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The Siege of Rikooville

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Printed Date: 18 Jun 2021 at 00:20
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Topic: The Siege of Rikooville
Posted By: GM Cerberus
Subject: The Siege of Rikooville
Date Posted: 18 Mar 2021 at 21:19
Hey Everyone!

After some player feedback, we've decided that Rikoo's old towns were taking up good real estate that players can use.  We're holding a special, unofficial-official event to wipe Rikooville off the map.  

Rikooville will be defended, so this will not be an easy task.  The player that succeeds, however, gets a unique "GM Slayer" medal for their efforts.  

While there are two other GM Rikoo towns available to siege, they are only for bragging rights.  Only the player that sieges Rikooville at [134|38] will receive the medal.

These towns are ripe for the picking now, so have at it!   

Posted By: Wartow
Date Posted: 18 Mar 2021 at 23:04
/me gathers the pitchforks and torches.


Posted By: Yitshak
Date Posted: 18 Mar 2021 at 23:41
3 impassable squares... Hmmm 🚧🚧🚧

That leaves 5 squares to siege from βš”, 1 being a small mountain πŸŒ„ currently guarded by a bear 🐻
I can see that many will be intent πŸŽͺ on setting up there.

🎢🎡 I predict a riot.... β™«β™ͺ

Remember to be nice to the squirrel.

Posted By: Geordy
Date Posted: 19 Mar 2021 at 09:53
Well, why not to try Thumbs Up

Tonight we will dine in hell!! Wacko

-------------" rel="nofollow">

Posted By: TheBillPN
Date Posted: 23 Mar 2021 at 21:27
I have no intention of seiging Rikooville, and I doubt I would get a look in any which way, but here's a partial scout report i manage to acquire, to let you all know what you're potentially up against:

Mission Report:
Your diplomatic mission was detected, but still managed to complete the objective! As they were being watched, however, they were apprehended after the mission was completed. Before their capture, an agent released a carrier pigeon home.

Information Gathered:

Troop levels present, belonging to player:

Army: The Mouth of the Kingdom
Division: The Hammer of the Law
Troops:Elite Praetorian Guardsmen Elite Praetorian Guardsmen31
Troops:Pure Fire Elementals Pure Fire Elementals1096
Troops:Kobold Cohorts Kobold Cohorts62
Troops:Pure Earth Elementals Pure Earth Elementals1097
Troops:Pure Air Elementals Pure Air Elementals1094
Troops:Pure Water Elementals Pure Water Elementals1097
Division: Royal GM Guard
Army: Second String Palace Guards
Division: Royal GM Guard
Commander: Terrified KoboldKobold Cohorts Kobold Cohort1
Troops:Praetorian Guardsmen Praetorian Guardsmen264
Troops:Elite Praetorian Guardsmen Elite Praetorian Guardsmen270
Troops:Kobold Cohorts Kobold Cohorts75
Troops:Kobold Cohorts Kobold Cohorts683

Troop levels present, foreign reinforcements:

Posted By: Wartow
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2021 at 14:02
The second army wasn't there in an earlier report I saw?  I can understand building new orcs, but adding these praetorian troops and/or elementals seems unfair?


Posted By: Thirion
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2021 at 14:18
Originally posted by Wartow Wartow wrote:

The second army wasn't there in an earlier report I saw?  I can understand building new orcs, but adding these praetorian troops and/or elementals seems unfair?

The praetorian troops were in the first army in earlier reports. As far as i can see only some kobolds were built.

Posted By: DeliciousJosh
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2021 at 14:25
Commander name "The hammer of the law" and "Terrified kobold" names go hand in hand.

Yeah I think those troops were already in there, Warty. Just the 750ish kobolds are new.

How goes the mountain defense, Thirion :p ?



Posted By: Thirion
Date Posted: 24 Mar 2021 at 15:29
Originally posted by DeliciousJosh DeliciousJosh wrote:

How goes the mountain defense, Thirion :p ?

Not well. Nothing happens. Was hoping for some attacks :(

Posted By: GM Cerberus
Date Posted: 29 Mar 2021 at 15:06
A big congratulations go out to Thirion, who successfully sieged Rikooville out of existence.  The fighting was intense and the forces overwhelming...and with some degree of effort Rikooville was overrun.

Thank you to everyone who participated, and condolences to those troops lost in the name of a unique medal.

Posted By: Wartow
Date Posted: 06 Apr 2021 at 14:33
Rikoo has been noob ringed.  Don't let him stay in your region!  Time for some Rikoo ping-pong.  The region with Rikoo city at the end of the May tournament has to set its totem to inactive.


Posted By: Wartow
Date Posted: 07 Apr 2021 at 02:46
We want Luna next!!" rel="nofollow -


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