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Faction Play Magic Weapons

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Printed Date: 23 Sep 2021 at 19:02
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Topic: Faction Play Magic Weapons
Posted By: Jejune
Subject: Faction Play Magic Weapons
Date Posted: 13 Apr 2021 at 17:17

The Quendi -- Crafters of the Finest Magic Weapons in Illyria

Currently specializing in the Venomstrike Spear

The Venomstrike spear is a magical weapon that offers, among other bonuses, a +60% move speed. 

For an elite Quendi Swiftsteed division commanded by a matched Swiftsteed commander with the +50% increase from Forced March, the Venomstrike spear combined with the +15% move speed from an extra light leather armor and an additional +15% move speed from an Elven Thoroughbred gives an army move speed of 84 squares per hour!" rel="nofollow">

A fully equipped elite division could be used to send an ultra-fast elite blockade that would offer the target little time to react.

Soon, the Quendi will be producing the Cobra's Hood as well, which offers an additional +60% move speed!

Magic weapons are extremely expensive.

Some magic weapons have been posted in Centrum, but their prices are prohibitively high for equipping more than a commander. Magic spears run between 50MM and 100MM in gold per spear.

Because the Quendi are able to hunt the necessary components and create the magical shards and essences in-house, we have devised methods for drastically reducing the cost of the Venomstrike spear and Cobra's Hood. We are ready to make these spears availble at prices much lower than the retail prices in Centrum. (Prices are not being posted here because prices will fluctuate over time.)

However, only friends of the ELVES can access these spears at the prices we are offering them for.

Rankings and markups/markdowns

The Venonstrike Spear and Cobra Hood will only be sold to friends of the Quendi:

  • Alliance ranking of +10 -- +19: The spear and hood will be sold at 100% markup from the current market cost of all materials needed to craft the gear.
  • Alliance ranking of +20 -- +24: The spear and hood will be sold at 50% markup.
  • Alliance ranking of +25 -- +29: The spear and hood will be sold at production cost -- no markup.
  • Alliance ranking of 30+: A single spear will be given as a gift (one time), and all future purchases of the spear and hood will be offered at 50% markdown.

Important Notes:

  • All trades must be transacted in the NPC Trade Hub of" rel="nofollow - Lanarrin . IGM Jejune for more information.
  • An alliance cannot order more than 61 kits (spears + hoods) in a 90-day period.
  • Wholesale discounts offered on orders as they increase in size!
Check your alliance's ranking with the ELVES" rel="nofollow - here.

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Posted By: Jejune
Date Posted: 22 Apr 2021 at 02:34
Behold, the Venomstrike kit complete with Cobra Hood and Elven Thoroughbred on a Quendi Swiftsteed Commander -- the fastest military unit in all of Illyria:" rel="nofollow">

Players and alliances may now acquire theme items from the Quendi at prices much lower than in Centrum. However, you must rank high enough with ELVES to qualify.

Check your alliance's ranking with the ELVES" rel="nofollow - here.

-------------" rel="nofollow">

Posted By: Jejune
Date Posted: 27 Apr 2021 at 13:50
I am pleased to annouce that, with the help of several key partners with spearsmiths, miners, and sorcerers from both the AESIR and the Free People of Zanpur, the Quendi have completed their first build of 61 Venomstrike spears. It may be the largest single store of these spears in all of Illyria.

Our next project will be to complete the accompanying Cobra's Hoods. However, even with just the spears, extra light leather and elven thoroughbreds, an elite Swiftsteed unit can move an astounding 84 squares per hour. 

As I've noted, these spears are for purchase at prices much lower than the usual price of magic weapons for sale in Centrum, but players who purchase them must be in alliances that rank +10 with ELVES at minimum. (Check your alliance's ranking with ELVES" rel="nofollow - here. )  

Contact Jejune if interested.

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Posted By: Jejune
Date Posted: 22 Jun 2021 at 00:56
As the drums of war continue to beat, now is the time for a warrior alliances to consider investing in magical weapons. Magic weapons crafted by the Quendi offer warriors unparalleled fleet of foot and speed in battle. Specifically, the Venomstrike kit, when added to an elite division of swiftsteeds, moves at 111 squares per hour, by far the fastest unit in the game.

ELVES has both the Venomstrike spear and Cobra hood in stock and are available for purchase via the hub at Lanarrin. However, alliances must rank high enough with ELVES to gain access to these magical weapons. Moreover, it is highly suggested that alliances do not send orcs to do their negotiating.

Inquire with Jejune for more information On how alliances can improve their rankings with ELVES and gain access to these exclusive weapons.

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