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~The Tale of the Pink Tutu~ by Artefore [T-O]

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    Posted: 03 Aug 2013 at 08:05

~The Tale of the Pink Tutu~

[02 Aug 19:51]<Varege> i was just going to ask about the pink tutu

[02 Aug 19:51]<Varege> its origin

[2 Aug 19:51]<Artefore> hmmph

[02 Aug 19:51]<nragara> heeee heeeee

[2 Aug 19:51]<Artefore> very well

[2 Aug 19:52]<Artefore> i shall tell the story of the pink tutu

[02 Aug 19:52]*Varege settles in for storytime

[02 Aug 19:52]*DrkRdr passes out the popcorn

[02 Aug 19:52]<nragara> Picks up pink teddy and glass of milk

[02 Aug 19:52]*Varege hands nragara a lollipop

[2 Aug 19:52]<Artefore> long ago, i was sent out on a quest to prove my might and prowess to all dwarfdom

[02 Aug 19:52]<nragara> Snugglers down for storytime

[2 Aug 19:53]<Artefore> my task was simple: kill a bunch of orcs and then run away

[02 Aug 19:53]<Varege> no fluttering?

[2 Aug 19:53]<Artefore> the way was full of danger, and i had to use my cunning and strength to reach the orc lair

[02 Aug 19:53]<DrkRdr> dwarf running.... that must be the fairy part

[2 Aug 19:54]<Artefore> finally, i arrived

[02 Aug 19:54]<Varege> probly took forever

[2 Aug 19:54]<Artefore> the orcs were brutal and savage, but i cut a bloody swath through their numbers with my grandmother's vintage battleaxe

[02 Aug 19:55]<nragara> Short legs

[02 Aug 19:55]<DrkRdr> battleax=frypan

[2 Aug 19:55]<Artefore> finally, when all the orcs were dead or had been dekneecapitated, i paused

[02 Aug 19:55]<Varege> did you use dwarf bread also?

[2 Aug 19:55]<Artefore> of course varege

[02 Aug 19:55]<Varege> ty

[2 Aug 19:55]<Artefore> i used many throwing croissants that day

[02 Aug 19:55]<Varege> oooohhh, impressive

[02 Aug 19:56]*Varege 's opinion of Arte goes up several notches

[2 Aug 19:56]<Artefore> anyway, when i looked up, there before me was a wondrous sight

[02 Aug 19:56]<nragara> chocolate croissants

[2 Aug 19:56]<Artefore> a fairy princess of surpassing beauty had been chained to a rock and was crying for help

[02 Aug 19:57]<Varege> oh noes

[02 Aug 19:57]<nragara> Oh Toes

[02 Aug 19:57]<Varege> lol

[2 Aug 19:57]<Artefore> naturally, i unchained her with a mighty blow to the lock and set her free

[02 Aug 19:57]<Varege> what race and/or species, Arte?

[02 Aug 19:57]<nragara> Not elf we would not have got ourselves into that mess in the first place

[2 Aug 19:57]<Artefore> fairy i said

[2 Aug 19:58]<Artefore> fairy princess

[02 Aug 19:58]*Varege looks at nragara

[02 Aug 19:58]<DrkRdr> crossdressing dryad maybe

[2 Aug 19:58]<Artefore> anyhoo, once she was unchained, she begged my favor so she might be taken back home to her fairy kingdom

[02 Aug 19:58]<Varege> pray, do continue, Arte

[02 Aug 19:58]<nragara> *looks back at V and giggles

[02 Aug 19:59]<Varege> tee hee

[02 Aug 19:59]<nragara> Yep sorry Arte, more story please

[2 Aug 20:00]<Artefore> naturally, smitten by her soft, blue eyes and full, luscious er... wings, i agreed

[02 Aug 20:00]<Varege> wing envy

[02 Aug 20:00]<DrkRdr> lol

[2 Aug 20:00]<Artefore> the way to her kingdom was fraught with peril

[02 Aug 20:00]<nragara> R you sure her eyes were blue - i think you were looking in the wrong place

[2 Aug 20:01]<Artefore> i used all my strength and cunning to carry the princess safely to her home

[2 Aug 20:01]<Artefore> they were blue, probably

[02 Aug 20:01]<nragara> lmao

[02 Aug 20:01]<Varege> wait, she made you carry her the whole way?

[2 Aug 20:02]<Artefore> she was wearing high heels

[02 Aug 20:02]<nragara> Sure she was female?

[02 Aug 20:02]<DrkRdr> demanding little so and so

[02 Aug 20:02]*Varege raises her eyebrows at nragara, recognizing the cleverness of elves, er fairies

[02 Aug 20:02]<DrkRdr> fairy=uh oh

[2 Aug 20:02]<Artefore> continuing on, once we arrived at her home, she thanked me profusely

[02 Aug 20:02]<nragara> bet she did

[02 Aug 20:03]<Varege> detail!

[2 Aug 20:03]<Artefore> *blushes*

[02 Aug 20:03]<Varege> hmmm, maybe not

[02 Aug 20:03]<nragara> do not think it involves her eyes

[02 Aug 20:03]<Varege> or wings

[02 Aug 20:03]<DrkRdr> the reward was some twigs and berrys

[2 Aug 20:03]<Artefore> as i said before, she had VERY full and luscious wings

[02 Aug 20:04]<nragara> So THATs why you are wearing her tutu!!

