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Main: "Not an Invasion", says Council

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Topic: Main: "Not an Invasion", says Council
Posted By: GM ThunderCat
Subject: Main: "Not an Invasion", says Council
Date Posted: 03 Apr 2013 at 01:02
"Not an Invasion", says Council

Though attempting to avoid panic, the Council of Illyria have today appealed to all Lord and Ladies of Elgea to send forces to counter the undead armies which have been seen marching from the Rift." rel="nofollow">
Undead Armies spotted Yesterday

"This is not some undead invasion of Elgea," stated General Arlberth Clemensus, commander of the King's armies in Centrum. "These abominations seem to have a very clear purpose. But as to their ultimate goal, we just don't know. They are here to build up their strength, to gather further dark allies. If the are successful, then they will be a greater threat, and so the Council are determine to frustrate them."

To that end, the Council of Illyria have announced a" rel="nofollow - Tournament , to seek out, clear and occupy the areas that the undead have occupied.

"Our mages advise us that the creatures have opened portals, from which they will receive reinforcements. Scrying suggests that each portal will issue forth one creature or entity per day, and the undead doubtless wish for these beings to join their vile forces.

Our wizards' prognostications further suggest that each portal will remain active for exactly one week, but after that time we expect more portals to appear."

The Council therefore requests that Lords and Ladies seek to occupy the portals' locations. If the undead seek allies from the portals, the Council wishes to see them denied possession of the portals, and so the aid of these allies.

Posted By: Gon
Date Posted: 03 Apr 2013 at 01:21
YAY, let the Tourny begin!

Posted By: Hadus
Date Posted: 03 Apr 2013 at 01:34
So is this sort of a co-op competitive tourney? Everyone working together to defeat the undead while competing for best score? Brilliant!

Also, will undead be able to attack armies occupying a portal? If not it seems rather too easy...

-------------" rel="nofollow">

Posted By: Brandmeister
Date Posted: 03 Apr 2013 at 03:08
Undead are impressively fast. =P

Posted By: Mr Damage
Date Posted: 03 Apr 2013 at 03:19
Undead will be attacking the sites.

Posted By: Gon
Date Posted: 03 Apr 2013 at 03:34
Undead and other players armies. NAPs and Confeds will both be suspended on the squares so we will all be fighting each other. 

Posted By: Angrim
Date Posted: 03 Apr 2013 at 04:24
Originally posted by Hadus Hadus wrote:

So is this sort of a co-op competitive tourney?

uh...yes, in the sense that killing one another as well as undead is cooperating...

Posted By: dittobite
Date Posted: 03 Apr 2013 at 10:20
Awesome!  any chance under square details we will be able to see how many troops of our alliance are holding the current square?  last tourney we were able to see that information but it is not available yet for this one.  Was this intentional?

Posted By: Ossian
Date Posted: 03 Apr 2013 at 11:13
The Invasion of the Bacon Snatchers begins :P

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