)
  4. Click on the trade hub on the map and choose “send trader”
  5. Click on the trade hub on the map and choose “send resources” to send the items you’d like to sell on the market (Also send along gold to pay tax)
  6. Review the “Faction Trade Hubs” page in game to see your items stored at hubs
  7. Visit the “Markets and Prices” page to see available offers and place either a buy or sell order
  8. Choose “place sell order” or “place buy order,” select the items you like to sell/buy, choose hub or town, set quantity and price per item, select “check”
  9. Review the order, tax rate and caravans required, then select either “confirm” or “cancel”
  10. Visit the “Faction Trade Hubs” page (or locate your items in the “Markets and Prices” page) to review or cancel any of your orders

An example of a trade empire set-up using multiple towns:
Town A (Your Trading Town) researches all relevant trade technologies, builds a Trader (or Traders) and places them in hubs. This town becomes your center of commerce. Towns B (Mining), C (Herbalism), D (Crafting) all research only the Merchant’s Guild and Faction Market technologies (with relation to advanced trade). They then harvest or craft their specialty goods and send them directly to the hubs that Town A has Traders within. Then the Trader(s) from Town A manage the sale of these goods on behalf of the towns that sent them. All of your towns then work together in a seamless trade operation.

Things to know about Trade Hub Trading:

Once you have researched Faction Markets, you can send goods to trade hubs. Find the locations of the hubs on the Faction page. BUT if you do not have a Trader present at the hub, the goods will sit there unretrievable and un-usable by you until you get a Trader there to interact with it. Storage is not limited.

Anyone who can see an offer on a Trade Hub can accept it. You can purchase sell orders and fill buy orders without a Trader in any hub.

You must have a Trader present in a Hub to make your own sell or buy orders on that market. Send a Trader to a hub by finding it on the map, clicking and choosing “send Trader.”

The cost to recruit additional Traders is account-based, not city based. Your first Trader, in the first town to create one, will not require Wine. The second trader (and any additional) will require Wine to produce, increasing with each trader. As Wine requires effort to produce, and may be scarce, choose the city placement of your traders wisely.

If you have a faction standing of -35 or lower with a faction at a hub, they will not trade with you. Choose hubs with higher faction standing for better tax rates. Visit the individual faction pages to see your standing and any hubs connected to that faction. There is currently (as of August 9, 2012) no way to change your faction standing.

Trader units have hourly gold upkeep costs.

Caravans are used to transport your goods to the trade hubs. They can then drop off the goods and come home. The person who purchases the goods from you will then use their own caravans to retrieve the goods from and transport gold to the hub.

Caravans can be sent to a hub to await orders.

Traders and caravans can be transferred from hub to hub directly, without having to come home first.

The number of buy orders you are able to place in trade hubs is determined by your Trade Office building level and the depth of your research in the Procurement line of research.

The number of sell orders you are able to place in trade hubs is determined by your Trade Office building level and the depth of your research in the Selling line of research.

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