[02 Aug 20:04]<Varege> do all dorfs have wing fixations?

[2 Aug 20:04]<Artefore> shutup all of you

[2 Aug 20:04]<Artefore> im not done yet

[2 Aug 20:04]<Artefore> she also gave me a box

[02 Aug 20:04]<DrkRdr> ??????????????

[2 Aug 20:04]<Artefore> she said that if i ever were to get into danger, i should open the box

[02 Aug 20:04]*Varege settles back and wishes for a teddy bear

[02 Aug 20:04]<Varege> is a long story

[2 Aug 20:05]<Artefore> this time i thanked her profusely

[02 Aug 20:05]<nragara> *lets V suggle her teddy

[02 Aug 20:05]<Varege> tyvm nra

[02 Aug 20:05]*DrkRdr turns into V's teddy bear

[2 Aug 20:05]<Artefore> then i set on my way back to the dwarven kingdom

[02 Aug 20:05]<Varege> hmm Drk

[2 Aug 20:05]<Artefore> on the way, i encountered a ferocious, firebreathing dragon

[02 Aug 20:06]<nragara> ina tutu?

[2 Aug 20:06]<Artefore> i tried to fight it, but it was too ferocious and firebreathing-y

[2 Aug 20:06]<Artefore> so i opened the box

[02 Aug 20:06]<Varege> did it scorch you?

[2 Aug 20:06]<Artefore> inside was a pink tutu, a bag of fairy dust, and a pill with a note taped to it

[2 Aug 20:06]<Artefore> the note said "eat this"

[2 Aug 20:06]<Artefore> so i did

[02 Aug 20:07]<nragara> You shrunk

[02 Aug 20:07]<Varege> so, the dragon?

[2 Aug 20:07]<Artefore> immediately, i felt lighter. i noticed that wings were growing out of my back

[02 Aug 20:07]<nragara> Deff wing envy here

[2 Aug 20:07]<Artefore> the tutu, as if by magic, floated onto me

[02 Aug 20:08]<Varege> but wing envy satisfied

[02 Aug 20:08]<DrkRdr> tutu envy????????????

[02 Aug 20:08]<Varege> also satisfied

[2 Aug 20:08]<Artefore> knowing what i had to do, i fluttered over the dragon and dropped the entire bag of fairy dust onto him

[02 Aug 20:08]<nragara> He turned into a kitten

[02 Aug 20:08]<DrkRdr> the "dragon"had tutu envy

[02 Aug 20:09]<Varege> cute, nra!

[2 Aug 20:09]<Artefore> to my surprise, he turned into a duckling

[02 Aug 20:09]<nragara> Sooo close

[2 Aug 20:09]<Artefore> NOT a kitten

[02 Aug 20:09]<Varege> in a tutu?

[2 Aug 20:09]<Artefore> realizing that now i was a dwarf AND a fairy, i knew my dwarven kin would never accept me

[2 Aug 20:10]<Artefore> i fluttered back to the fairy princess

[02 Aug 20:10]<Elisadora> ahh poor arte

[02 Aug 20:10]<Varege> poor fairy princess

[2 Aug 20:10]<Artefore> and thanked her profusely for her kind gift

[02 Aug 20:10]<Varege> sorry, Arte

[02 Aug 20:10]<nragara> Did you thank her alot again

[2 Aug 20:11]<Artefore> we got married, and thus i became His Grace The King Of All The Dwarf Fairies

[02 Aug 20:11]<nragara> YOU HAVE A WIFE!!!!!!1

[02 Aug 20:11]<Varege> nra, i think the answer to your question is "yes"

[02 Aug 20:11]<nragara> lol

[02 Aug 20:11]<DrkRdr> he must have thanked a whole lot

[2 Aug 20:11]<Artefore> and lived happily ever after

[2 Aug 20:11]<Artefore> the end

[02 Aug 20:12]*Varege claps

[02 Aug 20:12]<nragara> *lots of clapping

[02 Aug 20:12]<Varege> and returns nragara's teddy bear

[02 Aug 20:12]<nragara> Thank you V

[02 Aug 20:12]<Varege> and thank you, nra

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/me groan oh boy if this has made it here god only know what else will pop up now sigh

'They have to always turn a forum post into a badly written book that gives a headache and takes your iq points' - AO
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Before I say anything else, I'll start by stating I was coerced into reviving this thread. Some people you just can't say no to. For long.

But I don't have to say nice things. Instead I want to question why the princess with full and luscious wings is nameless. What exactly is Artefore hiding from us?


If anyone answers, don't mention what the tutu is hiding. Please.
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Fairies don't have names in the same way other races do.  They don't become attached to their names, but rather take the name of whatever suites their fancy.  One day they might be named "Fuchsia" after the flower, and the next they might be named something entirely different.  As a dwarf fairy, I have chosen to name myself after the ancient tools that the Maker used to fashion the world, as a nod to both my dwarf and fairy sides.  

The tutu isn't hiding anything.  I'm wearing standard dwarven silversteel plate armor under it.  
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I didn't see anything about there not being another tutu under the armour...just sayin'. They're sneaky like that, ya know.
In Peace we reign. In War we RULE!

Long live the Royal House of Merlinus!
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