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Duraz Karag

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Topic: Duraz Karag
Posted By: demdigs
Subject: Duraz Karag
Date Posted: 10 Oct 2014 at 22:47
GM Rikoo confirmed that Duraz Karag can be solvable. 

Upon reading factions i have came upon 2 factions that have interesting correlations with Duraz Karag:

Something had happened to Treggar and his expedition party down in the long forgotten underground tunnels

However, after an expedition deep into the very heart of the mountains that surround the Dwarven city of Glinntre, Treggar came back a changed dwarf.

are key statements, 

please read both factions in entirety for i believe they have a way forward in solving Duraz Karag

I believe in the mountains near Glinntre holds a secret tunnel. Please send scouts and spies to locations nearby that area.



Posted By: Ellieh
Date Posted: 10 Oct 2014 at 22:58
Not sure if there is any importance yet, but the Parvacones are mentioned here...

"Some say the King found out that Treggar and his company had turned traitors and had secretly formed a pact with the Parvacones Kobolds, promising to supply the Greenskins with weapons in exchange for treasure. Others think that Treggar and the other Dwarves had contracted a rare disease that altered their personalities and minds. "

Posted By: Ellieh
Date Posted: 10 Oct 2014 at 23:15
Googledoc for diplos

Here is a googledoc spreadsheet if you send a scout or spy and get a message so that we don't send repeatedly to the same locations.  Please enter the info when you successful send a diplo

Posted By: Brandmeister
Date Posted: 10 Oct 2014 at 23:29
Isn't Duraz Karag part of the ultimate item quest?

Posted By: demdigs
Date Posted: 11 Oct 2014 at 01:10
it is, however, i do believe there is more to Duraz Karag then just a single messenger quest. 

Posted By: demdigs
Date Posted: 13 May 2015 at 18:18

This is from Freyja of roads

In Search of ... the Dwarven Mines and Tunnels

Shaft 54B is the name of the mineshaft in the Tavern Quest of the same name, and it is probably somewhere Northwest of Tor Carrock, but another possibility is the mine in northwestern Norweld where the Arakvar live and the Dwarves were exploring.

There was an expedition of surveyors who had an encounter with some Arakvar, and the 1 dude was about to be eaten when suddenly another monster of some sort attacked the Arakvar. He suspected it was a Deadalon, and from his [biased] description, sounds like a deadalon. Wings and super sized scary monster thing  ...

They were surveying and looking for a mines ... in northwestern Norweld ... but with the Arakvar there, people were warned to avoid the area at all costs. That tells right there that we need to *not avoid* the area. We need to search that area. Thoroughly.

There is something about the location of the mines, and possibly which rare mineral is at each location. I'd like to map them out on a coordinate plane and see what it looks like.

Demdigs pointed out something about the mountains and mines near where the Circle of Five has their cities. The Co5's have 2 pairs of cities that are parallel across a vertical axis that runs through the northern point (city) ... the cities make a pentagram, but I'd like to figure out if it is a true pentagram, or just close enough that it looks like one. I'd also like to find the center point. Ah, but I used to teach algebra and precalculus, not geometry. Not my field of study, so I'll have to learn about pentagrams. Unless, there is a mathematical type person who could do this in a snap ... somewhere in the world of Illy ...

The Co5 is notorious for causing many of the unpleasantries that have occured in our would, like" rel="nofollow - the Rift  and the cursed" rel="nofollow - Great Swamp of Fyrgis , which used to be wooded grasslands. It is not a far-fetched notion that they could be involved in another corruption, cleansing, dread menace, cursing, or creation of undead monsters that attack us. Whatever is going to happen in the Crafting Quest, the Co5 is most likely involved, as they have been involved in past tournaments and events.

yellow and bold = relevant to the Crafting Quest

italics = direct quote from the lore or other source

bold = relevant keywords and text

purple and bold = extremely relevant or noteworthy

Faction Name = link

Relevant Quotes from Faction Summaries" rel="nofollow -

Clan Bealagh, as military leaders of the Dwarven Defence, ordered the Dwarves deeper into the mountains, retreating before the foul greenskin horde. The mountain’s tunnels and caverns would ensure that the United Dwarven Army did not get outflanked by their more numerous enemies.

It was a good strategy, but alas, the greenskins had brought reinforcements to counter this very tactic. Monsters of fire and dust, bursting with unbridled fury, entered the tunnels and decimated the ranks of the United Dwarven Army.

