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Tournament XI - Winners and Congratulations

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Forum Name: Tournament XI - Calamity
Forum Description: 11th Tournament - Details, progress, reports & awards
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Topic: Tournament XI - Winners and Congratulations
Posted By: GM Cerberus
Subject: Tournament XI - Winners and Congratulations
Date Posted: 24 Nov 2019 at 19:48
YesterdayNowMidnightAllianceOccupation Time
No Change1No ChangeNorthern Ascension [Ascn]248 days 17 hrs 47 mins
No Change2No ChangeThe Grey Company [G!]196 days 17 hrs 38 mins
No Change3No ChangeVicToRix [VTX]165 days 17 hrs 12 mins
No Change4No ChangeDavy Jones' Locker [RUM]151 days 11 hrs 16 mins
No Change5No ChangeFairy Road Authority [Roads]111 days 14 hrs 1 min
No Change6No ChangeIlly Training Ground [ITG]108 days 14 hrs 13 mins
No Change7No ChangeHarmless? [H?]104 days 16 hrs 32 mins
+1 Rising8No ChangeSkeleton Boar [SkB]89 days 20 mins
-1 Falling9No ChangeSlaves to Armok [StA]87 days 23 hrs 11 mins
No Change10No ChangeThe Minion Empire [TCol]86 days 5 hrs 58 mins
No Change11No ChangeThe Pirate Horde [YARR!]74 days 8 hrs 57 mins
No Change12No ChangeDwarven in-law [DiL]60 days 3 hrs 44 mins
No Change13No ChangeMurder of Crows [mCrow]47 days 11 hrs 40 mins
No Change14No ChangeCrow's Nest [nCrow]45 days 10 hrs 26 mins
No Change15No ChangeDragon Aerie [Aerie]37 days 22 hrs 14 mins
No Change16No ChangeFierceFriendSociety [FFS]32 days 13 hrs 47 mins
No Change17No ChangeEAGLES EYRIE [EE]30 days 10 hrs 48 mins
No Change18No ChangeMaelstrom [VortX]22 days 15 hrs 37 mins
No Change19No ChangeDwarven Lords [Dlord]21 days 12 hrs 43 mins
No Change20No ChangePRAEVALEO [PRVAL]19 days 21 hrs 27 mins
No Change21No ChangeBroken Lands Express [BLX]17 days 2 hrs 23 mins
No Change22No ChangeSolitude [-----]14 days 9 hrs 59 mins
+1 Rising23No ChangeÆsir [Æsir]14 days 5 hrs 51 mins
-1 Falling24No ChangeKnights of Winter [KnOW]14 days 23 mins
No Change25No ChangeCalaquendi [Cala]13 days 2 hrs 13 mins
No Change26No ChangeRoman Empire [RE]9 days 23 hrs 50 mins
No Change27No ChangeLegendary [Lgd]9 days 23 hrs 41 mins
No Change28No ChangeAchaean's Associates [*AA*]6 days 11 hrs 58 mins
No Change29No ChangeThe Keltae [KELTS]4 days 4 hrs 7 mins
No Change30No ChangeThe Willd Bunch [Willd]3 days 7 hrs 46 mins
No Change31No ChangeFour Winds Traders [4WT]2 days 20 hrs 58 mins
No Change32No ChangeSnugglerCoalition [HUGs]2 days 19 hrs 28 mins
No Change33No ChangeThe Lodge [ZZZ]2 days 3 hrs 4 mins
No Change34No ChangeOrder of the Maiar [MAIAR]1 day 23 hrs 16 mins
+2 Rising35No ChangeMarauders by default [M.d]1 day 13 hrs 49 mins
-1 Falling36No ChangeMoot Oak [MoT]1 day 12 hrs 21 mins
-1 Falling37No ChangeNonsuch [NON]1 day 12 hrs 15 mins
+10 Rising38No ChangeHyperiums [HYPE]1 day 4 hrs 56 mins
-1 Falling39No ChangeAchaean's League [ACHE]1 day 3 hrs 56 mins
-1 Falling40No ChangeBlood Ravens [BLra]22 hrs 13 mins
-1 Falling41No ChangeShraps Mem Academy [SMA]21 hrs 57 mins
-1 Falling42No ChangeBlack Skull Horde [BSH]21 hrs 47 mins
-1 Falling43No ChangeLove And Freedom [Laugh]21 hrs 33 mins
-1 Falling44No ChangeThe Kingdom [King]21 hrs 32 mins
-1 Falling45No ChangeThe Fellowship [TFotR]20 hrs 26 mins
-1 Falling46No ChangeSouthland Sentinels [SOUTH]17 hrs 24 mins
-1 Falling47No ChangeHouse of Plantagenet [PLAN]14 hrs 57 mins
-1 Falling48No ChangeWraith Blade Legion [WBL]13 hrs 53 mins
No Change49No ChangeMos Eisley Cantina [TA2IN]11 hrs 55 mins
No Change50No ChangeOrder of the Owl [OotO]10 hrs 56 mins
No Change51No ChangeRepublicOfFreeCities [RoFC]5 hrs 3 mins
No Change52No ChangeVicToRix Mercator [VTXM]3 hrs 18 mins
No Change53No ChangeThe Unbowed [Unbow]3 hrs
No Change54No ChangeThe Cave [CAVE]1 hr 10 mins
No Change55No ChangeKarak [PandQ]45 mins
No Change56No ChangeMorgoth Bauglir [MorBa]42 mins
No Change57No ChangeMercenariesOfValyria [MoV]40 mins
No Change58No ChangeIron Crusade [Iron]22 mins
No Change59No ChangeMinion Diplomats [MD!]21 mins
No Change60No ChangeValiant [Valor]

