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Forum Description: Changes, patch release dates, server launch dates, downtime notifications etc.
Printed Date: 14 Apr 2024 at 14:24
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Posted By: GM ThunderCat
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 01:30

Its not the release you were expecting - but as a welcome to our newest staff member GM Cerberus we felt it was time to share some of this work in-game:

The City tech research tree now has graphics for all the skills, and the other tech trees have placeholders graphics for the other skills.

Examples of unresearched Carpentry, researched and researched Safeguard:


Examples of unresearched Magic tech, researched Magic tech and researched Sovereignty placeholders: 


Now displays 1 as the number to be sent in the orders page.

Now capped at 10,000 units, to agree with the maximum number of items you can add to a queue.

Need to build 1 building before chatting in global

Increased to 7 days

The issues preventing Sally Forth have been resolved.

Now protects 10 per level rather than 2 per level previously

When an account is abandoned their trade offers are now cleaned up.

We have just loosened the rules to abandon more accounts - as the number of new players that are joining Illyriad every day has jumped quite considerablly:
Every time a new player joins Illyriad we try to remove an "abandoned account" in the following priority:
  1. 0 pop where Last Active > 4 days, oldest Last Active first [non-prestige purchaser]
  2. < 10 pop where Last Active > 14 days, oldest Last Active first [non-prestige purchaser]
  3. Last Active > 28 days, oldest Last Active first [non-prestige purchaser, hasn't customised own profile]
  4. Last Active > 28 days, oldest Last Active first [non-prestige purchaser]
  5. Last Active > 84 days, oldest Last Active first [prestige purchasers] 
Last Active includes sitters. Also the account that we are abandoning cannot have unit incoming or an active siege/blockade in progress.

Of course this does not mean an abandoned account will match the above criteria in which case the pool of active accounts grows.

When an account is abandoned by the system at that time it will be removed from the Alliance it is in and all its towns removed from the map.

Note: We've just recently added prestige purchasers to the deletion queue (alas...) and also just recently added Facebook, Mobile and Google Checkout to the purchases that will move a player into priority 5.

This means a recent (or old for PayPal) prestige purchaser will have around 3 months of inactivity before being considered for deletion. Non-prestige purchasers will have around 28 days of inactivity before being considered for deletion. 

A few IP addresses were blocked from accessing certain pages due to a very bizarre bug. This has now been resolved.

As part of Facebook's ongoing platform changes; and as a requirement to stay on the Facebook platform, we have upgraded our Facebook login system to use OAuth2 for authentication. You should not experience any difference to the login process.

As many players have complained about the Illyriad bookmark disappearing from their Facebook side panels and as part of Facebook's ongoing platform changes we have bowed to their desire for greater "social engagement" with Facebook. Facebook players will now receive in-Facebook notifications when they are not logged into Illyriad and they receive an in-game notification. These will appear as a count on the Illyriad bookmark and in the Facebook games dashboard. 

You will receive these notifications for things like buildings/research complete, incoming armies etc. When you next log in to Illyriad these Facebook notifications will be cleared. Don't worry we won't be spamming your friends.

You on the other can do so if you want... In addition to the "Invite friends" Facebook option - which sends out invites that are largely ignored, we have integrated the delights of  "Post to your Wall" and to "Send Message" - these can be use from the About Prestige page. These posts include your prestige buddy link, so anyone signing up with this links and reaching 100 pop will give you 50 prestige.  

Posted By: The_Dude
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 01:36
Nice change to vault.

Posted By: Rill
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 01:38
Kudos to GM Cerberus on the awesome new graphics!  The vault changes and extension of new player protection are going to be a big help for people starting out.

Thanks again for listening to the players.  Your commitment to taking the time to do things right really shows -- and makes Illy worth the wait!

Posted By: shadow
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 03:10
Still waiting on that list of buildings.........