Our shields are now rusty and the weapons are now not nearly half as shiny as those our ancestors gripped. We now wait, struggling to survive against both kobolds and elves. No matter how dire it gets, all of us now have the same dream: to once again walk down the tunnels and halls of our ancestral homeland. We long to retake the glory that was once ours, in an age of prosperity and peace, the glory and wealth that once belonged to our great and powerful Clan." rel="nofollow - They dwell in their forts and underground cities to the north west of Tor Carrock, having little to do with others, and interested only in ridding their tunnels and mountains of the greenskins that now infest them at every turn and corner.

I worry about our brethren in Clan Moedagh. Their quest to rid the greenskins from our ancestral tunnels and homeland is a noble one, but I fear that by turning their backs on all the other Dwarven Clans, they’ll lose their connection and focus with the First Dwarf and our Dwarven heritage.

They are missing the mountains for the hills, as my Father and his Father before him would say." rel="nofollow - Region 7, Sub Region B, Geological Observations of Rothguld Rothsun, Master Minerologist, Order of Higher Minerology, Great Mountain Home (Part One):

I estimate the range to be less than 200 million years old

I estimate at 15,000 Dwarven Yards

Finally we arrived at a small chamber with an unassuming monk seated on the floor. The monk superior welcomed me as well and informed me that his was the honor of escorting me to the Heart. Upon my quizzical look, he explained that the Heart was where the Tien Zao have diligently held all human knowledge since time immemorial and that I was welcome to peruse the geological sections of this repository." rel="nofollow - its mission being to scout out  the Northwestern Norweld in order to locate any possible ore or mineral veins in those ancient mountains.  All 30 members of the group were exceptional warriors and scouts, veterans of many a battle with the chaotic and blood-thirsty monsters of the North. Dagarr Goldseam was the only survivor from the expedition party.

His close friends tell me that he used to be a cheerful and rather boisterous dwarf, but the horrors in those hills have changed him, for he seldom talks now, and is given to fits of depression. [like Treggar was changed after seeing what is down in the tunnels?]

The spiders communicated with each other in the clicks and clacks of the strange arachnid language. However, the spiders “communicated” with the expedition party in ancient Dwarven.

These words did not come from their alien mouths, but seemed to be spoken aloud inside each Dwarf’s minds. As soon as Dagarr mentioned this, I deduced that these spiders must have been communicating telepathically with the Dwarves. Another note on just how intelligent and powerful these creatures are.

Dagarr recalled that the Spiders peppered them with a flurry of questions, some of which didn’t make sense: Who are you? What have you brought us? Where are the citadels? What do we do now?

With the wicked screams of the Daedalon in the background, Dagarr ran as fast as his legs and beating heart could carry him.

He never once looked back." rel="nofollow - The Great Corruption, or The Great Cleansing as it is known in the Norweld and Middle Kingdom, the lands of the Fyrgis are described as sparsely wooded grassland." rel="nofollow - after an expedition deep into the very heart of the mountains that surround the Dwarven city of Glinntre, Treggar came back a changed dwarf. Something had happened to Treggar and his expedition party down in the long forgotten underground tunnels…they all came back alive, but somehow…different.

No one knows exactly what happened next, but all agree that Treggar and the other Dwarves from the expedition party were exiled from their ancestral homeland, on orders of King Bealon himself. Some say the King found out that Treggar and his company had turned traitors and had secretly formed a pact with the Parvacones Kobolds, promising to supply the Greenskins with weapons in exchange for treasure. Others think that Treggar and the other Dwarves had contracted a rare disease that altered their personalities and minds.

Treggar's Crows also make use of magic in their campaigns, albeit on a small and subtle scale. This would include amulets and charms to offer protection in battle, lengthening and creating shadows as a form of misdirection, and several illusionary spells used in diversionary tactics.

Some mages have told me that Treggar and his Crows employ a rudimentary form of a long-forgotten branch of magic, based around ancient runes, once said to have been the sole province of a powerful race of wizards that roamed the lands long before the birth of any of the current races of Illyria.

Could this be the secret that they uncovered in those ancient tunnels, the very same secret that had a part to play in their exile?

Relevant Quotes from Tavern Quests

Shaft 54B Part 1

... discovered an abandoned iron mine not far from town ... there used to be a Dwarven outpost near to the mine and for some reason they didn't stick around for very long.

The idea that the dwarves might've left behind their valuables in the hasty evacuation of the mine really does sound too good to pass up.

...  with a single-minded goal to find Dwarven treasure.