Prize Winners -

1st - Champion - Northern Ascension [ASCN]

Winners of the 1st place medal and other prizes!

2nd - The Grey Company [G!]

Winners of the 2nd place medal and other prizes!

3rd - VicToRix [VTX]

Winners of the 3rd place medal and other prizes!

Regional winners will receive the regional medal and other prizes.

Congratulations again to all our winners on battles well fought!  Prizes will be distributed soon.


GM Cerberus

Posted By: King
Date Posted: 24 Nov 2019 at 20:13

Posted By: rajput
Date Posted: 26 Nov 2019 at 11:24

Well congratulations to all global and regional winners Smile


Warning! Author of this post has weird sense of humor...

Posted By: Starry
Date Posted: 27 Nov 2019 at 03:23
Congrats to the winners and all who battled in this tourney.   It was great fun, awesome battles and we really appreciate the work the Devs put into this tourney.    Thumbs Up  Bravo!

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Founder of Toothless?

"Truth never dies."

Posted By: GM Stormcrow
Date Posted: 27 Nov 2019 at 13:57
Hi All,

Many congratulations to the overall and regional winners.

It was an extremely close-fought tournament, and I particularly enjoyed watching [Ascn] and [G!] duel for first, similarly [VTX] and [RUM] for third.  [Roads] [ITG] and [H?] were all in close contention for 5th place, and I love seeing a last-day overtake, such as that by [SkB].

Well done to all.  Medals to be awarded soon(tm).

For those celebrating tomorrow, happy Thanksgiving; for those not: happy Thursday!


Posted By: Finwë Aldaríon
Date Posted: 28 Nov 2019 at 23:14
Hello Everyone,
thanks to all the alliance we fought against.  A special thanks goes to Ascn for such an awesome rally in MK and to Lgd for never giving up!

Keep up the good work DEVs, we enjoy these events where even a peacefull alliance can have military actions and enjoy this feature of the game :)

C-ya all on the next tourney field Wink

Finwë Aldaríon


Posted By: Snook
Date Posted: 29 Nov 2019 at 01:22
Much much thanks to Devs foR this tourney!! please keep them coming

I cant remember any better fought as GM SC said all the way down hard fought and many lil alliances doing way better than thought look forward to many more Thumbs Up   

Posted By: Eros
Date Posted: 30 Nov 2019 at 19:16
Great scrap with mCrow for Norweld! 

Shame the down to the wire tension/fun was spoiled by input from 3rd parties who couldn't win it anyway

Looking forward to the next event, and medals

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Posted By: Small Boy
Date Posted: 01 Dec 2019 at 04:33
Thanks for that, Eros! It was exhilarating to see it go down to the last two days, with some massive hits from both sides. We were on our toes and we loved it.


Posted By: felicity
Date Posted: 03 Dec 2019 at 11:36
Thanks to the Devs for a great sporting November and distributing the medals and prizes so quickly!

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