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The story of Aureaus

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Topic: The story of Aureaus
Posted By: Aureaus
Subject: The story of Aureaus
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 09:57

This part is set in future :D The story is not told through my perspective AT ALL. Please remember this.


I walk into a pub, known as the Freedom Pub. The place was crowded, more than usual. I sit down next to this odd looking man, who (by looking at his scars) has seen the fate of battle. I was about to order a drink when he starts mumbling:  

"I doubt you even know why this tavern is called Freedom?" 

I stop ordering. I turn around to see his scarred face. 

"Sir, I believe you are right. I am a traveller here, from the plains of Middle Kingdom. Why on earth would I know this pub?" 

"It should be rightfully known why this town is here, and thriving!" the man banged this hand aggressively on the bench. "How long have you been here?" 

"3 months" I said with a confident voice. 

"3 months? Yet you, let alone the entire town, doesn't even know why the lives of today are luxurious. I will tell you why. Aureaus Bladerunner. He is a man who took destiny into his own hands. More than a trader from Middle Kingdom could do anyday!" This man was obviously drunk. "Bartender, another one" he called. The bartender brings it over and he drinks more than what I could drink in one shot. 

"Fine, tell me the tale of the man called Bladerunner. Amuse me."  I said with a rising smirk. 

"Do you even deserve to know of what this man did? You might if you shout me a drink" the scarred man said with a smile. 

"Bartender! Give this man what he wants!" I give him a small amount of gold. The man drinks it all in one shot. I am amazed.  

"Thank you, friend. Sadly, many of the people never will know the bravery Aureaus went through to see his home flourish. Well, it all started like this..." 

Posted By: Ander
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 10:09
Good start Aurea! I like the name of the pub - "Freedom". Keep going! :)

Posted By: Nokigon
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 10:11
I like that. I like that a lot, in fact. Well done!

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 10:33

I have known Aureaus since birth. He was always the one willing to help another and always wanted to be in charge. Typical of a "hero". I, myself, is not important at all during this story. We went through the good times and the bad times. We went through the tough times. We were impossible to part. We were like brothers. His father was a guard of the Lord of Bladenon, Kildayus. Kildayus was an idol to Aureaus' eyes. Fighting hordes of orcs seemed heroic and he was always pretending he was his general.  

The story starts approx. when he was fifteen years of age... 

Bladenon, village of Keppen. The people were content. The Lord content. I walked across from my house over to Aureaus' place. I knocked on his door. I waited a while and Aureaus appeared at the door.  

"All ready to go?" I said, with a bag hanged across from my body.  

"Sure as hell!" Aureaus said overconfidently. He was the biggest rebel, and usually got into a lot of trouble. He did right things for the wrong reasons. Maybe that's why I was jealous of him. Either way, he was my friend, and the only one I had. We walked out to the park near the Brewery. I took out from a bag a plastic sword. Aureaus sighed. 

"Kaelus, seriously? A plastic sword. Dad would always let me use his steel ones" He was unimpressed.  

"Aureaus. I am sorry, but this was all I could get" I smirked. I knew that he was a simple person, he was kidding. 

"Yeah, fair enough. When we are older, we should become captains of Bladenon!" Aureaus was definitely a high achiever. No doubts there. "I dibs being Kildayus!" He was always Kildayus, his idol, his hero. It was fair enough, he was born into a world where his father believed every word Kildayus said. I was always the faithful soldier. Maybe I should take charge... 

"Aureaus. I am Kildayus" 

"NO!" Aureaus had a short temper. We both looked at the plastic sword. We jumped on each other, or least I thought we did. It so happened Aureaus was faster and had the sword in an instant. It was pointed at my neck.  

"I'm Kildayus" This was the time I couldn't agree more. 

We begun to play, we were fighting Orcs and little did we know it was dark. 

"Got to go mate, I will see you tomorrow" I said. 

"Kaelus, as I will with you. May the rest of your day be graced" He was also brought up religiously, like a noble, but he didn't dress like it, and he defintely didn't have an attitude of one. I walked off into the darkness, ready to go home.  

The town was dark... 

It was silent... 

I didn't know where I was going... 

This was the time I wished Aureaus was beside me...

Posted By: Fateful Ending
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 10:37
Noki, This one's definatly a disciple of yours, 

Congrats Aureaus, fantastic

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 10:39
I would like to thank everyone for their positive comments. I wanted to see how the community would enjoy this, and since they are, I shall write more of it. Look forward for more appearances, maybe one from Noki, (details being sorted). Once again thank you.

Posted By: Nokigon
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 10:46
Originally posted by Aureaus Aureaus wrote:

I would like to thank everyone for their positive comments. I wanted to see how the community would enjoy this, and since they are, I shall write more of it. Look forward for more appearances, maybe one from Noki, (details being sorted). Once again thank you.
Ooh, this makes me feel excited. Seriously, Aureaus, you're doing really well. Congratulations.

Posted By: Nokigon
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 10:47
Originally posted by Fateful Ending Fateful Ending wrote:

Noki, This one's definatly a disciple of yours, 

Congrats Aureaus, fantastic
Oh, I think that it will be the other way round. HE's much better than I am.

