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The History of WN (Warriors of the New)

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Topic: The History of WN (Warriors of the New)
Posted By: Silent/Steadfast
Subject: The History of WN (Warriors of the New)
Date Posted: 04 Apr 2012 at 07:03

E/A was originally known as Warriors of the New, an alliance founded in June 2011, and we were headquartered in Kal Tirikan. Our leader was Stifle, and we had such notables as Tallica, The Duke, and Arwen Olesky present in the alliance. I, Silent Sword, was an officer in WN, the head diplomat.

Our alliance was popular with people for many reasons.  First, we were active and supportive to all our members, and moving near the rest of the alliance was compulsory, so resources were delivered promptly.  Secondly, we had a well planned city system that allowed us to pack many members into our territory, so that people were easy to defend in case of an attack.  Lastly, we had a big presence in Global Chat, so many new players would see us and want to join. 

As we grew and prospered in Kal Tirikan, it became apparent that there wasn’t enough room to expand the way we were planning. To our east laid the main part of Illyriad, which we had settled in Kal Tirikan to avoid. To our west laid the Colonist Empires, which is now the Fremen Empire. To the south lay many great alliances, including the Wheel of Time, Curse of the Wolves and many others. And the most immediate threat, lying directly to our north, was GRUJ, the grudge bearers (grey judges now).

As you might guess, we were concerned that any one of these alliances might attempt to encroach on our territory, so we started building a chain of cities on our borders, especially the northern one. We even assigned places for people to settle, not necessarily in the place most beneficial to their well being.

Although this behavior sounds like paranoia to the average illyrian, you have to understand that many of us had migrated here from more hostile, warlike games, where this sort of thing was necessary. We were merely defending against what we felt what was inevitable.

Our strength was tested in july 2011, when our "border policy" put three of our cities in GRUJ territory. I attempted to negotiate peace, but chilly exchanges from officers higher up on the totem pole with GRUJ only led to conflict. After a few days of fighting, in which we didn't attack at all, we simply defended, a border was agreed on. For a few weeks we were again at peace. Then, for whatever reason, a city of ours was settled over the border. GRUJ threatened to start hostilities again, which prompted The Duke, our military leader, to resign.

He then made his own alliance, Knights Virtue, mainly with a few friends from WN. Our two alliances, hopelessly entwined with each other as a result of the strict settling policy, agreed to sign a Confederation. About this time, Arwen Olseky, Kasetheras, Lolita Barrister and others left as well and made their own alliance, the Aleverian Trade Guild. Seeing that his alliance was in shambles, Stifle, left to start his own alliance. Tallica intended to join him but never followed through, and made his own alliance as well. 

This left me. Seeing how we were in a perilous situation with GRUJ, I elected to change the name and class structure of the alliance. I chose Exercitus Aureii, and there are still a few with us that are left over from the WN days.

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Posted By: Rill
Date Posted: 04 Apr 2012 at 07:14
As I recall, a number of players left because they believed that WN's intention was to start an aggressive war against GRUJ, something that GRUJ discovered.  I was not party to any of those discussions, but that is what was said in global chat at the time and confirmed by some former WN members.

Posted By: Silent/Steadfast
Date Posted: 04 Apr 2012 at 07:27
What they said is immaterial, it's what happened that counts.  Smile
We had no planned intent to start a war, we just wanted to grow.  Admittedly, this meant breaking our pact with GRUJ, which could be (and was) perceived as an act of war.  

"Semantics are no protection from a 50 Megaton Thermonuclear Stormcrow."-Yggdrassil (June 21, 2011 6:48 PM)
"SCROLL ya donut!" Urgorr The Old (September 1, 2011 4:08 PM)

Posted By: eragon31
Date Posted: 04 Apr 2012 at 07:33
did you ever get to read the mail the people/person from higher up were sending to telchar? cause the duke and i became good friends with telchar until recently when he left. however needless to say the mails that were sent were along the lines of we do what we want and all of kal tirikian is ours.  thats why duke and i left wn  we didnt agree with that policy and wanted to live in peace

after i read this i realized my first sentence seems mean and not how i meant it,  i meant it as an actual question lol

Posted By: Silent/Steadfast
Date Posted: 04 Apr 2012 at 07:48
I know for a fact that tallica sent many chilly messages over to GRUJ, many of which I drafted in a warmer tone.  I don't believe, however, that a full-on offensive was planned.  Sadly, many of those messages were on Steadfast's account, which I no long have access to.  I do have this message: 

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"O and the whole duke thing is because he didnt like the way things were ebing ran." 

"Semantics are no protection from a 50 Megaton Thermonuclear Stormcrow."-Yggdrassil (June 21, 2011 6:48 PM)
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Posted By: The Duke
Date Posted: 05 Apr 2012 at 01:43
I would like to state a few things. To start off, I miss the WN days but Im very happy leading a successful alliance here in Kal Tirikan. Second, most of this is true but a slight skew on one or two facts. One being that Stifle had planned to wage a war with GruJ. He even stated this when him and Telchar were arguing back and forth in GC. Tallica was Stifles right hand in dealing with the matters. There was a vote with the highest ranks to see if we should group a mass attack against GruJ. I voted No. I was overruled. Then I was to lead the attacks since I was our Military General. This was something that tore at me cause I had made friends in WN but I couldnt agree with openly attacking an alliance just because we wanted to claim the whole region as our own. After repeatedly trying to convince the leadership this was a mistake and receiving nothing but a deaf ear, I left. Eragon 31 came with me as he is a friend of mine in RL. The rest as they say is history