Shaft 54B Part 2

... the drinking hall was alive with ideas about what that abandoned mine could be used for.

With the advantage of experience and the reports of your earlier scouts, the Stalkers penetrated the mine network far more deeply.

First they located an office with maps, then they used those maps to locate an armoury ...

Your scouts report that they were able to locate the heart of the mine with ease ...

Wedding Breakfast

It is Dwarf marriage custom that the couple spend their first night at a site where their birth-stones both naturally occur in the morning would host a banquets for their close family, which would be provisioned by their master; and that evening they would pay a tribute to their master. The ceremonies remind everyone of the Dwarves' roots in the earth, and also of their roots in the community, of how they are bound by obligations to their superiors.

Back in the First Age this was easy, as the Dwarves would have networks of tunnels which ran through all the required stone deposits, and the couple would simply spend their night in an appropriate tunnel, and then receive a banquet courtesy of their master. In the morning they would make a tribute to the head of their clan or family.

Now that Dwarves have had to move above ground, and their communities are less fixed, this is a problem. Often the couplehave to travel over land to find a geologically suitable site. And it is not always clear who a couple's master might be, as the rigid family structures of those ages are not as firm. Obviously mastercraftsmen provide the banquets of their journeymen, commanders pay for the banquets of their soldiers, and so forth, but it is less clear for prominent members of the community.


Trade, not Raid

A grovelling little Goblin in the corner of the Tavern has a cowardly idea. He has been trading with Dwarves, who are keen to fortify their mines with high quality stone, and can offer swords and chainmail in return.

A courageous Orc would storm the mine and seize the weapons by force, whereas this little wretch wants to trade. It is a cowardly idea. But it's also a good idea. It's a very good idea.

Urgent Repairs

A small mine working in the hills has a serious problem with its structural supports. A rare miscalculation by the lead engineer has left the roof of the mine tunnel unstable, and in danger of collapse.


This may seem like a lot of information to read and process, however keep in mind, that there are more references and quotes. Many more. I just quickly threw together several familar ones for this email.

There are also clues in the descriptions of the Rare Minerals and Rare Herbs.

There are clues in The Herald.

There are clues in the Tavern Quests.

There are clues in the map descriptions of the Trade Hubs.

There are clues in the descriptions of Known Units.

Nothing is irrelavant. Everything is relevant. All game text contains clues.


Please share this with anyone and everyone. We can solve the mysteries, but only if we work together, as a community. I love to talk about the lore, so please don't hesitate to contact me if you have ideas or want to brainstorm.

To summarize:

The Crafting Quest is most likely not linked to the heartbeat cyble of the Heart of Corruption (aka Audrey). We need the HoC to get the corrupted tentacles of each race for one step of the quest. We cannot say, with confidence, that the HoC is the key to solving the quest. Things look just the opposite. We must look elsewhere to find the anwers we are seeking.

I am not saying to ignore the HoC, because it is ncessary and relevant to the completion of the quest, but we cannot focus solely on the HoC, and be skeptical of other evidence that seems to be so blatantly obvious to those of us who are very familiar with the lore.

The answers we seek are in the lore. And yes, for the 1000th freaking time, I am sure. smiley

Posted By: Brandmeister
Date Posted: 13 May 2015 at 18:40
I detailed my circle math in the map graveyard thread. Bottom line, they are not lined up precisely enough to have an exact center. The zone that could be the approximate center is like 15 squares in diameter, iirc. I searched it and found nothing.

Posted By: demdigs
Date Posted: 24 May 2015 at 16:27
From Freyja of roads

Your followers find their way, by ancient roads and forgotten pathsthrough hidden mountain passes, to the ruins of a once great Dwarf Fortress. In the distance, the ragged ruins blend in to the mountainside, their stone the same grey as the cliffs around them, moss and bushes and trees clinging to the broken walls just as to the mountainsides. But as your people move closer, uneven walls, pillars, even gateways and, in places, stone roofs become visible.

I keep finding more and more references to ancient roads and/or paths. There is even a tavern quest about putting up marker posts along the road to help travellers find their way (King's Road).

Even in ruins, the structures here are immense. Walls that now stand a hundred paces high are but the remains of greater edifices, rubble strewn about them suggesting that some towers must have been many times as high as that.

A faction hub has walls a hundred paces thick, and there are others that have similar type building descriptions ... factions in the north, like Dragnu Mundas and Tantarkim come to mind, but there might be others I can't recall. I'll do a search of the full text though.

