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Toothless? Merging into Harmless?

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Topic: Toothless? Merging into Harmless?
Posted By: Starry
Subject: Toothless? Merging into Harmless?
Date Posted: 01 Oct 2016 at 00:58
Announcing the Merger of Toothless? into Harmless? effective October 1, 2016

It is with mixed emotions the leaders of Harmless and Toothless announce the merger of Toothless into Harmless effective today.    Kodabear and all Chancellors before him have successfully provided new players to Illyriad, with a safe and productive alliance in which to learn the game.  Toothless was the very first training alliance in Illyriad. Due to the decrease in new players and Koda's growing real life demands, Kodabear requested the merger.   Harmless, which is no longer a military focused alliance, has embraced the challenge and will provide the same services for new players within the Harmless alliance.    Harmless plans to integrate the existing Toothless new player program into our alliance.    We will be accepting new players.   

In May of 2010 the idea was presented to the Harmless Directors that we should do something to protect new players, the idea of Toothless became a reality on May 8, 2010.  As Toothless' founder,  I thank the Directors of Harmless and Harmless members who had the vision and defended the right for new players to grow and learn the game in peace.    I also wish to thank Lord Belargyle of Dlords for his courage and vision, he was one of the first outside of Harmless to support Toothless, on the forums and with his valiant troops.  Many other alliances have supported the right for Toothless to exist in peace over the history of this alliance, thank you so much for your support.   I am very proud of Toothless and the tireless work of all its current and past Chancellors.   Toothless Chancellors and Staff have provided an alliance in which new players can learn the game, grow and then pursue their own interests. 

List of Toothless Chancellors:

Aziza Habibte
KodaBear the Great 

The current and past staff are too numerous to list, but my heartfelt gratitude does out to all those that have contributed to the success of Toothless.   I can't begin to estimate the number of players in this game that started out in Toothless, graduates of Toothless are spread throughout many alliances in this game.   It's been a long and rewarding road to watch Toothless evolve into the great alliance they are today.  Harmless hopes to provide the same services to new players.      New players will have the option of continuing on in Harmless once they meet our requirements or move to another alliance that better suits their game play.     The focus of military action (conflicts and wars) will not be offered in Harmless as we are no longer interested in that aspect of the game and pursue peace by all means.  Harmless will offer basic military training, as well as crafting, city expansion and other aspects of the game as has always been provided in T?. 

The name of Toothless will be retained with one alternate account but will be closed to any members.    I'm sure I speak for many when I state the thought of Toothless disappearing from the list of alliances in this game, is just too much to bear at this point.   

This is a new direction for Harmless, our members have always been protective and supportive of Toothless and this merger is a natural fit for both alliances.   

Personally, I want to thank all of the players and alliances in Illy who supported the idea of a safe haven for new players and embraced the philosophy that new players should be allowed to join and play in the game in peace.     It was a great campaign, encouraged and supported by many throughout the early days of this game.     Thank you for supporting the idea and merits of training alliances.

To Kodabear and existing Staff of guys are the best.   Thank you for taking Toothless well beyond our initial dream.    Worship

We ask for patience while we begin this transition.   Thanks everyone in Illy!

CEO, Harmless?
Founder of Toothless?

"Truth never dies."

Posted By: Captain Kindly
Date Posted: 01 Oct 2016 at 02:55
This is probably one of the last public acts I do as a Rook on behalf of HUGcr. But it will be an enjoyable one.

Congratulations to my friends in H?, with whom HUGcr has had a long standing NAP, and to my friends in T?, for whom goes the same.

My experience says the newbies in Illy joining T? are well off. :)

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Posted By: Lagavulin
Date Posted: 01 Oct 2016 at 03:25
Toothless and Harmless have both been a tremendous presence in Illy.  Part of me is sad to see the merger of them but I prefer this dignified end for T? to anything else.
Remember that T? came from H? and now goes back.  If there is a need in the future for T? it can always return.
All the best good fortune to all of the T? and H? players.

Posted By: Starry
Date Posted: 01 Oct 2016 at 03:31
Thank you CK *hugs*   Well done in the tourney, my congrats to all in HUGR.  I know this is a bittersweet day for you and your members but HUGR did an incredible job in this tourney.    Congrats to them and to you for your incredible leadership.    *bows*

Thanks Laga, yes, we hope that if more new players join the game that T? can return.    Koda and all past Chancellors and staff have done an incredible service to this game.    They quietly and diligently taught countless new players how to play the game and enjoy it.    What a wonderful legacy they have given this game.    I salute all those who have worked hard to help new players in this game.  :)

CEO, Harmless?
Founder of Toothless?

"Truth never dies."

Posted By: Vio Valencia
Date Posted: 01 Oct 2016 at 03:47
All my best to Kodabear and all the members of Toothless? Hogwarts would have been impossible without you and your vision!

Vio Valencia

Date Posted: 01 Oct 2016 at 06:51
On behalf the Eagles I congratulate H? and T? for this bold reunion. I am sure as soon as the advertising budget for Illy expands, so shall this alliance expand back into two. So kudos to two great alliances making a key move to keep this game great!

There's worse blokes than me!!

Posted By: Mr Damage
Date Posted: 01 Oct 2016 at 13:25
The end of a fine chapter in the history of Illyriad, well done to all and best of luck going forward.

Posted By: Starry
Date Posted: 01 Oct 2016 at 14:25
Thank you Vio Valencia, Hath and Mr. Damage for your kind posts.   It was a night of mixed emotions for Harmless and Toothless but now the T members are joining us, we're moving forward to help them grow and teach them the game.     Remember, not all T members will want to stay in Harmless so I hope, with alliance leaders help, we can find them good alliances to join.   

It would, indeed, be wonderful to have so many new players join the game that Toothless needs to be reopened.   We can only hope......

CEO, Harmless?
Founder of Toothless?

"Truth never dies."

Posted By: abstractdream
Date Posted: 01 Oct 2016 at 19:45
Condolences & Congratulations.

On the one hand, sad to see the end of an era, on the other, great idea to reinvigorate the training franchise of Toothless?, now Harmless?.

I am a bit melancholy for the fact that Harmless? will now actually be harmless...oh well, can't have it all, all the time...

Bonfyr Verboo

Posted By: Starry
Date Posted: 01 Oct 2016 at 20:12
Thanks Bonfyr, it's a change and we believe it's for the good.    

We aren't so Harmless, if anyone attacks our new players we will defend them but we do NOT want another war or conflict.      We're old warriors and like to tell tales and help the young.  :)

CEO, Harmless?
Founder of Toothless?

"Truth never dies."

Posted By: Mr Damage
Date Posted: 02 Oct 2016 at 00:07
Any H/T? graduates located in Arran who at some point will be looking to leave the nest are welcome to join Grey.

Posted By: KillerPoodle
Date Posted: 02 Oct 2016 at 00:13
Thank you everyone for the kind and supportive posts, as Starry said - H? is not interested in war but we are still looking to continue to make a positive impact in this game.

"This is a bad idea and we shouldn't do it." - endorsement by HM

"a little name-calling is a positive thing." - Rill

Posted By: Lost Avenger
Date Posted: 06 Oct 2016 at 05:16
Congratulation on the merger. I'm been thinking about a merger also of late; that is Lost Again (LOST) merging with all of Illyriad. I'll be starting negotiations eventually so stay tuned. 

Hey Damage, I left Arran in your safe hands. Hope you are looking after it in my absence.

Posted By: Mr Damage
Date Posted: 08 Oct 2016 at 23:21
LA, safe as houses and still quite bloody in the tournaments mate.

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