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Broken Lands Diaries

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Topic: Broken Lands Diaries
Posted By: Rill
Subject: Broken Lands Diaries
Date Posted: 06 Jun 2014 at 07:24
Day 0, 11:15 p.m.

This is a continuation of the adventures of Ellery, whom you first met in my post Newb Diaries.  Today Broken Lands opened and FINALLY she was able to Tenaril to the new world!  Picking a spot was a challenge, but for the opposite reason as previously -- there were too many good spots, so it was hard to choose among them.

I chose a spot in High Hills, home of relatively moderate factions and away from lands chosen by others to be their hubs, so far as that has developed.  The primary considerations in choosing the location was defensibility (looking mostly for plains) and availability of food.  I Tenaril'd my 5-food capital, but plan to Exodus to an adjacent 7-food square after I have the Exodus research available.

Here's a picture of my city in its new home:

As you can see, Broken Lands is already a busy place, with caravans and diplomats travelling to and fro -- some of those are mine, others beyond to other new explorers.  That's an earthblood mine down to my southeast, but I doubt anyone is going to try to conquer my city for the sake of harvesting 2 earthblood!

I have sent out scouts to other rare mineral locations nearby. I'm not expecting much, but maybe they will turn up something.

I've also sent out settlers for my second city.  They should arrive in about 2 hours, which means my caravan travel times between the cities will be about 1 hour -- not bad at all.

There are several other possible good city spots for additional cities -- or new neighbors.

As for harvesting basic resources, they are EVERYWHERE!  One of the first buildings I will upgrade in my baby city is the marketplace -- I should be able to harvest plenty of resources to keep it going; I might not even need much help from my established city.

Being a newb in a new land is fun so far!  No animals have appeared on the map yet.  I'm hoping to see some soon.

Posted By: Rill
Date Posted: 06 Jun 2014 at 11:24
Day 1, 1:12 a.m.

I decided to change today to day 1, since yesterday was almost over when I landed.  Boy am I glad I took a nap today!

My new city has now landed.  Here's its baby picture

The caravan leaving is the first load of 600 of each resource from my bigger city.  My storehouse finished just in time.  Population: 1.

I lowered my tax rate to 1% to increase resource production.  Now that I have some resources, it's time to upgrade my library.  I'm going to really push the library in this city, because that way I won't have to use books for research points.

When my level 1 library completes, I start the Haggling research.  There are harvestable resources EVERYWHERE around me, so I want to get a marketplace and start harvesting as soon as I can.  I also start the upgrade to a level 2 library.

Darn, I forgot to send myself horses to make caravans.  Now all my caravans are out.  I don't plan to build a paddock in this city right away, since my other city can produce plenty of horses for both.  Maybe harvesting will have to wait until tomorrow.  Bummer.

Well, I can still build the marketplace and have it ready for when I get some horses.  I also upgrade the library to level 3 and storehouse to level 3.

I should not have sent out so many of my caravans to harvest basic resources earlier.  Guess I just got carried away with all that bounty.  Oh well, it will probably be there tomorrow -- I don't have very many neighbors yet.

I have sent herbalists out to get samples of herbs that are growing nearby.

In addition to the earthblood mine, I also found a deepsilver mine fairly close to me.  Both fall in the category of "things probably to small and common to be of interest to anyone else," so maybe I will be able to mine them.

Upgraded library to level 4.

I sold a bunch of hides before I left Elgea.  I'm sending most of the proceeds to a local trade hub to keep them safe.  I don't have a trader yet, but I have the research and materials to make one, so I might do that when I'm ready.  Until then, I don't have much need for gold.  Better to keep it in the "bank" where it can't be thieved.

My scouts just found a claristrine mine.  Again, not all that exciting, but it will give my miners something to do, perhaps.

Upgrading one of each resource to level 1 and then level 2 -- this feels familiar!

I've managed to scrape together 20 research points, so I start the Brewing research.  It's the longest one I can do with this many research points -- I can do the shorter ones tomorrow after I've built some up overnight.

My second resource caravan has finally arrived.  I make 5 caravans in my new city and start 2 more levels of library upgrade -- to level 6.  That should give me a pretty good start on research point production tomorrow.  Maybe by the end of the day tomorrow I can hit library level 8, then things will really be humming.

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