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Faction Play: SiegeQuest 3 - July 9, 2021

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Topic: Faction Play: SiegeQuest 3 - July 9, 2021
Posted By: Jejune
Subject: Faction Play: SiegeQuest 3 - July 9, 2021
Date Posted: 20 Jun 2021 at 19:54
Big news, folks: SiegeQuest 3 is officially announced! The event will take place from Friday, July 9 through Sunday, July 18. 

Because there is a limited amount of time that one can edit a forum post, I’m not going to paste the rules here in case there are any changes or errata between now and the event date.

You can read all of the rules here:" rel="nofollow -

If you played in SQ2, then you will find that the format is very similar. There are just a few differences:

   It’s only a 10 day tournament (so that people don’t burn out.)
   There are limits on army sizes so that smaller players and alliances can compete and so that tourney alliances don’t blow through lots of troops.
   Factions and Alliances who win event squares will officially own the buildings associated with them as part of Faction Play. These buildings will have significant value in future FP events and initiatives.

We really hope you participate! If you are thinking about being a part of the event or definitely planning to, please click the “thanks” button at the top of this post. Thanks!

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Posted By: DeliciousJosh
Date Posted: 21 Jun 2021 at 07:25

Joshy will be there. And I will win at least one building! 
These Siege Quests are a lot of fun. Let us all rejoice about the fact that Faction Play is going strong and will continue to do so more and more.



Posted By: Thirion
Date Posted: 21 Jun 2021 at 20:18
Looking forward to participating and crushing the ORCs in Keppen. Poor ORCs - they are going to ask for mercy when i am done with them Tongue

Posted By: Jejune
Date Posted: 23 Jun 2021 at 17:24
Thanks, Josh and Thirion! I will be doing some outreach to alliances this coming weekend as well. Hope we'll see a lot of participating this time around.

I highly recommend that players join" rel="nofollow - Faction Play Slack , as this is where lots of the action for SQ3 will be reported.

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Posted By: Jejune
Date Posted: 24 Jul 2021 at 18:08
I'm pleased to announce that we've concluded SiegeQuest 3! We had a lot of fun in this event, and there was a high level of participation among the Factions as well as the Alliances.

  • Once again, Laugh took first place, scoring 27.5 points. Congratulations to Laugh for being two-time SiegeQuest champions!

  • ITG came in second place, scoring 18 points. A special shoutout to Thirion, who played a key role in ITG's success!

  • Third place went to SkB, which scored 5.5 points. It's great to have the continued support and participation from the Boars!
The participants in all three alliances earned limited edition medals, plus a cache of silversteel and iceheart!

It's worth noting that both Dark and mCrow captured 1 event square each, which is significant, because of the the the squares captured by the 5 successful Alliances now officially "own" these squares as part of Faction Play. They will have special value in future events and features. The total breakdown of captured squares are as follows:

  • ITG: 19 squares
  • Laugh: 14 squares
  • SkB: 2 squares
  • Dark: 1 square
Many of these squares are buildings. For squares that are not, the winning Alliance may choose a nearby building to claim, so long as it does not violate the 10-square rule of any already-established player's city.

Faction Play was especially grateful that mCrow got involved a bit in this SiegeQuest event. We welcome them into the Faction Play universe!

Additionally, the Factions also participated in this event, and were tasked with defending event squares in their controlled localities. All of the Factions did quite well in this regard, which helped to justify way Faction-defended squares were worth 3+ points instead of just 1 point in undefended regions.

The breakdown of successful defenses was as follows:

  • ELVES: 9 squares
  • Dlord: 4 squares
  • KELTS: 1 square
  • ORCS: 1 square
  • MERCS: 1 square
Like Alliances, Factions will "own" these squares as well.

If you're in an Alliance and didn't participate this time around, don't worry: we'll have additional SiegeQuest events. And if you ever just want to get involved with the fun, you can always opt into Faction Play -- just IGM Jejune and he'll get you registered. It's easy to opt in and out as needed.

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Posted By: zolvon
Date Posted: 26 Jul 2021 at 11:51
Wonderful event, thank you so much to all involved. ClapClapClap

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