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06NOV18 - UIv4 What Else?

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Topic: 06NOV18 - UIv4 What Else?
Posted By: GM Stormcrow
Subject: 06NOV18 - UIv4 What Else?
Date Posted: 06 Nov 2018 at 16:23
(for the main post," rel="nofollow - please click here )

Hi everyone,

We very much hope you're as excited as we are about the visual and functional enhancements in UIv4.

There are a few other things to mention.

To change towns, there's a drop down list icon just below the down details in the top left corner of the screen, next to the player avatar.

The Illy soundtrack (that many of you may not even know existed!) is now available in the web interface.  Simply click on the music icon in the top left corner of the screen to toggle this music on and off.

Dotted lines now denote the borders of sovereignty both for an individual player as well as an alliance grouping on the UIv4 World Map.  The line between players is dotted, and dashed between alliances.  So if your neighbour's sovereignty is also your alliance sovereignty, this is now indicated on the map.

Well, clearly there are few things still to plumb in.  All the existing sub-pages, for example, as well as some new functionality such as adding and removing locations from your location favourites list.

We also have some other content releases arriving very shortly.

And finally, when the UIv4 is settled and complete, we have to convert it into the correct format for both Steam and the Windows 10 store; all of which needs to be complete in time for the Christmas sales!

Thanks for reading all of these posts, and for bearing with us whilst we finalise and complete this release.

Best wishes,


Posted By: Thirion
Date Posted: 06 Nov 2018 at 18:00
In the old UI there is a "Next/Previous" town icon next to the "Town Drop Down". I couldn't find it in the new UI - do you plan on adding it? I use it a lot to send resources from multiple cities to cities i am (Prestige-) building at, this would make it (way) harder to send a lot of resouces.

Posted By: Yitshak
Date Posted: 07 Nov 2018 at 08:09
Wow - music... in Illy, I never thought that would happen. lovely touch.

In the final edit will there be a volume control ? That would be really useful for some of us.

Remember to be nice to the squirrel.

Posted By: WarPath
Date Posted: 07 Nov 2018 at 23:44
"Alliance Grouping" borders??  Not sure I understand this.

Posted By: GM ThunderCat
Date Posted: 09 Nov 2018 at 02:13
"Alliance Grouping" borders??  Not sure I understand this.

Posted By: 7Skiaxtro
Date Posted: 06 Aug 2019 at 05:34
First of all , the new UI looks majestic .
Still incomplete but it is very promising.

I just wanted to ask , when will the new UI be complete,
And also most importantly ( not only important for me but for a lot of potential future players that I think this feature will draw) will the new UI be available for androids?

Right now the game bears the title multiplatform but it is not at all viable to play via cell phone. I think the mobile gaming community has grown over the last year's , and the equivalent to illyriad titles , are pretty damn bad. I mean really bad. I think the game would appeal to a lot of people and make it available for people as myself who don't have the time to sit at a desktop to join , or rejoin at my case,this awesome game and this , still after so many years , amazing community.

I think the new UI will be great for cell phones , it can be at least , I'm sure. Looking forward to a reply. Sorry for the long post.

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