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 11:02

Darkness is an evil that can be eroded with hope.  


These words were a saying of Aureaus. These were the only ones in my mind at the moment. As my heart rate increased, so did the tendency to reenact those words. I ran faster, and faster, and faster. Darkness overcame me. I fell over.  

"Someone's gonna be in trouble" 

Bandits! I have to hide. I ran through the street, hiding in a nearby bush. By the sound of those words, he saw me. Footsteps became stomps as they came closer and closer and closer. 

Finally, a torch came past. I tried to lower my heartbeat, so the bandit wouldn't hear me. Didn't work. The bandit was visible perfectly, the fire glaring into his eyes. Evil. Evil eyes. Dead eyes. His eyes locked onto mine. 

"Nice ransom I can get for this kid" 

He jumped into the bush and I instinctively threw myself out of there. I bolted. The man was fast. The man was fit. I infact, being a fifteen year old, was not as fit as him, let alone strong as him. If he captured me, I was as gone as an Orc's innocence. I turned a corner. If this was in daylight, I would have lost him by now. The bandit took out his club and ran faster. I fell to the ground. I was finished. It was over for my life as a free man. He came closer until he fell over. A person stood above him. The fire showed his eyes.  

It was Aureaus.  

My heart skipped a beat. He really was a hero. He had come for me. The bandit stood up and whacked Aureaus across the face with his club. I couldn't move. My body was frozen from the tension. Aureaus got up and punched the man. He stayed standing. He punched Aureaus and he fell to the ground. He raised his club and I closed my eyes. I quickly got up and ran for my life. 

After that moment, I never saw Aureaus again in my childhood.

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 12:20

I looked at the scarred man. He had a tear in his eye. A sense of betrayal to the one he called Aureaus.  

"So when do you last see Aureaus?" I noted as I shouted him another drink. 

"Please don’t. Don't waste your money" The man called off the order. His tear graciously went down his face. "The years after that did not matter to me. I  had lost my best friend. He had tried to save me, and I failed to save him. I had no idea where he went. I knew he didn't want to know me. I must be leaving now. Please find Bladenon a good city and take care". The man put on his coat and walked into the night.  I left the bar and ran after him.  

"Please accompany me at the Inn and tell me all about your tales." 

"I am an old man, all I can do is tell tales. Yet, no one I have told has believed me. Why do you trust me? Why aren't you despising me despite my addiction to drink and my behaviour at the bar?" He asked solemnly.  

"Because in a world like this, you have to be a risk taker" 

"You only ask for tales in excitement. I go through suffering yet you find this exciting? That is rude, sir." he snapped. 

" life was similar to yours. I also had lost a best friend...I know your pain. I want to know what happened..." 

"I shall tell you here, and only here. Please take a seat" The man dropped to the sidewalk of Bladenon...

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 12:51

As I said, my life was not worth mentioning at the time. Winter had brewed through Bladenon approx. 4 years after Aureaus disappeared. These 4 years were depressing. I was 19 years of age, and was beginning my training as a guard in Lord Kildayus' army. His father was still in the army, and had shown much dislike to me. Winter was dark this year, much colder. People were getting frostbite and many homes had to be evacuated due to the frost.The hero Kildayus did nothing. People watched from their cold homes, the bright lights that were emitting from the home of Kildayus. If something wasn't done, we would all die.  

I was walking down the cold road in my training armour ready to go to the Villa. People looked at me with such hate. Such despise. People were getting sick of Kildayus, and I knew why. These people were suffering. Starving. I didn't look at them. I continued to walk and I met Kildayus at his Villa.  

"You are late, Kaelus. I can't have my soldiers late when an invasion is happening, can they. Get into formation." He yelled. 

"But sir, the people, they are suffering. They caused my late arrival" 

"At this moment, the people can wait." 

We continued our training formation and did drills. I was a Militiaman and became a commander of a 5 man squad.  

"Kaelus, your first mission is a single man raided one of our outposts. Find out more information. Come back with it. Go pronto." Kildayus was obviously afraid of the situation. One man raiding a Bladenonian outpost. This man must be found. I gathered my soldiers and told them the plan.  They were eager, and overconfident. One even yelling out that it was all a lie and an April fools joke. I didn’t answer. We marched off into the distance. Despite supposed constant survelliance, it was a while away. It took around 25 minutes walking speed.  

"Oh my.." I whispered. 

The outpost was in ruins, bodies everywhere. It was recent as well. 

"Men, be on guard. We want all survivors here" 

I lead the scouting party into the outpost. I was scarred for life what I saw. These men were all killed the exact same way. They were mutilated. I don't know how someone could do this. 

A choking noise came from behind. A soldier of mine was holding his neck.  

"Jaque, what happened?" I took his hands off his neck and a sword mark was left. He instantly dropped to the ground. I was scared. This man was no ordinary bandit. He was skilled. "Stick together" I whispered. I moved forward and heard no response. "Guys, next time res-" 

No one there. 

No one at all.  

I was half expecting an April Fools, but that was gone when I saw the man standing a metre in front of me. He was hooded, wielding two massive blades. 