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Posted By: ronm
Date Posted: 05 Apr 2012 at 02:04
im glad that the knights of virtue came from this and the duke is more than a fair leader  he is also a friend i can talk to across the wires and im proud to be apart of his alliance couldnt ask for a better home or better people that are within his command i want to thank each and everyone of them for all they have done for me and illy so i will close with thank you all for a job well done and for making illy a better place to play Big smile

Posted By: Stifle
Date Posted: 10 Apr 2012 at 20:31
He says Deaf Ear but what he DIDNT say was I was thinking of NOT be aggressive with the GRUJ members and we were in talks about Border Policies. I listened and eventually (my top ranking members, and co leader) just decided to leave so everyone has there own side to the story. YES i wanted them OUT of Kal Tirikan, YES i decided later that NO, I dont want them out and we should get along. BUT, whatever it was that happened was of THE INDIVIDUALS choice of staying or going but the matter with GRUJ was fixed before they left. (thats my point of view) Duke is doing phenomenal on his alliance, I tried working from scratch and utterly was dissapointed multiple times. Tallica (i dont know what happened to him) Thats about it but dont make it sound like "leadership" did this. GRUJ's leader was angry at Tallica. Him and I had friendly chats (that basically went neither here, nor there) and HE wanted ME to Outskie Tallica from the alliance because Tallica was apparently making him angry. BUT........... Bygones are Bygones just dont tinker with the actual story of things. rofl.

Posted By: tallica
Date Posted: 30 Aug 2012 at 01:01
Well, here's the real dirt on WN:

WN was started jointly by Stifle and The Duke, with Stifle taking the #1 position.

The Duke recruited me to WN and we were a happy, tiny group of people in a small valley of Kal Tirikan. Stifle and Duke often joked about conquering all of Kal Tirikan. After I had joined and was comfortably moved in to the area, I began scouting out the land of Kal Tirikan around our little valley. At that time much of Kal Tirikan was uninhabited (as was much of the other farther out regions of Illy). I asked to become an alliance leader and to help recruit new members and move them into our area. It was granted to me and I began my work.

It seems I was an exceptionally good recruiter, or maybe there was a huge boom of new players to the game all looking for an alliance and trying to get out of the newbie ring... Either way, WN grew in leaps and bounds and I was hard pressed to find locations for all the new players. As we pushed outward, I began scouting further valleys that had plenty of 7 food squares. To our north, I noticed a nice Trade Hub, a pretty lake and lots of fertile land. So we began settling towns there.

That was when I noticed there were a few towns all from the same alliance: GRUJ (Grudge Bearers). I brought this up to the alliance and we all researched them. Their alliance profile at the time was....quite aggressive. They were in Confed with VALAR, who at the time was viewed as an "evil" alliance. We came to the conclusion that these were aggressive players and were afraid of them attacking our under-defended alliance (we were all quite small, but growing quickly).

I began shifting the new players to our southern area, in order to avoid problems with GRUJ, however there were still several good spots to our north that players already in the alliance were moving into. Eventually we got the attention of the larger alliance GRUJ and they contacted us with a little concern.

We felt it was necessary to draft up a "border agreement" with them. Something to keep us from becoming inter-mingled, which would create tension and possibly conflict. This was something we wished to avoid. However, we had a problem, there was no clear line that could be drawn between GRUJ and WN (at least no straight line). So I came up with a simple solution and it was presented to GRUJ leadership. We got a response that was not very easy to interpret, we came to the conclusion that GRUJ didn't speak English as it's native language. We tried to explain what our situation was and show that we were trying to work with them, but they had already come to the conclusion that we were invading their area. It didn't help that Stifle went on to claim he was going to attack GRUJ (I still don't know when, where or why he said that, it wasn't anything WN had discussed doing).

Unfortunately for me, I went on vacation. While I was gone a message was sent from GRUJ to WN, to Stifle, and he didn't know how to respond so he forwarded it to me, telling me to make a response. At this point, I had taken over most leadership responsibilities of WN, drafting up our organization and assigning roles to players. Since I was not around for a few days, GRUJ didn't get a response and thought that WN was planning on attacking. I came back too late for any words to matter, GRUJ declared war. Luckily, they only targeted myself (though Stifle did get some diplo action). We didn't have the forces to fight a war and went to our allies for help. A post was made in the forums (somewhere it still exists) where I shared all of the mail correspondence that had occurred between WN and GRUJ, from my point of view.

All of GRUJ (and a couple VALAR) attacks were successfully defended with little damage incurred. Peace was reached, but the damage had been done.

The Duke (our military leader) left WN, taking a few of our 'military' members. He had his reasons for leaving and those that went with him did so for their own reasons. However, this fracture in WN could not be repaired. After the conflict with GRUJ was resolved, Kasethras and Arwen also left WN, to found a trade alliance, and with them several other WN members went.

This left 4 alliances all inter-mingled in the same valley. I knew that it would be extremely difficult to manage this with no conflict and decided that I should leave the area. I wanted to found my own alliance, one that I could lead from the front seat (not behind the scenes like I had been). I allowed GRUJ to siege and destroy my town that was nearest them and planned on having my other 2 (yeah, I only had 3 towns!) sieged by Duke and Arwen. However, luckily Exodus was released and I was able to exodus my 2 larger towns.

Prior to leaving WN, I convinced Stifle to also leave, and that WN would be best left in SS's hands. I mainly did this because WN was doomed, especially if left in Stifle's hands alone. I knew that the members I had brought into the alliance would be best served by SS. (Stifle is a great guy, but I don't feel he's the best leader).

Well, that's the inside story of WN, the alliance that almost made it big-time!

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