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Topic ClosedMassively TV w/ Illyriad Q&A: Submit Questions

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 06 Feb 2013 at 07:34
Thank you Luna, Stormcrow and ... was that Gromsh?  I did not hear the name.
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 06 Feb 2013 at 14:15
Great! THanks
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 13 Feb 2013 at 20:13
Sorry for the slow reply, but here are some additional (short) answers for your questions.

Originally posted by gameplayer gameplayer wrote:

can the strategic alliance prestige pool be used for both areas?


Originally posted by Darkwords Darkwords wrote:

There are alot of major changes presented in the release notes for the Broken Lands expansion, will these be released in stages in Elgea before the Broken Lands is released?  Or are they going to come into effect all at once, when the Broken Lands goes live?

It should be something that happens all at once. 

Originally posted by Aurordan Aurordan wrote:

Can you elaborate yet on the mechanics for players on Elgea to start settlements in the Broken Lands?

There will be something along the lines of a new tech you'll research that'll put your first settlement on the opposite continent. 

Originally posted by Darkwords Darkwords wrote:

Will the current war continue and spill over into the broken lands?  I know you cant answer that, but I would still be interested to know the answer.

Which players decide to have a war with eachother, when and where is not determined by us, so you are right in that we cannot answer that question for you.

Originally posted by Albatross Albatross wrote:

Is The Broken Lands a chance for you to develop new gameplay and mechanics that you wouldn't have been able to do with Elgea (perhaps because changes in Elgea would be too drastic, and would impinge on the emotional investment that players have built up) ...?

Yes, exactly. For example, having a PVP-protected zone is a new feature for us, so it makes sense to try it out in a new area. 

Originally posted by abstractdream abstractdream wrote:

How about that new and improved chat?

How about it, eh? ;) I'd say it is still a goal, though lower priority at this time.

Originally posted by geofrey geofrey wrote:

How do I craft a lightsaber?

You go play swtor. ;)

Originally posted by Auraya Auraya wrote:

Will there be muskrats, unicorns, dodos or koalas in the Broken Lands? (Please say yes!)


Originally posted by DeathDealer89 DeathDealer89 wrote:

Will the remaining 70% of rare res actually do anything?

Do the devs have any thoughts about the mass war that is being waged?  

Why are all the factions asleep?

What will be the future interaction be between Broken Lands and Elgea?
    Navy, armies, will it be limited to certain 'ports' or just water in general?

Can we call it something other than 'Broken Lands'?  


We are aware of it of course, but have no professional opinion either way.

Because they are tired? And will wake up when the Broken Lands launch.

Can't say exactly yet, but there will probably be some sort of interaction at some point.

You are welcome to call it whatever you like. :)

Originally posted by Yeesha D'ni Yeesha D'ni wrote:

1. Will  battle magic and terraforming be parts of the new update (or once)? How about market visibility?
2. Will the new update bring more unpredictable player independent existence to Elgea and the Broken lands (dynamic weather, deseases, riots), more discoveries, townbuffs, blueprints or unique items that can be found?
3. Will we be able to interact with Elgea through trade or in another way, to make the gaming experience a more consistant one (not two different games, but one)?
4. Will we get more military or diplomatic options?
5. How easy will it be to influence factions. Are there decisions, that can't be revoked? Or will all players have 80% faction standing soon (after 3 months trading with some hubs)?
6. Will the faction give special items, buffs or blueprints (with a small chance)  to players with a good standing?
7. Are features planned to make micromanagment easier and more player friendly (less  time consuming)?
8. Do the factions interact with each other or fight each other?
9. Will we get more caravans once? And get a trade chat?
10. Do we ever get hot spots, which can be used for player driven quests or tournaments?

1. Features in the expansion at this time are the ones announced.
2. See question 1.
3. Eventually
4. See question 1. 
9. More caravans, probably not. Additional chat channels, probably yes, eventually.