Posted By: GM ThunderCat
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 03:12
Originally posted by shawdow shawdow wrote:

Still waiting on that list of buildings.........
If SC hasn't updated the descriptions - I will - and we'll have it out tomorrow... But the descriptions will be subject to change XD

Posted By: Leungarific
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 03:30
It'll be something for us to "ooh" and "aah" over at least, TC.

New buildings! ~drools~

Posted By: Silent/Steadfast
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 04:07
+a LOT to Ceberus for those AMAZING graphics!  I hope we can see more of them in the future!

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Posted By: Kilotov of DokGthung
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 05:48
kudos kudos....

i had a damn heart attack as i saw updates! curses and blights !

Posted By: Createure
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 10:07
Thread Views: 326

That is in less than 9 hours since this announcement was put up... and it was posted at night time for all Europe...

I guess people are getting really really jumpy/excited for tomorrow's news. ^^

Posted By: HonoredMule
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 11:29
Excellent work on the new graphics.  I seem to recall Illyriad's design goals stating commitment to art with a hand-drawn look, but when it comes to recognizable (at small scale), iconic symbols representing ideas and items that contrast/differentiate well, vector-like work does excel.  Will other graphics (perhaps unit symbols) also be venturing away from the hand-drawn focus?


Also, when do we get to hear more about this?
Unreleased Technology Graphic

"Apparently, quoting me is a 'thing' now."
- HonoredMule

Posted By: Celebcalen
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 11:58
Cerebuses' graphics are stunning. Is that the "The Eternal Crown" I see? lol

New buildings and production levels are still a priority though.

Posted By: Kabu
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 13:36
Great new graphics! There's really a pleasant feel to them. :)

Posted By: Ander
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 14:22
Great graphics! Would be even more nice if the pictures are displayed in the research tree itself, in small sizes within the research buttons. (like the civ 4 research tree). That would make the research trees colourful.

Posted By: Juswin
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 16:15
Very impressive graphics! They give a cooler edge to the game!

Posted By: Selissa
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 16:20
Nice changes, been wanting the max button thing for a long time! And the upgrade to the vault was really needed. ^^

Proud member of Curse of the Wolves

I'm an angel, honest! The horns are just there to keep the halo straight!

Posted By: Kumomoto
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 16:20
Originally posted by Ander Ander wrote:

Great graphics! Would be even more nice if the pictures are displayed in the research tree itself, in small sizes within the research buttons. (like the civ 4 research tree). That would make the research trees colourful.

They do when you mouse over them... V. Cool graphics, GM Cerberus!

Posted By: Jane DarkMagic
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 16:46
ooooooo pretty, very aesthetically interesting graphics

Posted By: Createure
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 16:52
Just been looking at the magic graphic a bit more closely... pretty intriguing huh?

Looks like wands/spells symbolising death, light, nature, fire and lightning...

Is this a subtle hint as to what might be coming our way on the magic front? ^^

Perhaps the new magic schools will be: "skull power" "laz0r beams" "leaf attack" "petrol bomb" and "tesla coil"? Big smile

Posted By: Larya
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 19:56
Have been having slight problems (one teammate has major problems) with the graphics getting "in the way" of reading the text in the tree, (specifically what is required for a new tech.) Could we have a button to turn them off, turn them off of unresearched techs, or minimize them in some way for her to read the techs better? For me on a long research the screen will "lock" while I scroll with my mouse wheel, but not everyone necessarily has those. 

Posted By: Createure
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 19:59
try submitting a petition Larya - make sure you include what browser version the people having problems are using, and any other relevent details.

Posted By: Larya
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 20:23
will recommend that when I talk to her tomorrow

Posted By: John5420
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 21:15
So ... I know that this is not a direct response to this post but ... has anyone heard anything about the "Exodus" slated for this week ... the city moving update?

Posted By: Larya
Date Posted: 15 Sep 2011 at 21:32
that information is here:" rel="nofollow -

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