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Book Club Feb 2024: Council of Illyria

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Topic: Book Club Feb 2024: Council of Illyria
Posted By: Freyja.
Subject: Book Club Feb 2024: Council of Illyria
Date Posted: 05 Feb 2024 at 15:29
My thoughts about the Council ...They are arrogant. They think they have the best of everything and they are they best at doing everything. Their arrogance can also be seen in the armies they put out on patrol. Their armies are puny. It's like they think no one would dare attack and they're just putting armies out there for show. That's some arrogance.They proclaimed their king, King Sigurd, is the king of *all* of Illyria, not just the region where they have most of their hubs. All of Illy. That's quite a proclamation. Bold. Arrogant. Confident. It's also not accepted by all the factions. They sent Saxil of Tundale out to visit with the uncivilized factions and they did not accept Sigurd as their king. The other factions almost killed Saxil and he's lucky he survived. Some of his entourage did not survive. It's like the biggest land claim ever, but can they defend it?They value wealth, grandeur, splendor, and extravagance. They also value peacefulness and are aware of "uncivilized" factions around them, and they are scared. They value security and protection from these other factions that they look down on and feel superior to. They look down on those whose settle in "uncivilized" areas. Will that affect how players can influence them? For example, a player with towns all in civilized areas vs a player with some towns in areas with hostile or unfriendly factions.They also value loyalty. They want everyone to follow their rules and laws. They created laws for all of Illy to follow. Arrogance, again. I'm sure the other factions are not following the king's laws. They don't even pay their troops. 0 experience for both unit types. Experience is equal to the cost of the unit. Nada. The troops are expected to be so loyal that they would die to protect the kingdom for FREE. They want 100% unwavering loyalty to them and the king. Will they expect the same level of loyalty from us?The Council also tested loyalties and broke up a faction. They got the Nordlanders to flip on and split from the Northmen. The Nordlanders and Northmen used to be one faction, but the king asked them for help ridding the north of threats, but the Northmen took the side of the Barbarians and the Nordlanders split off and took the king's side.

Posted By: Freyja.
Date Posted: 05 Feb 2024 at 15:32

The" rel="nofollow - Blood Reavers were one of the factions that Saxil Tundale visited as part of a group that was led by Lord Asmund, an ambassador for the Council of Illyria. But Lord Asmund was not the most aware person and he offered a toast, to “the friendship between the mighty Blood Reavers, and the King of all the land, King Sigurd." The orcs did not acknowledge this toast, and they killed Lord Asmund. It's one of the most gruesome and horrific story in the lore. I have a difficult time reading this one.

But the point is that they rejected King Sigurd as the king of all the land. The Council might claim to rule all of Illy, but not all other factions agree and they would probably go to war over it. They'd all probably war over it.

And there is no known standings between the Blood Reavers and Council of Illyria. But they have had contact with each other and it didn't end well.

Posted By: bzn
Date Posted: 06 Feb 2024 at 00:26
the reason for the 0 exp is likely that they were given out as tournament rewards, same as dragons, ancient heroes, and clockwork units. you can view all the upkeep info on the sheet found on this site" rel="nofollow - under units. it seems this 0 exp is true only for units involved in tournaments or given out as rewards for tournaments. those praetorians are the only troops from a faction which this is the case, besides the fungal growths belonging to the melders.

Posted By: Rill
Date Posted: 06 Feb 2024 at 04:02
Sigurd is a bastard and a pretender. Down with the Council! Hail the Undying Flame!

Posted By: Freyja.
Date Posted: 06 Feb 2024 at 05:02
Baz, thank you. I didn't notice that. 

Rill, really? 

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