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Printed Date: 23 Jun 2018 at 00:07
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Topic: Loki/RoFC
Posted By: Smopecakes
Subject: Loki/RoFC
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 00:52
The RoFC senate has not authorized any attacks and all non-defensive attacks have been banned barring a vote.

It was basically a Sterling situation as far as the initial recent attack. A player named Ozrik had been involved in hunting disputes with Neptune for about a month with a week's truce. Neptune eventually was so torqued by the fights and insults that he started hitting Ozrik's cities with diplos and I think spells. Ozrik replied with direct attacks and thieves/spells that ran a city out of food and cut the population. What we have thought is Ozrik's alt Rijk soon sent a one-hit siege train attack to that city. Though it wasn't in fact a siege it was taken as the beginning of a general fight. As soon as a siege was outbound on Ozrik he joined Loki through an old alliance mate Spektor and Rijk joined as well when a siege defence army landed by him although there was a likely truce at that point.

Loki leadership told Neptune the fight was not considered an alliance matter and a truce came through with a siege on him from Spektor being recalled and further attacks on Ozrik ending. Neptune's demands on Ozrik for a peace settlement were extremely high as he considered it his Tor Carrock cities vs Ozrik's now so with a truce he prepared to renew the war later.

A siege on Rijk landed on the 10th and Neptune recontacted Loki members. I believe Gragnog said that Rijk is away from the game for RL reasons so Loki would entirely oppose the attack but it could be renewed out without interference later. Neptune was given an 8 hour deadline and did not take it because Ozrik who we believed was the same player had hit the siege camp. Attacks also came from Rijk not long after but the defending players were recalling at this point and assume Ozrik is a different player who is sitting and/or contacted Rijk. Neptune still didn't recall which he should have as the stated response from Loki was not going to just be against him and the siege but against any RoFC member at a ratio of 20 sieged cities to one of Rijk's.

The first Loki response sieges landed on Kuldebar, with two towns. I know some or most members effectively lost trust in Loki since they had responded to an attack on an inactive player with legendary cities with attacks on new players. Those sieges were recalled as soon as the Rijk recall was honoured, however. This was not known when Wulfhere sent a siege at a Loki player as AdamPrime believed/feared it was a general war at this point and informed us of that in AC. That siege was killed before it could be recalled and the town was exodused. I am sending the player 10 million in compensation since I agree with the position of most players on such attacks although it had been sent in response to an attack on a smaller player.

Anyhow, this is too long. I believe XueLang's siege on Ozrik's Bodhi was recalled and hope that he doesn't have further towns targeted at this point as T_Wrecks has already razed one of his towns. One thing I'm unclear on is whether Ozrik is considered active and fights between him non-alliance affairs at this point. It may not particularly matter though as I don't believe the Senate will approve of any more attacks on Ozrik either.

Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 02:02
maybe my english sux but this is really confusing to me .

Posted By: Bobtron
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 02:06
* gets out the popcorn *

So, TL;DR?

What are you trying to justify? Sounds more like an internal affairs thing.

I support the Undying Flame!

Posted By: Eresh
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 02:27
TL;DR version:

RoFC dude and unallied dude had issues some time ago. 
Unallied dude joined Loki.
Time passed where life was peaceful and happy.
Koda started a tourney where life wasn't peaceful, but was still happy.
RoFC dude decided Loki dude must pay for past issues and attacked.
Loki said buzz off for now. RoFC said ok.
RoFC continued attacking anyways. 
Loki attacked back.
RoFC said ok ok, and some/most stopped.
Loki said cool and some/most stopped too.
RoFC said nah jk and attacked someone else.
Loki said wtf? and razed a RoFC dude.

I think that about sums it up :D

Posted By: Smopecakes
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 03:13
Lol Eresh. Hmm, I saw Koda disapproves so if a few Loki players don't think this should be posted I can delete it. Or can I? Don't see the option to.

I at least want Loki players to know the attack on the 9k pop player was to be recalled. And since there is a forum and no news we need something to eat popcorn to.

Posted By: kodabear
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 03:30
I only warn that this was a really bad idea as it will always cause more issues down the road (coming from what I know about illy and my two years of leading T?)  but you can't able to delete it anymore since people have posted on it. sure you can edit your old post but it will still be here. I don't care if you post this post or not it's meaningless to m

Posted By: Eresh
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 03:35
It's ok Smopecakes, Koda approves now that he's been included in my post  :D

Posted By: Smopecakes
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 04:11
Heh :D Well on the bright side I think it would be a challenge for me to make things worse. But I definitely take that to heart Koda.

Posted By: Gragnog
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 06:31
Short version. There was a dispute. It got sorted. Loki recalled. Dispute continued. Loki used force. Dispute ended. Now if Neptune and Rijk want to fight it out they are welcome to. If it becomes a pile on by RoFC again then Loki will become involved. Simple to understand.

To all those innocent members who got smacked, I appologise. If you want compensation speak to me to plead your case or ask your guilty members to help.

Kaggen is my human half

Posted By: Eresh
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 08:59
Aww, my summary was more fun Grag :D

Posted By: Snagglepuss
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 11:25
I think the Republic of Flaming Cities knows what my council says. Two sieges were clearly sent after they asked Loki to stop attacking, that they wanted no hostilities. T_Wrecks acted accordingly. The attacks I sent elsewhere are also warranted. If I were the leaders of RoFC, I would wisely factor this in at your next council meeting. Anything with Loki can basically be worked out diplomatically. 

Posted By: Ten Kulch
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 18:34
People aren't used to Loki's arrangement of anarchy. It's really quite simple. A Loki clash is a hockey fight.

If individual players have a scuffle, Loki is happy to let them settle it 1-vs-1. If you bring in your bench, they're going to clear their bench and start a brawl.

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Posted By: Thegolden1
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 19:46
I don't know how more clear LOKI can be, they have posted in the forums and on there alliance profile how they operate. Like TK mentioned, 1v1 can and will happen, but bring in any secondary account and the gloves come off and you will be terminated like cockroaches

Posted By: Angrim
Date Posted: 16 Apr 2017 at 17:15
they call themselves the Republic of Flaming Cities? huh. that really seems like an invitation.

Posted By: Smopecakes
Date Posted: 17 Apr 2017 at 14:32
*pictures Flaming Cities medal*

I very much respect Loki's actions and position overall. I was worried that Xue was getting a black dot when it was reasonable to think Ozrik was an active target rather than Rijk and that things had fallen off a cliff for regular members of either alliance.

My perception of the balance of power has gone from: 
RoFC players vs Ozrik... equal? 
vs Ozrik and Rijk... disadvantage to us, then not
vs them, Spektor, possibly other Loki players... disadvantage again

So it always looked on the PVP level to me. Either way, Neptune has brought up 1v1 before so I think he should respect that as well.

Posted By: Eresh
Date Posted: 21 Apr 2017 at 03:00
Your whole alliance vs. our one guy equal? Come on now :P

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