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Kodabear's second Tournament

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Topic: Kodabear's second Tournament
Posted By: kodabear
Subject: Kodabear's second Tournament
Date Posted: 01 Apr 2017 at 03:28

68 squares (one for each region) 
[-708|-2242] in Aindara ( Plains )
[-84|-2693] in Almenly ( Small Forest )
[54|-600] in Arran ( Small Forest [Jungle] )
[-568|-680] in Azura ( Plains )
[665|-2837] in Calumnex ( Plains )
[-788|-3193] in Chulbran ( Plains )
[65|-1622] in Clarien ( Large Hill )
[-379|-1971] in Coanhara ( Plains )
[973|-624] in Djebeli ( Plains [Desert] )
[903|-518] in Elijal ( Plains [Jungle] )
[-511|-925] in Farra Isle ( Small Hill )
[684|-2717] in Farshards ( Plains )
[971|-2341] in Fellandire ( Plains )
[-858|469] in Fremorn ( Large Forest )
[-299|-1619] in Glanhad ( Small Hill )
[687|-1919] in Gremont ( Plains )
[631|-1935] in High Hills ( Large Hill )
[-802|-1669] in Huronire ( Large Forest [Jungle] )
[385|-3245] in Jurgor ( Large Forest )
[-23|559] in Kal Tirikan ( Large Hill )
[592|-852] in Kem ( Plains [Jungle] )
[-604|76] in Keppen ( Plains )
[648|-91] in Keshalia ( Plains )
[-645|-2725] in Kingslands ( Plains )
[-464|-2474] in Kormandly ( Large Mountain )
[972|-302] in Kul Tar ( Plains [Desert] )
[-785|-556] in Kumala ( Small Forest [Jungle] )
[-528|-280] in Lan Larosh ( Plains )
[829|147] in Laoshin ( Plains )
[859|-1919] in Lapo'a Lua ( Plains )
[727|-936] in Larn ( Plains [Jungle] )
[273|166] in Lucerna ( Large Forest )
[773|143] in Mal Motsha ( Plains )
[-646|209] in Meilla ( Small Forest )
[303|16] in Middle Kingdom ( Plains )
[151|-2031] in Newlands ( Plains )
[-623|-1856] in Northmarch ( Plains [Desert] )
[-182|423] in Norweld ( Small Forest )
[-292|-1824] in Oarnamly ( Plains )
[-613|-1431] in Pamanyallpa ( Small Hill [Jungle] )
[878|-1797] in Pawanallpa ( Small Hill )
[557|-254] in Perrigor ( Plains )
[238|-1377] in Puchuallpa ( Large Forest [Jungle] )
[827|877] in Qarosslan ( Plains [Artic] )
[514|147] in Ragallon ( Plains )
[-637|-905] in Rill Archipelago ( Small Mountain [Jungle] )
[289|-2991] in Shardlands ( Small Forest )
[-278|-2269] in Silbeaur ( Large Forest )
[-22|-987] in Stormstone Island ( Plains [Jungle] )
[-659|-3155] in Strendur ( Large Mountain )
[303|-922] in Tallimar ( Plains [Jungle] )
[741|555] in Tamarin ( Plains )
[669|393] in Taomist ( Plains )
[157|-3267] in The Long White ( Plains [Artic] )
[146|-2586] in The Orken Coast ( Large Hill )
[143|-2420] in The Pirate Isles ( Small Hill )
[-974|-1568] in The Poisoned Isle ( Small Hill [Jungle] )
[-797|695] in The Wastes ( Plains [Artic] )
[-980|-151] in The Western Realms ( Plains )
[-113|-170] in Tor Carrock ( Plains )
[437|-955] in Trome ( Plains [Jungle] )
[372|-683] in Turalia ( Plains [Jungle] )
[580|841] in Ursor ( Small Mountain )
[529|-2395] in Vindorel ( Small Hill )
[-822|-1828] in Westmarch ( Plains )
[247|545] in Windlost ( Plains )
[-63|680] in Wolgast ( Plains )
[734|-486] in Zanpur ( Plains )

From Midnight server time on the 2nd of April through to Midnight on the 2nd of May, any member of any alliance in an occupation of these squares receives credit for holding the square.

 Any army arriving (= the so-called combat occurrence date) BEFORE midnight 2nd of April will NOT be counted. So even if you have an army that arrived one second before the tournament start and stays there for the whole duration of the tournament not a single second of your occupation will be considered. So make sure that your armies arrive AFTER the tournament start.

Credit is based on the length of occupation of each square.  The time occupied by an alliance on each square counts towards the Alliance total.


This credit is on an alliance basis - individual players cannot participate in this tournament.

 You are not allowed to leave your alliance and join another alliance while you have any armies on one of the Tournament Squares (I am hoping the devs will do the normal thing where you can't leave your alliance if you have troops on one of the Tournament Squares)


1) The alliance that holds that square for the longest period of time, from 00:00 server time on Sunday 2nd of April to 23:59 on Tuesday 2nd of May) is the Regional Winning Alliance.



1) All activity on these tournament squares in each region will also be aggregated, so the top 3 alliances that overall have the most amount of possession across all squares will be the Global Winning Alliances, ranked First, Second and Third.

2) This runs for the same period of time: from 00:00 server time on Sunday 2nd of April to 23:59 on Tuesday 2nd of May).

3) All players that belong to the Global Winning Alliances who were involved in holding - and defending - that square (they must be involved in combat on the square at least once during the month) receive a Global Prize.

I will post the prizes I will hand out ones they have all gotten to my city and I have worked out how much each place gets.