The remains of a royal hall cover an area big enough to contain a whole village. In the ruins of crumbled townhouses are the Clan crests of dozens of proud families, some familiar (Moedagh, Reashag, Bealagh), others long forgotten by all but the DwarvesCollapsed tunnels and gates sealed with rubble hint at networks of passages beneath the mountains, now inaccessible.

I haven't been able to figure out the other clans, and can't remember how many there were. 12 maybe, but can look that up also. Still don't have any idea who they are. One guess might be Clan Dollagh or The Lost Clans (that seems way to obvious, right?). The tunnels that I'm looking for HINT at more! Yes, this is why I believe we have to find the tunnels and the mine. This is just 1 place, but it is also the strongest clue.

In ruined shrines, tablets still stand attesting to the glory of this fallen city.

Ruined shrines and ruined ancient temples are all over Illy. I have a long list of excellent quotes ... we need more to narrow it down and find the one that has a connection to the Dwarves.

In a tavern quest, it says that directions were carved onto the face of a tablet ...  I believe it's in one version of the  King's Road tavern quest. Sounds like a promising clues to me. Might not be a clue to DK, but I'll take a clue to something else too lol.

A plaque in the overgrown marketplace attests to once vibrant commerce: "Give thanks to the east, for Obsidian and fine silks. Give thanks to the west for grain and meat. Give thanks to the north, for Iceheart and oak. Give thanks to the south for spices and fish. All the goods of the world are brought here, by the skill of the Dwarven Clans in obedience to the Artefores."

Great quote. One of the most well-known and it's been picked at. Mostly people focus on the items, like iceheart and ancient oak, fish and spice, but no one is quite sure what to do with all of it.

I think the focus is the last part of the last line. The dwarves were great because of their obedience to the Artefores, however they drifted away from the Artefores and they weren't supposed to do that. The failure of the Dwarves to remain obedient ot the Artefores is what caused the fall of their once great kingdom.

The Great Clans that used to be *cannot* reclaim the glory that they once were ... not without their gods who gave them all of the gifts that enabled them to be as great as they were. And they do want to reclaim their former glory ... sounds like a great quest ... 

Another tablet recounts the names of craftsmen who were presented to the gods each year as the finest jewelers, cabinet makers, glass-blowers, armourers, potters…. But their works have long since vanished.

Another instance of stressing the value and importance of craftsman and craftsmanship to their culture, social structure, economic structure and spirtual beliefs. The gods are the Artefores who gave them the gifts to be excellent craftsman.

Close to the royal palace, the wall of another shrine reads: "For the glory and might of Duraz Karag, we thank the Artifores. We give thanks that they made our crafts people deft and hard working. We give thanks that they made our kings wise. We give thanks that they made our mountain ranges rich with iron and Silversteel. We give thanks that our warriors are strong, our children healthy, our women enduring, our families dutiful. Upon these things does Duraz Karag stand. May it last for ever."

Yes, may it last forever. That is the ultmate goal of the Dwarves. They are proud of their heritage and some can claim a lineage back to the First Dwarf. They also claim that the Dwarves have been around for 2000 years, and plan to be here for another 2000. They built fortresses that have endured. There is one that fell completely to the greenskins - Great Mountain Home of the Parvacones faction. Caer Arodd used to be the name and it was a Dwarven citadel / fortress. It did not endure, so I'd start there. There is a suspicion that Treggar of Treggar's Crows committed treason and sold out the other Dwarves to the greenskins, and he may have been the one to tell them how to get in through the tunnels. Or he was framed ...

But they kind of screwed up by not following the Artefores as they were supposed to do. It did not last forever, so that's a problem. You don't get gifts from the Gods, take the gifts to become the greatest kingdom, and then ditch the Gods like you don't need them anymore. Guess what happens? DK went down. Duh.

Ok, so they want to be great once again and reclaim their glory. This is a recurring theme throught the lore. Everywehre I look, there is something about the dwarves and how they messed up big time. They don't know how or are not able to fix their mess, so we probably have to help them ... in some way ...

Leaving the city to return home, your people note a few small scattered cairns, little piles of mossy stones, also brought low by time. These, they suspect, may be crude monuments to slain Orc warleaders, whose hordes over-ran the vast city in the Second Age.

Oh wow! That little line I've seen before, but have forgotten about. Must not have rang any bells for me the first time I read it.

The other huge problem the Dwarves of DK had was the invasion of the greenskins. They are still having this problem. What they want most of all is 1) to reclaim their ancient homeland from the greenskins and 2) to regain the favor of the Artefores.

