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Faction Play: FvA Launch!

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Printed Date: 02 Aug 2021 at 20:05
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Topic: Faction Play: FvA Launch!
Posted By: Jejune
Subject: Faction Play: FvA Launch!
Date Posted: 06 Feb 2021 at 16:01
Hello, Illyrians!

I am pleased to announce that FvA (Faction versus Alliance) is now live! 

What is FvA? 

Bascially, FvA is Faction Play. It is a gaming system wiithin Illyriad (a game within the game) that governs how Faction Players and Alliance Players can interact with one another. FvA is not an event or tournament -- it's going to be happening all the time.

I am not going to publish all of the rules here because they are volumnious and are subject to additions, deletions, and changes in the future. Here are links to the Google Docs -- I recommend bookmarking these links and/or putting them on your profile:

  • FvA Complete Rules -- This document is organized in an "FAQ" format and has a Table of Contents for quick reference:" rel="nofollow -
  • FvA Faction Player's Guide -- If you are a Faction Player, think of this as a "Quick Start Guide:"" rel="nofollow -
  • FvA Opt-in Badge -- Want to opt into FvA? Stick this badge on your profile:" rel="nofollow -
  • Faction Play Alliance Rankings -- check your alliance's rankings with the Factions in real time:" rel="nofollow -
FvA is designed to be the closest thing to "Faction A.I" in illyriad. It is not PvP. Factions and their Players are not looking to "win" or "dominate" other players; think of Faction Players as "actors" or "cast members" -- we are trying to create an experience for other players in the game, much in the same way that we imagined what NPC Factions would do. The only difference is that FvA is powered by "Faction H.I." (human intelligence).

Some key things to remember about FvA:
  • Everyone who is involved is opted in and 100% consenting to the action. No one will be targeted against their will.
  • Factions will engage and react to you based on your alliance's current rankings with their Faction -- just like Faction AI.
  • Role playing is not required, but encouraged.
All in all, Faction Play and FvA is designed for you, the player, to have fun. The Faction Play circuit is committed to making the game more fun and less toxic through role play-inspired interactions that allow you to experience the full range of Illyriad without the interpersonal drama.

We hope you'll give it a try! Any questions, feel free to IGM Jejune. Thanks!

-------------" rel="nofollow">

Posted By: Jejune
Date Posted: 02 Apr 2021 at 14:45
I wanted to drop in an update of FvA and Faction Play Combat in March, because the numbers were very impressive!

There were over 200 attacks by Alliances on Factions:" rel="nofollow">

Congrats to ITG, who used their onslaught of attacks on the ORCS to win the "Five Books of the Arch Magi" mini event in March!

Remember: all of these attacks were 100% sanctioned through Faction Play. No one was offended or victimized by these attacks. In Faction Play, opted-in Faction players invite combat and use it as an engagement to spur on role playing and fun. Also, Faction Players do not attack opted-in Alliance Players' cities. If you are an Alliance Player and you opt into Faction Play, you only risk the troops that you put on the field of battle. Your cities are not at risk of attack or siege.

Factions attack Factions as well. ORCS and KELTS are at open war with ELVES, and there is a great deal of 100% opted-in military action going on all the time. These battles are not like PvP, which are about "dominating," "destroying," and "winning," but rather are tempered for creating a truly role-playing experience:" rel="nofollow">

If you are a peaceful Illy player who has always shied away from combat and military because you didn't want to seem mean or aggressive, or you didn't want to risk the investment you've made into your cities, why not try combat in Faction Play

Everyone within Faction Play are friends -- even the "enemies" are just role playing for fun. All combat is 100% consenting, and if you are in an Alliance, all you risk are the troops that you attack with or set up as an encampment. Moreover, you can improve your rankings with the Factions by attacking their enemies.

This is your chance to play the combat aspect of Illyriad without risk of major destruction and without offending or hurting people. The game developers spent a lot of time on combat because they hope that players will use it. Now's your chance!

Why not give it a try? IGM Jejune for more info. Thanks!

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Posted By: Jejune
Date Posted: 03 May 2021 at 02:33
Hello, Illyria! Here is the April Faction Play combat report.

The Alliance vs. Faction activity was much lower in April, due to the ending of the "Five rings" event:" rel="nofollow">

These are the Alliance players who led in attacks:" rel="nofollow">

While FvA combat was way down, FvF combat was intense in April:" rel="nofollow">

Most exciting were the sheer number of Faction Players involved in combat:" rel="nofollow">

30 different players were involved -- amazing!  A big congrats to Ironhand, who led with FvF attacks.

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