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Ivory Hall in Dire Peril

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Topic: Ivory Hall in Dire Peril
Posted By: Nesse
Subject: Ivory Hall in Dire Peril
Date Posted: 20 Sep 2014 at 16:12

<Start of official declaration by the ministry of truth and communications, Ödleborg>

Comments and declarations in line with official policies and decrees are welcomed regarding statements in this thread. Any opinions expressed in this thread by citizens of the kingdom of Nesses reign or otherwise in the Druid alliance are the private opinions and beliefs and may not in any way be taken as representations of official standpoints of said nation and alliance.

<End of official declaration by the ministry of truth and communications, Ödleborg>


<Royal decree, signed by Nesses royal pen>

In response to recent events at Ivory Hall, we make the following proclamations:

1.      It is our firm belief that freedom of expression should be encouraged in our realm, and we thus do not condone hunting of messenger bats (except when necessitated by the security of the realm). A request for help against a perceived threat is not to be considered high treason, at least not when the threat is external to the realm and armies are on the march to help us against the threat in question.

2.      We hereby declare the imprisonment of Rufus Whittlebat null and void, and expect his imminent release from the city jail of ivory Hall.

3.      We approve of the recent improvements in working conditions in the deeper mineshafts of Ivory Halls outmine sovereignties.

4.      The suggested outmine management reorientation course for the Ivory Halls governor Herbert Elfenbein is postponed, at least until the current crisis is over.

5.      Any foreign soldiers attending Ivory Hall for the purpose of aiding the defence against unforeseen undead, abominational or sporadic attacks on Ivory Hall will receive double rations of Beer and red meat from the bone for the duration of the beating of the heart and such time thereafter that is reasonably motivated.

6.      There is absolutely no risk of any hostilities towards Ivory Hall, and the populace is requested to stay calm but not wander out of earshot from the nearest guard on duty at any time.

7.      Any suspicious activity near or in the town should be immediately reported to the closest office of the ministry of truth and communications, in particular any sightings of aberrations, spores, pods or vile fluids.

8.      Rufus Whittlebat is hereby declared the official correspondent regarding the ongoing sports event and the visiting scholars and military personnel. His initial correspondence is reproduced below and he will be given a more informed account of the event in this forum henceforth.

By the regal powers vested in us

Nesse, Lord of Nesseland, Great Archdruid of Dwarven Druids


<Message intercepted attached to the leg of a messenger bat shot by governor hunters close to Ivory Hall at nightfall September 12th>

To King Sigurd


Please forward this plea to all rulers of Elgea and Broken Land:

You must immediately stop sending troops to investigate the Heart of Corruption known as Audrey! They die there – they die horrible deaths and not only that, they also make the corruption of Audrey grow in the surrounding forests. And that is not the worst. A sinister plot has been uncovered to on purpose tease corrupted units into attacking Ivory Hall! We, the undersigned citizens of Ivory Hall pledge to the world to not let this happen. We do not want to be attacked by abominations and have the town “ruined and slaughtered swiftly and surely”, as a ghostly old dwarf has foretold according to a rumour spreading after a messenger returned from Duraz Karag. And we are absolutely sure of that – the messenger returned! Messengers never return having done their job, but this one did. And nobody has been allowed close enough to him to have a good look for tentacles or other disfigurations.

Stop the murdering of citizens that lords thoughout the lands are indulging in and save Ivory Hall from 

For the people of Ivory Hall

Rufus Whittlebat


Scribbled in other handwriting:

Lord Nesse, I have imprisoned the scoundrel writing this letter and would like your advice on execution method.

Herbert E

Nesse(Dwarven Druids) and Odd (Fairy Road Authority)

Posted By: Nesse
Date Posted: 20 Sep 2014 at 18:59
<Report from the official correspondent in the sports game of Ivory Hall>

Hello! This is my first job as reporter, so have a bit of patience with my reporting until I get used to it.
After being woken in the middle of the night and thrown in the highest and most uncomfortable prison tower in town, I was fearing for my life but happily surprised this morning being waken not by the sour prison guard but by a manservant helping me into an extremely nice suit while I was (rather voraciously) trying to be quick at eating the generous portion of ham and bread he brought. I must admit to being extremely hungry after a week in the tower with very little and very poor food.
Well, it turned out to be a misunderstanding with a young guard apparently having misheard "serve him dinner" as "throw him in prison". And I have been told that the attack is a misunderstanding as well although I was brave to try to report it to my king. I have now been walking among the assembled sports-teams outside the gate and also talked to their commanders while inside the city. Not only dwarves, but also humans and even elves have gathered for the event. How the elves expect to have any chance against dwarves or even humans in tunnelball is beyond me. They all seem very excited though and looking forward to a heroic battle against the monstrous infantry. I got a bit afraid at that term and mentioned this to the very nice official from the ministry for truth and communications (MIFTRAC) who has been assigned as my guide. He seemed very agitated at first, but after relaxing in an adjacent room he explained to me that it is just a common sportsman term for the other team.
All is good, and I have been allowed to see my family off to visit relatives in Calumnex which seems a nice peaceful place with many mountains. I, of course have to stay here until after the games.
I will be reporting back as soon as the game has started.

I forgot to sign. They say I must always sign my name so it sounds official.
Rufus Whittlebat, Sports correspondent

Nesse(Dwarven Druids) and Odd (Fairy Road Authority)

Posted By: Glin
Date Posted: 21 Sep 2014 at 14:42
please consider changing to a larger font. That is not readable.

Posted By: Nesse
Date Posted: 21 Sep 2014 at 21:53
Thanks, Glin. Not sure what happened in the original post, but I hope it is easier to read now.

Nesse(Dwarven Druids) and Odd (Fairy Road Authority)

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