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1. Game Interface

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Topic: 1. Game Interface
Posted By: Illyriad Help
Subject: 1. Game Interface
Date Posted: 20 Feb 2010 at 16:02
Welcome to Illyriad!

Below is a brief tutorial of the game interface. 

On the top you will see a line of circular icons. These are key shortcuts for your Illyriad gameplay. 

From left to right they are:

World Map Page 
This is where you will be watching the environment around your town, seeing units moving around it, and interacting with your neighbors. Connected in the drop down menus from the World Map are links to The Herald (the community information center for Illyriad with up to date news on the game, events in the game and statistics on your server), Tournaments and Quests.

City Map Page 
Your City Map Page is where you will spend much of your gameplay time in Illyriad. This is where you build your structures and strengthen your cities to have the resources, diplomatic units, troops, and magic to win the game. Connected in the drop down menus from the City Map are links to your Castle, Resource Summary, Production Summary, Sovereignty and Inventory.

Military Overview Page 
This is where you can see a breakdown of who, where, and what your troops are doing. Connected in the drop down menus from the Military Overview are links to Movements, Orders, Armies, Commanders and to Train Troops.

Diplomatic Overview Page 
This is where you go to see a breakdown of who, where, and what your diplomatic units are doing. Connected in the drop down menus from the Diplomatic Overview are links to Movements, Orders and to Train Diplomats.

Trade Overview Page
This is where you go to see a breakdown of who, where, and what your trade units are doing. Connected in the drop down menus from the Trade Overview are links to Movements, Orders, Markets & Prices and to Train Trade Units.

Research Page
This page will tell you all the technologies you have researched to date. The Available to Research drop down menu gives a list of what you can research currently broken down into "available to research" and "requires building upgrade" sections. The Research Tree drop down gives a full view of all technologies in game with details and prerequisites for each. The Discoveries tab lists any technology discoveries you have made. The Reading Room gives access to your Library and allows you to convert books to Research points.  

Magic Page
This page will tell you all the magic spells that are effecting your cities today. Make sure to keep on top of this, because, while folks may naysay the effects of magic, one never knows how powerful it can be. Connected in the drop down menus from the Magic page is a list of active spells as well as a list of available spells to cast.

Your Summary Page
From this area you can access and edit your Profile, Rankings and Towns. The Global Rankings drop down menu shows your overall ranking among all players on the server. The Account and Preferences tab is where you manage things like your account sitters, character name and password. This is also where you go to abandon your account. The History page shows a list of all Alliances you've been a part of. 

Support Petitions
The Support Petitions drop down shows your petition history and allows you to file any new support petitions to ask questions or report bugs. Please make sure to first check the Help section to see if your question is already answered there before petitioning the Admins. The more time they spend answering your questions, the less time they spend adding new fun features to the game! If you create a petition, please make sure to include as much information as possible so they can know exactly what you are asking. Always err on the side of too much information, as it will help them answer your question most accurately and quickly.

Alliances Overview Page
This gives you access to all information and contact with your Alliance. The connected drop down menus includes Find Alliance which gives a list of all Alliances in game, Alliance Recruitment where you can invite a new player to join your Alliance and a Faction Summary. This Page contains several sub-pages including:

  • Summary: Your landing page when you click “Alliances”. This is a summary of all your Alliance info.

  • Players: A list of members of the Alliance.

  • Map: Shows location of Alliance capital. 

  • Diplomacy: Information about your Alliance's standings with other Alliances and a place for Alliance leaders to conduct diplomacy with other Alliances.

  • Forums: Gives access to your Alliance forums.

  • Edit Alliance Profile: Available only to people with the proper roles granted by the leaders of the Alliance, this page allows alliance leaders to change alliance information, the Alliance capital, description, name, and tax rate. Roles is the page for Alliance leaders to create new roles with their associated rights and privileges. Alliance Finances gives information about your Alliance's financial standing and the place for leaders to make transactions with the Alliance's gold. Members is where Alliances add new members or edit existing members' roles.

Prestige Page
From here you are able to buy Prestige or learn more about it. For more info read our" rel="nofollow - Prestige help file .

Mail Page
Here all your mail is brought together. Clicking on the sub menus will bring you to mail that pertains to each of those topics (Player, System, Trade, Quest, Diplomatic, Military, Magic, Sovereignty or Sent). Use this as an email system. All your friends (and enemies) are dying to hear from you! Connected in the drop down menus from the Mail page are links to Notifications, Chat settings and the external game Forums.

The Forums are where you can discuss with your fellow players all the different aspects of the game. For more information on the Forums and which forums are for discussing which topics, click on the individual forums and look at the sticky posts at the top of each forum. Also read the" rel="nofollow - Forum Rules before posting.

