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Faction Play: Faction Play Trading Launch!

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Printed Date: 18 Jun 2021 at 00:07
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Topic: Faction Play: Faction Play Trading Launch!
Posted By: Jejune
Subject: Faction Play: Faction Play Trading Launch!
Date Posted: 28 Feb 2021 at 02:14
Hello, Illyriad!

I am pleased to announce that Faction Play Trading goes live on Monday, March 1, 2021! Just as attacking player-led Factions can raise and lower your rankings with them, now, purchasing goods from Factions will raise your rankings with them as well.

This gives players in Alliances who want to get involved in Faction Play but who are not interested in combat a way to raise their Alliance's rankings with the Factions.

How Faction Play Trading Works

All goods that Alliance players purchase from Faction players in Trade Hubs will now count towards raising their Alliance's ranking with that faction. All of the gold that is spent on goods with a Faction are added together (i.e., if 3 people from your alliance all spend gold on purchases with Dlord, the spending will be added together towards raising your alliance's ranking with Dlord). Once that total reaches certain spending thresholds, ranking bonuses will be applied to the Alliance's ranking with the Faction.

We are not revealing what these spending thresholds are -- Alliances will need to work that out on their own. However, each trade will remain active for a set number of days before expiring. This means that, in order for Alliances to maiintain their ranking from trade, they need to keep their spending steady.


Do I get credit for city-to-city trade deals with Faction players?

No, and this feature will likely never change. You will always need to purchase goods from the factions in trade hubs.

Do I get any credit or bonus for selling goods to the Factions?

Not at this time -- the system only supports raising Alliance rankings by purchasing goods from the Factions. However, this feature is likely to be introduced in later updates.

How are trades logged with the ranking system?

When Faction Players receive a trade hub sell order confirmation via IGM, they enter that information into the trade system. From there, it compiles and sorts the information, which in turn feeds into the ranking system.

Do buying goods in different trade hubs affect the ranking bonuses from trading with Factions?

Currently, no, but this is highly likely to be a factor in future updates. It would be a good idea to begin thinking about future strategies for maximizing bonuses with Faction trading.

If I buy goods from one Faction, can it negatively affect my rankings with other Factions?

Currently, no, but it is possible that future updates will include "cross-penalties" similar to the "cross-bonsues" associated with FvA.

Why should I care aboout my Alliance's rankings with the Factions?

You would only care if you are "opted in" to Faction Play, because only 100% opted in players can be involved in Faction Play activities. 

To find out how to opt into Faction Play, how to play with the Factions, and what the rankings mean for you and your alliance, read the" rel="nofollow - Faction Play: FvA Guide .

Does my whole alliance have to join Faction Play for me to get involved?

Nope! You could be the only person in your alliance opted into Faction Play. That is perfectly fine.

I hope you all enjoy this new feature. I will warrn you: I am not a professional game developer, and there are likely going to be a few bugs. Please bear with me through this early phase. All in all, I think it's going to be a lot of fun!

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Posted By: Tensmoor
Date Posted: 28 Feb 2021 at 06:27
This is a really nice addition JJ - well done Smile Thumbs Up

Posted By: Jejune
Date Posted: 01 Apr 2021 at 16:10
I wanted to take a moment to update everyone on what a massive success Faction Play Trading has been in its first month. The numbers are amazing!

658,697,727 in gold was spent in March alone among Alliances purchasing goods from the Factions. Here's how it breaks down:

Alliance TickerTotal Sales in GoldTotal trades
Grand Total658697727501

53 separate alliances traded with the Factions! Of these alliances, 15 of them improved their rankings with at least one Faction through trading.

In terms of hubs, Centrum was still the predominant trading hub, but there were a surprising amounts of trades in other NPC Faction Hubs as well:

Trade HubTrades in Hub
Grand Total501

29% of trades took place outside of Centrum, which isn't bad at all. Now that Faction Play has introduced" rel="nofollow - HubRep , we suspect that the percentage of non-Centrum hub trades will only increase, since Centrum imparts no bonuses for trading.

I want to thank everyone for their continued interest in Faction Play, and encourage players to take a look at it as a gaming option. It's a lot of fun!

