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The battle in the dessert

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Topic: The battle in the dessert
Posted By: Binky the Berserker
Subject: The battle in the dessert
Date Posted: 02 Sep 2012 at 14:56

At the start of last summer, all binkies in Binkie City gathered for their fieldtrip to the Lan Larosh dessert. The town leaders told the binkies it had some educational purpose or something. The little binkies packed their backs and went out for their long trip. After a march that lasted for days they finally reached a place in the dessert that seemed right to put their camp down. Needless to say the little binkies were exhausted and completely dried out. As a result they didn't do a thing for five days, accept for the strictly neccessary jobs.
The binkies could see other camps in the dessert, not to far from their own. The wizard aprentice Binky Potter decided to have some fun and cast a few blights on the surrounding camps.He found out that there were skilled mages in the other camps.
After the five days the binky boyscouts went on a mission to look at the surrounding camps. Offcourse they succeeded in their mission, only to find out the camps were full of boring soldiers and overdiligent commanders. There were some elves, some humans and a single dwarf and orc camp. But at non of the camps they found a party so they returned home. Night after night the binkies threw parties, but the grumpy dwarf neighbor came complaining. The duke sent some thugs and the party was disturbed in an aggressuve way. Some blights were cast and received, but after a short time all of the surrounding camps left. Probably couldn't sleep with the noise and the smell that came from the binkyparties.
All of the camps? No. A small settlement remained and refused to join in the party. Maybe it had something to do with the fact it were orcs and they were allready used to the smell, or the fact the camp was quite far away from the binky schoolcamp. Weeks went by without anything happening The cassualties of the struggle with the dwarfs were burried and the binkies picked up there lifes again. Every night big party with loud music and lots of beer and puking. All of a sudden the orcs came by. They came to steal the binkies beer and cattle but got caught and brought to the binky torturechamber. After listening to abba hits for four hours they chose rather to die then join the party. After the thieves, the thugs arrived and killed a lot of little binkies. They didn't steal any beer, but took some clay and stone.
The binkies now were looking for revenge and went to the orc camp. After thieving, sabotaging and assassinate everything they could find they returned home with a big smile on their face. The orcs were furious and came back to the binky schoolcamp to kill every binky that was able to use a weapon The orcs got annoyed again and send weapons of mass destruction to demolish the sound system and brewery. A lot of binkies saccrifed their lifes to save it, but it got heavilly damaged. The binkies are sad and don't know what to do. They sure want revenge, but the orcs are strong...

Posted By: Ander
Date Posted: 02 Sep 2012 at 16:03
Wonderful! Keep going Binkies! Teach'em orcs a lesson! 

Posted By: Kabu
Date Posted: 02 Sep 2012 at 16:53
Made me laugh, good one! Big smile

Posted By: Bonaparta
Date Posted: 02 Sep 2012 at 17:16
Almost feel sorry for little binkies, but than again orcs have to eat something.

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Posted By: LordOfTheSwamp
Date Posted: 02 Sep 2012 at 18:47
CryNoooo - I'm feeling really sad for the little binkies!Cry

"A boy is building sandcastles on a beach. You go and kick down his castle. You could say that it only reflects how you play with sandcastles. Others may think it reflects who you are." - Ander.

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