Resource Statistics
Underneath the horizontal line of Buttons at the top of the page, you will see a tan box with icons and numbers to the left of each. The number on top is the number of that resource that you currently have in the city you are currently logged into. The + or – number on the bottom (in green if it is + or red if it is -) is the rate at which the resource is either growing or decreasing on an hourly basis. They represent the eight fundamental resources of the game: Gold, Wood, Clay, Iron, Stone, Food, Mana and Research Points.

Production Statistics
The second row contains your 12 Production Statistics or Advanced Resources. Access them by clicking the tiny brown arrow to the left of your gold icon. The rate following each of these icons is the number of each good that is currently queued up for your city to produce. This is not an hourly rate, but simply the number of each good that you have allocated resources and instructed your townspeople to build.

Resource Statistics are as follows, moving down the columns, starting with the left most column:

The amount of gold in your city. Gold is created through taxation and increases with the population of your city. For more information on gold production, please see the City Help section.

The amount of wood in your city. Wood is created by your lumberjacks in your forests.

The amount of clay in your city. Clay is created in the clay pits in your city.

The amount of iron in your city. Iron is created in the iron mines in your city.

The amount of stone in your city. Stone is created in the quarries in your city.

The amount of food in your city. Food is created in the farmyards in your city.

The amount of Mana in your city. Mana is created by your mage tower and is the base resource used to cast spells.

 Research Points
The amount of Research Points in your city. Research Points are created by your library and are used to learn new technologies.

The Production Statistics are as follows, moving down the columns:

The number of horses in your city. Horses are created in the Paddock and are used to build some diplomatic units and all cavalry units.

The number of livestock in your city. Livestock are created in the Common Ground and are used to produce a variety of goods, including leather armor, saddles, and siege blocks.

 Barrels of Beer
The number of barrels of beer in your city. Beer is created in the Brewery and is necessary to create some of the thirstier military units, but is mostly used to loosen the lips of tavern contacts who will give you quests.

The number of books in your city. Books are created in the Bookbinder, and are essential for casting magic spells as well as being a vehicle for sharing invention points with other cities or players.

The number of spears in your city. Spears are produced in the Spearmaker and are used to create military spear units.

The number of swords in your city. Swords are produced in the Blacksmith and are used to create military infantry units.

The number of bows in your city. Bows are produced in the Fletcher and are used to create most military missile units, although there are a few who use Javelins (spears) instead.

The number of saddles in your city. Saddles are produced in the Saddlemaker and are used to create some diplomatic units and all military cavalry units.

 Leather Armor
The number of suits of leather armor in your city. Leather armor is produced in the Tannery and is essential to create certain military units.

 Chainmail Armor
The number of suits of chainmail armor in your city. Chainmail armor is produced in the Blacksmithy and is essential to create certain military units.

 Platemail Armor
The number of suits of platemail armor in your city. Platemail armor is produced in the Forge and is essential to create certain of your most advanced military units.

 Siege Blocks
The number of siege blocks in your city. Siege blocks are the consumable elements your armies use to create massive engines of war that are essential in taking enemy cities. Siege blocks are created in the Siege Workshop in your city.

  Lunar Phase and Seasons
The last 2 icons on the tan bar are the the Lunary Phase Icon and Season Icon respectively. Unlike many games, Illyriad follows seasons and moon phases. Hover over the icons to learn more about the effects of the current moon cycle and season. 

Seasons determine the productivity and strength of many of the factors of the game. The icon here shows Autumn, but the season could, of course, be different at the moment.  Moon phases determine many things in Illyriad, including production bonuses and the strengths of different types of magics.  The icon here shows a Waxing Gibbous Moon, but the actual moon phase could, of course, be different at the moment. For more info visit our" rel="nofollow - Seasons Help File .

On the top left of your game interface, you will see your city name with a drop down menu below it. This menu is a list of your cities, and a way for you to quickly move from one city to the next. To change cities, simply highlight the city on the drop down menu and left click.

Next Events
On the right side of the screen you will see large tan scrolls. The top scroll titled Next Events gives you the following useful information about your city:

  • Unit Movements: Here you can see the most pressing (shortest amount of time) units inbound to your city or outbound from your city.

  • Trade Movements: Here you can see the most pressing (shortest amount of time) caravans inbound and outbound from your city.

  • Buildings in Progress: Here you can see the up to two buildings in your building queue and how long it will take for them to complete.

  • Research in Progress: Here you see the up to two technologies you are currently researching and how long it will take for you to finally learn them.

Below the Next Events and Notifications scrolls you'll find the Global Chat channel and an Alliance Chat channel if you are in an Alliance. Global Chat is open at all times to all players currently logged into Illyriad. Alliance Chat is only available to those players in your Alliance that are currently online. To enlarge or shrink the text in these boxes use the magnifying glass icons on the right. To pop the chat window out and resize it, click the window icon in the upper left. To turn off all chat go to your Mail icon, click the "Chat" drop down and toggle the switches to "off."

 To log out of Illyriad, click the round arrow next to your name in the upper left corner of the screen.

Next Guide:" rel="nofollow - 2. Buildings

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