Here are some other important Faction Play links:

  • Faction versus Alliance (FvA) Information:
    • Read" rel="nofollow - All About Faction Play  (Comprehensive!)
    •" rel="nofollow - Trading with the Factions . (" rel="nofollow - Google Doc  for Faction Players)
    •" rel="nofollow - Link to Faction Play Opt-in Badge
    •" rel="nofollow - FvA Monthly Attack Leaderboard
  •" rel="nofollow - Faction Play in Illyriad  (an overview)
  •" rel="nofollow - Faction Play Alliance Rankings  (in real-time)
  • Links to Alliance Ranking Algorithm Information: 
    •" rel="nofollow - Faction Play Alliance Rankings  (in real-time)
    •" rel="nofollow - Information on the "Net Hub Modifier"  (a ranking factor for alliances based on where their capital is located)
    •" rel="nofollow - Information on "DiploRels"  (a ranking factor for alliances based on their diplomatic relationships with other alliances)
  •" rel="nofollow - Faction Play Slack Account  (anyone can join -- converse, role-play, and get sneak peeks into Faction Play updates)

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Posted By: DeliciousJosh
Date Posted: 01 Apr 2021 at 17:00
Cool info and great with those links at the bottom too. Faction play has grown large now with so msny things to do. I keep seeing players complaining about where to start or how to get started even. 

One option is to blockade a Faction player (counts as an attack), which will decrease ranking with that players faction alliance, but will likely increase with another faction. 
Once the blockade lands, i am in doubt about if you need to send the Mail Notification to anyone? Copy it into the FvA slack channel? Or do nothing?

It is probably stated somewhere *cough* but as i said it had grown large now.. aaand, yeah :D finding that piece of information may be tiresome.

Thanks for all your work JJ and crew.



Posted By: Jejune
Date Posted: 02 Apr 2021 at 14:28
Great ideas and questions, Josh. The blockade is indeed a serious infraction against a Faction and will" rel="nofollow - lower your ranking with them by -9 for 120 days.  It will also slightly raise your rankings with any Factions that hold a negative ranking of the Faction you blockaded.

Example: you attack Faction A. Factions B and C rank Faction A as -2 and -6, respectively. Your ranking will go down -4 with Faction A, but up +2 with Factions B and C.

If you did a blockade instead of a direct attack, your ranking with Faction A would go down by -9, but it would go up with Factions B and C.

Direct attacks on cities are probably the easiest means of affecting scores, and their penalties (-4) only last 30 days, versus the blockade, which lasts 120.

In terms of reporting attacks: Alliance Players don't have to do anything. The Factions handle all of that, and the system is automated.

I know that there is a lot of information about Faction Play and it seems daunting. At the same time, think about the massive amount of information that exists as part of Illyriad. Vets take this knowledge for granted because they've learned it over the years. The Faction Play material is just a new type of content. 

It is designed to be complex on purpose because the goal is for Alliances and Players to experiment with it and try and "crack the code" that serves their gaming goals. In a lot of ways, the ranking system should be seen as a quest / mystery / discovery.

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Posted By: Jejune
Date Posted: 03 May 2021 at 02:24
Faction Play Trading update for April:

April was another huge month for Faction Play trading. Here are the stats:" rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow">

Total gold traded in March was 658,697,727, which is obviously much higher than April. However, in March, we had the "Five Rings of the Arch Magi" event, which saw increased trading into order for Alliances to win the event's prizes. 

Currently, there are five alliances in the game who have traded their way to higher rankings with Factions. 

We hope you'll consider getting involved with Faction Play as well! Contact Jejune for more details.

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Posted By: Jejune
Date Posted: 03 May 2021 at 21:48
Apologies -- the data on the top Faction traders (above) was incorrect. Here are the correct stats:" rel="nofollow">

-------------" rel="nofollow">

Posted By: Solanar
Date Posted: 04 May 2021 at 19:51
Would be easier to read rounded to the nearest gold on the average trade value

Posted By: Jejune
Date Posted: 12 Jun 2021 at 14:29
Hello, Illyriad! Sorry for the delay, but these are the trade stats for May within Faction Play:" rel="nofollow">

The trade activity dropped off steeply, with several major traders either not trading, or failing to report their trades into the system. Lochlainn [ELVES] was by far the most prolific trader, earning 57,015,559 in gold!

This was the total gold tallied among the factions:" rel="nofollow">

June's trading is looking very strong, so stay tuned for June updates at the end of the month!

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