Originally posted by Nimzo Nimzo wrote:

Designer Dragon once said that a game without Bartle killer type players is a stagnant society. Do you think that is true for Illy? Is that of any concern to you and will Broken Lands change it?

PVP is fairly fundamental and I can't see how it would ever not be a part of Illy.

Originally posted by Bonaparta Bonaparta wrote:

Will Broken Lands and Elgea get connected in any way in the future, like some kind of trade ships?

Something along those lines, at some point, yes.

Originally posted by Sliveen Sliveen wrote:

Will BL begin implementing magic, and will Bl have creatures there that are not in Elgea, which have been hinted in other forum threads? Creatures like Monstrous and un-dead, for example. 

Will the rules for exodus be the same in BL (level 20 warehouse) and rules for seiging (level 20 barracks)?

Is is mandatory that everyone initially settle their first city in the neutral area, and if so what are the rules for being allowed move a city (again, level 20 warehouse)?

Will there be any changes to buildings, such as combining the blacksmith, forge and armorer to the same plot and earning each through levels to save plots in city?

If we cant have armies in BL actively misbehaving in the neutral zone, what about thieves or sabs?

New creatures? Maybe. 

Same exodus rules apply.

Yes, everyone's first city on BL will spawn in a "newbie ring" type area that is not in the PVP-protected zone. Moving mechanics in the game are the same with the exception that you can't move a city from one continent to another.

Changing or combining buildings is not planned at this time.

In the PVP protected zone you can't attack cities with any armies, diplos or magic.

Originally posted by jeantall jeantall wrote:

We in Wot were wondering a few things and ill put them into a list.
#1. Will we have the same alliance in broken lands? Or will it be a separate alliance at that?
#2. If its the same Alliance will the maximum limit of people in the alliance be raised or will each side have their own limit?
#3. Will we get another transport spell to use like we did before?
#4. Will the fractions be given more power then just their hubs?
#5. How much of the currently useless crafting goods will be finally be useful?
#6. If the Alliance is the same will broken lands chat and elga have the same room or not?

1. Same
2. No plans to raise membership limits at this time.
3. Your first city in the BL will have a tenaril spell, yes.
4. What factions will be doing and what effect they'll have was expanded on a bit in the video.
5. At some point, yes.
6. No additional public chat channels are planned at this time.

Originally posted by Anjire Anjire wrote:

Why a new continent to roll out "active/semi-active" factions rather than utilize the current factions on Elgea?

What sort of updates are in the works to streamline a lot of the micro-management issues, especially if we will have the opportunity to oversee 20 cities?  Along the same lines are there any plans to update the micromanagement that was introduced in Tv2.0 gathering/crafting?  

Is there active review of the combat/diplomatic results?  If not, is there any plans to review them to ensure that the results are within expected parameters?  If so, are the results within expected parameters?

A new continent isn't required to roll out the factions features, it is just combined as a part of the land expansion update.

I'm open to hearing specific, constructive and realistic suggestions for helping to deal with micromanagement of cities (that do not involve things like automation, because building bots into the game is probably counter-productive). 

If you have concerns about diplo/combat results not working properly we need to see specific evidence, in petitions, so we can review them. 
GM Luna | Illyriad Community Manager |

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 13 Feb 2013 at 21:08
Originally posted by GM Luna GM Luna wrote:

Originally posted by jeantall jeantall wrote:

#1. Will we have the same alliance in broken lands? Or will it be a separate alliance at that?

1. Same

So TBL will be a new continent, but grown Elgean political and diplomatical issues will get imported, as you won't attack players from big allies even in PVP zones, due to their standing in ELgea. Maybe you do , but I assume, it is a not a good descision LOL??
So at least this will be consistent after breaking the game into two worlds with no interaction (at least for now). But this will have a deep impact on the development of TBL.

Edited by Yeesha D'ni - 13 Feb 2013 at 21:11
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 13 Feb 2013 at 21:09
Thanks for answering those questions!
Please check petition 7855 to see combat/armies not working properly.
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