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Topic: Homelands
Posted By: CosmicalRabbit
Subject: Homelands
Date Posted: 25 Mar 2014 at 17:50
The elf took a big gulp from his frothy mug.

"You said you wanted to learn more about where I came from. That's the truth." He smiled drunkenly.

"You're the Red Rock Magician?" the dwarf's eye was anything but believing.

"The Keshalian Highlands, born and raised, amongst the Forgotten Mystics."

"The Forbidden Magics, you mean."

The tavern grew quiet. Eyes began to descend on the lone elf. Feeling the weight of the room on his shoulders, he took another gulp of his beer. People do not like fights here. Untanas was not looking for one here. But the way the room behaved, it could get dark quickly. He considered diplomacy.

"I want nothing but peace. That is what we all learned. Peace is the only path."

"So then tell us." A big (for a dwarf) burly axemen pulled up a chair across from Untanas. "What happened to your city?"

"Well... In the lush rolling hills of Keshalia, two primitive city-states arose amongst the clans of the eastern highlands. The highland Elves raised the city of the Sun. The mountain Dwarves were the architects of the city of the Moon. Then came,

The Warring Period

The Sun King sought to conquer the Moon City in an effort to command the two halves of the highlands. Tens of thousands of the Sun King’s spearmen died at the gates and high walls of the Moon City. Ten generations were born, lived and died knowing only the war with the other half of their country. Then, as if to remind us how small we were, came the

The Great War

When the Calaquendi nations were attacked by the Dark Blight, the cities of the Sun and Moon stood with the Crow Confederation in their defense. Together the two cities put aside their differences for the greater good. The Sun King sent spearmen, cows and books to the front lines. The Moon City sent engineers, precious metals and heavy infantry to aid the war effort. We all thought that the feuding had ended, but then I was witness to

The Disaster of Hubris

When peace was restored and the Crow Confederation victorious, the Sun King did not honor the new order of cooperation. Instead he prepared new armies and set out once more to conquer the Moon City. During the Great War, the Sun King’s magicians had grown shrewd and dark. When the Sun King could think of no other way to conquer the Moon City he decided to attack it with a Forbidden Blight. This spell caused the nearby volcano to erupt and brought ruin to both cities. From then on, both elves and dwarves were upon a

Journey of Woes

The Elves of the Sun City set out and became wards to the Heroes of the Horn. When they settled they named their city Lunamera, so that every Elf would remember to honor the Moon. It was during this time that the popular maxim “War is Self-Defeat” was coined. Meanwhile, the Dwarves of the Moon City settled in Vestini with their Dwarven-In-Laws. It was during this time that both cities learned how much they needed one another, and how much better cooperation could make their lives. Now we have

An Independent Nation

Now, with the blessings of the Eight Hand Crows and the Heroes of the Horn, the people of the highlands are returning home. They hope to build a nation that can be an important trading partner and ally to their neighbors. The Solar Lunar Union is an inclusive and welcomes any race or player. The Union of our cities was created with the goal of creating sustainable relationships that benefit both the cities of the Keshalian highlands, but also enrich the greater community around us.

Now we can return to our Homelands."       

Posted By: Deranzin
Date Posted: 25 Mar 2014 at 17:54
A very good story indeed ! I really enjoyed the narrative. Big smile


Just like a "before and after" ad ! ahahahaah :p

Posted By: CosmicalRabbit
Date Posted: 25 Mar 2014 at 18:25
Thanks! I appreciate the feedback!

Posted By: Rill
Date Posted: 25 Mar 2014 at 19:00
Well told and may you prosper in your new venture!

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