GM Prizes
(one of the GM will hopefully post what they will give below (if I remember right it was troops and medals))

Website link" rel="nofollow - Here is the link to my website what will be hosting all the combat and sq information   (IE times and who my database says is on the sq) (and if it wasn't clear the" rel="nofollow - King of the Hill April 2017  is the one you want to click on for this tournament)

As it currently stands we won't be able to have stats like the ones I had last time. I may try to work something out later.

If you have any question please post them on this thread. (Make sure you read the whole post before asking a question)

Posted By: Stukahh
Date Posted: 01 Apr 2017 at 05:40
Thanks for all your hard work , Koda!

I don't always drink. But when I do, I prefer the blood of my enemies.

Posted By: Steven Quincy Urpel
Date Posted: 01 Apr 2017 at 07:11
Two furry, clawed thumbs up, Kodabear.

They call me MISTER Urp!

Posted By: Starry
Date Posted: 01 Apr 2017 at 13:40
Thank you for organizing this tourney for us Koda!   We're all very excited and always have fun participating in your tourneys.    Good luck everyone!

CEO, Harmless?
Founder of Toothless?

"Truth never dies."

Posted By: Lagavulin
Date Posted: 01 Apr 2017 at 15:22
Thanks Koda.
You are a wonder.
I know I am greedy but I do hope there will be stats somehow.  Regardless, I thank you for doing this.

Posted By: kodabear
Date Posted: 02 Apr 2017 at 02:42
[00:15]<Kodabear> you can always see the page last updated on the bottom of any page (if it ever doesnt update for over an hour to 3 PLEASE let me know right away so i can fix it)

Posted By: PugGuy
Date Posted: 02 Apr 2017 at 08:39
Can any member of an alliance earn credit for the time spent by that alliance on a square, or is alliance time only credited when a player is present whose Combat API was sent to you prior to the tournament?

Posted By: kodabear
Date Posted: 03 Apr 2017 at 03:04
[00:37]<Kodabear>" rel="nofollow -  <--- I will be posting these everyday sometime after 00:00:00 (I do have work so I wont be doing at that time)

Posted By: kodabear
Date Posted: 04 Apr 2017 at 14:59
[13:49]<Kodabear> since people keep IGM me about it I guess I will explain why you will sometime get """""DBD::mysql::st execute failed: Table _____________ doesn't exist at ______"
 [13:53]<Kodabear> you see when I am trying to update the database (via the coding i have) and when someone query the database (IE look at the stats page) it causes the program I have (that scan the API keys and update the database) to fail so I use a two database system. I have my coding update one and have the other one be used for the site. after the first one gets updated I have a PHP script that drops all the table from the second one so it can copy over the updated database

Posted By: Tensmoor
Date Posted: 04 Apr 2017 at 15:09
Very nice explanation Koda

Posted By: kodabear
Date Posted: 04 Apr 2017 at 15:31
Originally posted by Tensmoor Tensmoor wrote:

Very nice explanation Koda
now I just need to fix the random time out errors :)

Posted By: zolvon
Date Posted: 15 Apr 2017 at 00:57
One of our member's attacks are no longer showing on Koda' stat page.??

Member name = Fonkori
Alliance = Love and Freedom

Posted By: Lost Avenger
Date Posted: 17 Apr 2017 at 13:58
Originally posted by zolvon zolvon wrote:

One of our member's attacks are no longer showing on Koda' stat page.??

Member name = Fonkori
Alliance = Love and Freedom

Can you ask the player if they accidentally changed their Battle Reports API?

Posted By: kodabear
Date Posted: 17 Apr 2017 at 14:50
this was already solved Lost A

Posted By: kodabear
Date Posted: 18 Apr 2017 at 00:37
[23:01]<Kodabear> ***REMINDER*** when the Tournament ends the stats page will go massively into the negative due to how the stats page works and end it so you will have to wait until I am able to fix the database (IE force end all the Occupying that is still left)

[23:03]<Kodabear> if that doesnt make sense in short dont believe the stats page right when i turns 5/ 3 until i say otherwise

Posted By: kodabear
Date Posted: 18 Apr 2017 at 14:36
[13:27]<Kodabear> ***WARNING*** I see the stats page has stopped updating I have looked at my email to find the error it had and it didn't give one so it will have to wait until I get home from work (since I have to leave soon) DO NOT IGM ME ABOUT IT. please share this message with your alliance. I will also post on the forum

Posted By: kodabear
Date Posted: 20 Apr 2017 at 04:48
[03:41]<Kodabear> ****NEWS*** I have now switched over to the corrected database so times for the sqs have changed. I have also posted the old and new times on the forum" rel="nofollow -
 [03:42]<Kodabear> ****MORE NEWS*** FOR some reason the times show up on the new database 3 hours ahead that what really are. I have zero idea why this is happening but dont worry about it

[03:53]<Kodabear> total death also went up by a few million from the old database to the new one

[03:57]<Kodabear> ***even more news*** if you guys see any error please let me know right way. there shouldnt be any left and if the error is because of a missing API key well your sh*t out of luck. not doing another full scan nor would it be fair that i did one because your leader forgot to send it to me

Posted By: kodabear
Date Posted: 21 Apr 2017 at 19:53
[18:29]<Kodabear> ****NEWS**** I fixed the issue were the times showed up 4 hours later then what it should be

Posted By: kodabear
Date Posted: 22 Apr 2017 at 00:20
 [22:54]<Kodabear> ***new rule*** only leader of an alliance is allowed to to send me IGM about problems with the stats page (leader are normally smarter and easier to talk to) 

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