I will come up with a list of possible culprits. The tavern quests have some orc warlords, battles, funerals, and the shame of defeat. A lot of weapons traded hands too along the way.

Another thing about this line is that it might not even be the greenskins. This is a general explanation for the stones, but the Elves have a different version. They say the Giants threw boulders at the traders as they travelled along the road (a trade route, a relic of the Second Age). Well, the Elves are notroious for their superfluous use of poetry, and the Dwarves criticise their ability to tell the facts. The Elves also placed more emphasis on the moral of their stories, and for this story, the moral is that wit can win over brute strength.

Your followers regret that they did not return with any treasure or insight. The ruins of Duraz Karag are so vast, they say, that it must contain some secrets, but they had no clue where they might even start such a search.

They didn't return with treasure or insight, so it must still be there ...

'so vast' ... it is rumored that they had a network of tunnels back in the day. This network of tunnels went through a mineral deposit of each mineral (Wedding Breakfast tavern quest). It was that extensive.

Hmm, no clue where to start searching a vast network of tunnels ... ??? ... how about a map? In Shaft 54B, in order to find the tunnel that had the treasure they really wanted (got beer the 1st time, but suspected there was more and they wanted more), they found the map office, and that led them to the armoury.

There are other references to maps ... 1 that I know very well is mentioned in the Fyrgis faction that on old maps of the area, it used to be wooded grassland, not a great cursed swamp. Old maps exist. I would look in a library ...

Libraries are another major theme throughout the lore. There was also a side in The Herald about discoveing the library of Qingdao. This is the entire thing -

A fascinating" rel="nofollow -  has been published in Pellimont, shedding light on both the city of" rel="nofollow -  and the Wen Kun Dynasty itself.
It is hoped that Lady Isabella's entire diary may some day be published.
No one has ever found the library or the entire diary of Lady Isabella. There is a particular set of diaries that was of interest to the wizards in a  the tavern quest The Golden Apple Tree (part 2/3), and it could have been hers. Must be important to find if there was a side in The Herald about it, and a hope for something to happen sounds like a task.

I am still sorting through the tavern quest texts, but am finding some very subtle and not so subtle clues and pieces of missing information. The puzzle pieces are still scattered though and it's a slow process figuring out which parts go together.

I firmly believe that the tavern quest texts contain valuable clues and hints that will help us find *something* ... I am amazed at the information they contain, and can't wait to share more of what I have found. Am just too overwhelmed atm ...

Posted By: Brandmeister
Date Posted: 24 May 2015 at 17:38

Posted By: Colin McBurp
Date Posted: 11 Jan 2019 at 14:40
Is there anybody still working on this quest? Beer

Posted By: zap
Date Posted: 12 Jan 2019 at 01:55
I am still working on this quest

Just here

Posted By: Wartow
Date Posted: 12 Jan 2019 at 15:54
Originally posted by zap zap wrote:

I am still working on this quest

Am I assuming correctly that the different races have different quests from the tavern?  Has anyone assembled the text from all of the quests somewhere?

The pessimistic view is that a lot of the background story is just that, a story.  The DEVS had made it a challenge to decipher what is lore and what is an actionable item.  What regions of the game are anomalies (misted lands, swamps, rift, inaccessible hubs) and which are part of a larger quest?  I'd also suggest that some of the lore may be for a future event or new content that was not developed and/or released at the time of the background writing.

One speculation is that tunnels and mines are a pathway to another world.  I'll suggest a potential expansion to the game such as the Broken Lands (or AoA).  It would be a real shame if there has been substantial development of the game to which no players in the life of this game have ever been able to access.

All of this is the beauty of Illyriad.  Nice layers of backstory, DEV-provided content, and the sandbox for the community to make the social side what it wants.  Neglecting any one aspect, or exclusive focus on any one aspect, means you are missing out on a lot of potential.


Posted By: demdigs
Date Posted: 20 Feb 2019 at 02:51
wartow:" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: TheFanciness
Date Posted: 10 Oct 2019 at 19:05
Originally posted by demdigs demdigs wrote:

Our shields are now rusty and the weapons are now not nearly half as shiny as those our ancestors gripped. We now wait, struggling to survive against both kobolds and elves. No matter how dire it gets, all of us now have the same dream: to once again walk down the tunnels and halls of our ancestral homeland. We long to retake the glory that was once ours, in an age of prosperity and peace, the glory and wealth that once belonged to our great and powerful Clan.

Does that indicate that you should send all units in your city? Has anyone tried that?

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