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Terramorphic Propositions

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Topic: Terramorphic Propositions
Posted By: Veraxillium
Subject: Terramorphic Propositions
Date Posted: 08 Mar 2016 at 06:23

     Greetings; I am a terraformer prepared to fulfill your terraforming needs for a nominal fee. A terraform is where a player changes the plot mix of a square from its current mix to a more desirable one. If you are interested in any step of this process please contact me with the appropriate info.


If you are interested in buying terraforms; Please read my standard sales contract at the bottom of this profile. Potential buyers who are willing to follow those rules just send me an IGM and I will put you on the list. Anyone that requires speciallized consideration; Please send me an IGM letting me know that you unable conform to the standard contract and the issues you have with it.  

If I can work around those issues I will let you know. However; If I am unable to do so, I will inform you and go from there.

Terraformers/players interested in terraforming

If you are looking for customers and would like to sell through me please contact me so we can form a contract before I sell any of your terraforms.  If you are interested in becoming a terraformer, let me know and I can send you a "terraforming guide" to help get you started. Additionally; If you need assistance, I can send you the resources needed to get started on your terraform and answer any questions you may have. (the payment you receive from that one will be enough for your main to be able to buy what any other terraforms need easily).  

Warning:  Do NOT violate the Terms of Service. If you already have 2 permanent accounts, do not do terraforms.

Terraforming priorities

The demand for terraforms is higher then the supply at the moment. With that being said; I will prioritize those who need terraforms.  The way I will be doing this is whoever bids the highest gets it first.  If I have 2 or more people that bid the same amount, the first one to finalize a contract with me gets it first.

Standard Contract

1. Buyer will contact: Veraxilum through IGM to inform Veraxilum that they are interested in buying a terraform. I am aware that the market for terraforms are variable and open to other individuals opinions in relation to the proper pricing at which terraforms are sold. However; The cost of any terraforms that I perform will cost between 35M-45M gold.

The potential buyer will include in this IGM the amount that they are willing to pay (35M gold minimum) and any optional clauses they would like added.

2.  Veraxilum will reply: through IGM that I have received their bid and will recontact them some time in the future when I have a terraform available to sell at that price.  

3.  3-5 days prior to: Upon the terraform being completed, either myself or the terraformer completing the terraform will contact the customer to request plot mix, coordinates, any alliance invites needed and arrange payment.

4.  Once the Terraformer: If not myself; Has completed the terraform, they will inform me and confirm that the buyers payment has been sent and received if the payment wasn't sent to one of my cities.

5.  When the buyer informs me: He/she is completely satisfied and I have received payment, I will delete the customers bid from my list of bids.


Buyer:  The Buyer is responsible for contacting all players that have cities within 10 sq of the site they would like terraformed.  The Buyer needs to show Veraxilum proof they have permission to settle in that spot if the player is not in the same alliance as the Buyer. However; if they are in the same alliance, I consider that an alliance issue and I shall not require proof at that time. 

Moreover; The alliance leadership should be aware if there is a problem since they had to send the invite in the first place. The Buyer is also responsible for ensuring the Terraformer receives any alliance invites needed to complete the terraform as well as any confeds needed are in place. I can assist in arranging confeds or finding a 3rd party alliance that has the confeds to invite the terraformer to if needed.

But; it is the Buyers responsiblity to ensure this happens prior to completion of the terraform.  

The Buyer is responsible for ensuring payment is sent once the terraform is complete. If there are any unreasonable(in Veraxilum's opinion, basically longer than 48 hours) delays in payment then all bids from any member of the Buyer's alliance are suspended until the issue is resolved.  The Buyer is responsible for razing the 0 pop city after the terraform is complete, if the Buyer needs assistance, Veraxilum can arrange that at no additional charge.

Terraformer:  The Terraformer will say "hey all I am here to do a terraform" in the AC of any alliance he joins to complete the terraform as soon as the Terraformer joins said alliance.    Immediately prior to abandoning/quiting said alliance once the terraform is completed the Terraformer will say "hey all, the terraform is complete so I am leaving now" in the AC of that alliance.  The Terraformer will immediatly forget any player/city/alliance specific knowledge he received while completing the terraform.  

The Terraformer; will ensure the terraform is completed to the Buyers specifications and inform Veraxilum when the terraform/payment is completed.  The Terraformer will refer anyone questioning what he is doing in the alliance to the person that sent the invite.

Veraxilum:  Veraxilum will keep an accurate list of terraform requests from buyers. Veraxilum will pass the info along to terraformers based on the priorities guidelines stated above.  Veraxilum will share the info he receives with as few players as possible to complete the terraform.  

Veraxilum will pass on 100% of any terraform fees he receives from the Buyer to the Terraformer if either party does not want to know or have the other party know who they are in game.  Veraxilum will ensure that the Buyer and Terraformer are satisfied with the completion of the contract once either party claims the contract is completed.

Optional clauses, must be requested in original bid IGM

Warranty:  For an additional fee of 100k gold Veraxilum will warranty the terraform.  What this means is that if the Terraformer does not complete the terraform to the satisfaction of the Buyer but has fulfilled all of the Terraformers responsibilities then Veraxilum will personally complete a terraform to correct any issues caused.  This fee is waived for any terraforms completed by Veraxilum personally or any terraforms where the payment is paid to Veraxilum at Veraxilum's request instead of directly to the terraformer.  This fee may also be waived for certain Terraformers if payment is paid directly to the Terraformer, if the fee is waived the Buyer will be informed in an IGM at the same time Veraxilum sends the contact information to the terraformer.(basically whether the fee is waived or not depends on my individual contract with the Terraformer)

Wartime Issues

If either the customer or terraformer are at war with another alliance they must inform Veraxilum about the war and who it is with so Veraxilum can ensure the terraform info does not pass to an enemy of the customer.  If the customer is at war with Veraxilums alliance Veraxilum will put the customer in direct contact with a terraformer that is not involved in the war so that Veraxilum gets no specific info about the terraform.

Please feel free to send me an IGM with any terraform request and I will gladly respond.

Thank you.

Posted By: Ptolemy
Date Posted: 09 Mar 2016 at 01:32
If you want to rip yourself off, and sell that low, go ahead. But don't try to convince new joiners that 15-25M is the range for terra's, and have them lose up to 10-20M gold they could make.Terra's are sold for about 35M, and if you can find a buyer willing to buy for more, good for you. There are few terraformers in the business, and the product they offer is valuable, and is key to making bad settling spots good, or making good better. Getting buyers for 35M is not overly difficult, so don't feel like you have to sell for 25M or you won't be able to sell at all. 

Posted By: Veraxillium
Date Posted: 09 Mar 2016 at 20:01
Thank you for the insightful info.

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