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11. Crafting

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Topic: 11. Crafting
Posted By: GM Luna
Subject: 11. Crafting
Date Posted: 27 Aug 2012 at 19:21
Crafting in Illyriad

There are two different types of item production in Illyriad, advanced resource production and specialized crafting.

Advanced Resource Production
Advanced Resources are the basic building blocks for military, diplomatic and some trade units in Illyriad. Each type of item is created within its corresponding building. For example, Books are made in the Bookbinder. 

Items: Horses, Livestock, Barrels of Beer, Books, Spears, Swords, Bows, Saddles, Leather Armor, Chainmail Armor, Plate Armor, Siege Blocks
More information about what buildings are used to create these items can be found in the" rel="nofollow - Game Interface Help File.

Specialist Crafting
Specialist Crafting items in Illyriad are upgraded types of weapons, armor and horses that can be given to your commanders and troops in order to give them special bonuses. 

In order to make these special items, you must research and build the associated buildings, then research the associated crafting technology for each item. 

The speed at which you craft the special equipment items is determined by the level of the associated specialist building. For example, the speed at which you create Riding Horses is determined by the level of your Horse Trainer.

The actual production of the specialist crafting items happens in the corresponding advanced resource production building. The two buildings work together to create the crafted items. For example, to create Riding Horses, you need the Horse Trainer Building as well as the Paddock, and the Riding Horses are created on the production screen of the Paddock.

Crafting Buildings:

Horse Trainer: Allows for specialist Horses to be crafted in the Paddock.

Spearsmith: Allows for specialist Spears to be crafted in the Spearmaker.

Bowyer: Allows for specialist Bows to be created in the Fletcher.

Swordsmith: Allows for specialist Bows to be created in the Blacksmith.

Plate Armourer: Allows for specialist Plate Armor to be created in the Forge.

Leather Armourer: Allows for specialist Leather Armor to be created in the Tannery. 

Chain Armourer: Allows for specialist Chainmail Armor to be created in the Blacksmith.

Step by step to specialist crafting:
  1. Research the required technology for the specialist building desired in the City research tree (Horse Trainer, Spearsmith, Bowyer, Swordsmith, Plate Armourer, Leather Armourer and Chain Armourer)
  2. Build the associated specialist crafting building in your town, increasing levels as desired to shorten crafting time
  3. Research the associated weapon, armor and horse technologies available in the Crafting research tree
  4. Visit the appropriate advanced resource production building (Paddock, Spearmaker, Fletcher, Blacksmith, Forge, Tannery) to see the list of items available for you to craft
  5. Acquire the required materials, select the number of items to craft and choose "Make"

Workshop Specialization:" rel="nofollow -

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