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About combining troops of different cities

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Topic: About combining troops of different cities
Posted By: shaagar
Subject: About combining troops of different cities
Date Posted: 12 Nov 2010 at 00:40
Someone can explain to me what sense has to spezialice my cities producing more ranged troops in one, more cavalry in another, etc if I can't make them migrate from a place to another?
I tell this because I have read in any post that the best is to specialize cities, producing every one different kind of troops.
This way I cannot have a combined army.
Maybe there is any point I don't understand.

In the same manner, I have seen that I cant combine my own troops from different cities to attack togheter. Is this certain?

Thanks in advance!

Posted By: HonoredMule
Date Posted: 12 Nov 2010 at 02:47
First off, I question the general advice to specialize troops without caveats. All cities do need a proper detail of rounded troops for any occasion (defensive for handling direct attacks or incoming sieges, offensive for breaking sieges).  It is useful however to specialize some cities to various degrees in order to produce special-purpose armies you'll get to deploy on your terms.  "On your terms" means you get to choose the point of contact, and that generally means being the attacker.  So if you have 5+ cities or are part of an alliance that actually works together, it might be a good idea to use sovereignty bonuses to have one city specialize in cavalry to crush plains camps, another specialize in infantry for all other offensive occasions, and another specialize in bows, spears, or both for establishing sieges/blockades on tiles of your choosing.

Specializing from a military standpoint has very limited value, but when you start considering sovereignty bonuses it becomes far more worthwhile.  Sovereignty claims are limited by research, gold, and building resource incomes, not to mention availability of the desired bonuses on nearby plots.  If you get a killer infantry bonus but spend 3/4 of your time producing other units, then you're only increasing unit production rates by 1/4 of the advertised bonus.  With that consideration in play, specializing in units you can produce in greater volumes is a no-brainer--provided you maintain some sense of overall balance.

Unless your cities are really tightly clustered, you still need to consider self-defense and build accordingly.  Even then you don't want to be caught with your pants down, having only specialized cities designed for situations other than what you end up actually facing.

Specializing equipment production makes perfect sense however.  Choose a location with high accumulation of sovereignty for a particular production line and maximize on it, and you'll be able to produce perhaps twice as much in one place.  Now you can tackle those pesky production bottlenecks without compromising other production, and when more buildings come out, maybe you can afford to eliminate production buildings at cities that have specialized elsewhere.  +50% at two cities is as good as +100% at one, but in the latter case you can shut down production at the other city and only lose 1/3rd production instead of 1/2.

Posted By: Torn Sky
Date Posted: 12 Nov 2010 at 18:48
well with TradeV2 on the way you should be able to mix troops when needed, also my though on the matter with specializing the cities i have the largest army possible for with the best benefit especially for attacking, defending isnt really a problem as long as you can time your troops to arrive together or ahead of the attackers but when you are on the offensive and need to attack a forest and you have all mixxed armies with 1000 of ea unit, instead of building 4000 of ea in 4 diff cities, your attacking force has been significantly reduced since now you need to send 4 smaller armies and they wont have the bonus of outnumbering the enemy and that will increase your losses, but its just my opinion feel free to disagree or pick it apart

Posted By: shaagar
Date Posted: 14 Nov 2010 at 21:06
Thanks a lot for this answers!!
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