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Proving that the kumala region was terraformed

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Topic: Proving that the kumala region was terraformed
Posted By: demdigs
Subject: Proving that the kumala region was terraformed
Date Posted: 20 Feb 2019 at 00:06
This post is to prove that the kumala area was terriformed by the great mage Teneril. 

From the meeting part one: 

This is well enough, but what is land without water?’  And so the Crow called forth in Kumala the river Ataman, and from it sprang great oceans, mighty rivers, large lakes, tiny streams and small lakes, lochs and tarns.  The rising of the water was not without consequence for the inhabitants of the land.  Some cities were caught in the floods and were saved only by the power of the great mage Tenaril. The Crow looked then upon his work and said that it was a beginning.

From the Gilakek hub information:
Gilakek stands on an artificial plateau, faced with pale stone, white walls rising from the jungle canopy. The administration of the city is said to be split - unevenly - between two lodges, the Jaguars and the Eagles. The Jaguars are currently the dominant force, and visitors, who would expect the warlike Atagek to be constantly squabbling, report with surprise that the Eagles seem to accept their lesser status. This divided society is, by all reports, surprisingly harmonious.

From the Jarru Hub information:
Jarru [Jannu] The Jannu did not build their desert stronghold. They are horse people – wanderers, fighters, hunters – not stone and mortar builders. Their ancestors found it, they say, at the beginning of the present Age, sand-blown and echoing with death. It took their Shamen a hundred years to drive out the ghosts. Now it is a focal point for their tribes, like a stone oasis to which they all wander from time to time, to meet and trade and swap rumours.

The Atagek live in the swamps and jungle of southern Kumala, which is also home to the many streams that branch out from the main Ataman River. This verdant jungle and the surrounding swamplands are ancient and remain untouched by the other civilized cultures in Illyria. Other humans refuse settling anywhere near this hot and humid hellhole. 

So we have an artificial plateau, a great flood, a former great city that joined a desert, Atagek settled on the Ataman river and this" rel="nofollow -

I postulate that this used to be the water area where the ice melted into forming the ataman river, it was changed by the great mage himself along with that artificial plateau changed the river's course and created the desert that the Jannu now live on." rel="nofollow - shows some of the effects that the line of trees is where the previous river ataman used to be and maybe an underground river of the remains of the river. I haven't found the great city that was saved from a flood, any ideas? 

GM SC or TC any comments? Am i close?

Posted By: Queen Bastet
Date Posted: 20 Feb 2019 at 01:12
Keep it up Demdigs you may be on to something here. I would be interested in what comes of your findings Clap

Posted By: demdigs
Date Posted: 20 Feb 2019 at 01:31" rel="nofollow -

Posted By: demdigs
Date Posted: 20 Feb 2019 at 01:34
I believe that lines of trees with no water or river around it symbolizes old river channels or old lake beds. 

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