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Heart of Corruption Beats!

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Topic: Heart of Corruption Beats!
Posted By: GM ThunderCat
Subject: Heart of Corruption Beats!
Date Posted: 19 Sep 2014 at 22:53
Heart of Corruption Beats!

Earlier this week, the Council of Five held an emergency community meeting to announce what they know about the Heart of Corruption, the massive beating heart that rests within the jungles of Kumala. If the citizens recall, it has erupted before, sending waves of undead to nearby towns and causing general havoc. Concerned commanders have sent massive numbers of troops to the area despite being warned not to, and citizens are bracing for more attacks from unearthly monsters.

Starting the meeting, Geomancer Herrolf attempted to calm the waiting crowd. "Citizens," he started "you must understand that we have dealt with this before and learned much in the process. Do not worry yourselves, but be prepared.

Stock up on dried goods and store water, but do not panic. The Heart of Corruption has only begun to... " Before he could finish, a guard slid quietly behind Herrolf, whispered into his ear and the pair ran off the stage, leaving the crowd dumbfounded.

There are more reports coming in by the hour, but we should continue to heed the Geomancer's advice and remain calm. Let your commanders march if willing, but lock down your towns and stay in contact with your neighbors. 

Please stay on alert and trust no one that you do not know as well as possible, for now even honest merchants appear to be falling under the monster's chaotic influence!

Posted By: GM ThunderCat
Date Posted: 21 Sep 2014 at 03:56
Some snapshots for posterity:

Posted By: Rill
Date Posted: 21 Sep 2014 at 06:18
it's ALIVE!!!!!!

or possibly, more energetically dead.  no one is sure.

Posted By: Dungshoveleux
Date Posted: 21 Sep 2014 at 11:48
Those screenshots are very impressive and they look much better as ships.
Let us hope that it beats long enough to allow most people to get some units to the temples.
I often think that the Heart was game designed to help rid Elgea of excess diplomatic units!

Posted By: Alcie
Date Posted: 27 Sep 2014 at 03:39
Originally posted by Dungshoveleux Dungshoveleux wrote:

Let us hope that it beats long enough to allow most people to get some units to the temples.

It has now officially beat long enough for all races, even in the farthest reaches of broken lands, to reach Audrey with T2 scouts or spies (or messengers of course). Plus basically an extra day which is nice since people won't be awake or at home when Audrey first wakes.   

Now lets hope it actually stops   

Posted By: Dungshoveleux
Date Posted: 27 Sep 2014 at 16:55
74 squares worth of troops possibly divided by 5 cities...

Posted By: Artefore
Date Posted: 29 Sep 2014 at 21:49
Originally posted by GM ThunderCat GM ThunderCat wrote:

Earlier this week, the Council of Five...

Um, I think you meant Circle of Five?  

"don't quote me on that" -Artefore

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