"Kaelus, good to see you" 

"How do you know my name, and where is my allies?" 

"They are dead. Useless. Didn't put up a fight. I know what has been happening in Bladenon. Suffering, resentment. They are on the edge of dying. I am trying to get the attention of Kildayus." 

"Who are you?" I asked. 

"Aureaus" the man said. My mind gave me many questions, and I couldn't move. 

"Aureaus... I'm going to die, aren't I. For abandoning you..." 

"It seems like it, but.. if you were to help me take down Kildayus...we could become friends" he added with a smirk. "I know I can trust you, you can see the suffering of Bladenon, which will eventually become its fall. Help me...Help me bring prosperity" He held out his hand. 

I grabbed his wrist and he grabbed mine. 

"Brothers" we both said.

Posted By: shadow
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 15:02
 You sir are an amazing writer. Excellent work!!!

Posted By: Gemley
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 15:54
great stuff!

Posted By: Ander
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 16:01
Keep the great story going mate! Aureaus is intimidating!

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 16:22

This was my time of redemption. Redemption can often mean the purity of one. This is my time to shine. I will bring hope and prosperity to the people of Bladenon. I will bring these people redemption. I will bring myself redemption.  

This was the only thing in my head whilst I was walking back to the Keppen village of Bladenon. Alongside my friend who was lost for 4 years. With my blade in my hand, and my heart soaring. I knew nothing could stop me.  

Yet panic struck me... 

How was Aureaus going to do this? How was he going to topple Kildayus, a masterful knight? Let alone the knights of Bladenon. 

"Are you serious about this, Aureaus?" 

"I am as serious as an Orc hunting for dwarves" 

We continued to walk. The sun was setting...Perfect. Kildayus was bound to be less alert at this time... 

"Aureaus, will we be able to topple Kildayus, a man of over 40 years of war experience, with just two 19 year olds?" 

"No..." This man was a born leader "We have to enlist the help of the people. If he slaughters us, what does he have left?" 

"True, Aureaus." This man had wisdom, courage and was chivalrous, yet wasn't afraid to spill the blood of his own townsmen. 

We reached the outskirts of the town.  

"Aureaus, you cant just enter here. You need a disguise. Wait here"  Aureaus followed my instructions and I came back with a caravan.  

"How did you get that?" 

"Never mind. Just get in" Aureaus jumped in and made no noise. As I appeared at the front gates, a man stopped me.  He was a tall man, holding a book on one hand, and a glowing staff in another. 

"I wouldn't go inside Bladenon if I were you..." said the man.  He was fiddling with his staff.  

"Why not?" I said with a calm, confident voice. 

"It's filled with guards, not even a wizard can get in there without a 'check'. Its crazy, the Lord is paranoid" he noted. 

"Say, friend, what is your name?" I said with a demanding voice. 

"I am Sir Anderrent, but to friends, such as yourself, you may call me your Majesty" he gave us an exaggrated bow. Aureaus stormed out of the caravan.  

"Anderrent, don't mess with me, mate!" He took his swords out barely. Anderrent with his magic forced them in.  

 "Fine you can call me Ander (he gave a smirk) but mate, you will not be able to kill Kildayus from the inside that easily. His guard population has tripled over the last month. Because...of....YOU." he put emphasis on the end.  

"Look, I will help you if you help me..."   

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 24 Apr 2011 at 17:18

Ander, Aureaus and I had planned a way to kill Kildayus. Seemed impossible, but Aureaus told me this once more 

"Darkness is an evil that can be eroded with hope" 

This 'hope' was in fact the strength of the people of Bladenon, relying on us to make the final strike into the heart of darkness itself. To free the suffering ones from the darkness. This is the time to show what we got, and we'll die trying. Ander was a mastermind. He knew how the people worked. You give them hope, they will come through. Illyriad is about to be shocked by what is going to happen on this day. This will be our destiny! 

"In order to completely free the people we need to give them a sign of hope" Aureaus said wisely. We were sitting outside of the park near the brewery. No guard was around.  

"I've got the perfect idea, but its risky" Ander said, stroking his beard.  

"Do tell" I said. I was leaning forward, in interest of what Ander had to say. 

"We strike at the time of curfew. As they go to their homes, they will see an attack on the villa. Things will go as planned. I will seal off the villa with my fire ring, due to guards being out on curfew, you guys will be in and Kildayus will not be able to get out. Good plan huh?" Ander said. 

"Ingenious" Aureaus said. "Shall we play the waiting game?"  

As we were waiting, our weapons were sharpened, our armour polished and we got some training done. Aureaus and I began to duel. He took out two blades.  

"No fair" I yelled. He was looking at me unimpressed. 

"You were trained under Kildayus himself. You should be a professional at dueling." We laughed. 

Even in times of darkness, the small things matter. 

We began to fight, and after a while, curfew started. The time for redemption has begun... 

Ander stayed behind and waiting for the signal... 

Aureaus and I sneaked past the guard sentries.  

"Did you hear about what happened to the outpost? Kildayus has got the whole villa locked down just in case" the guards said. 

That wasn’t a good sign... 

We snuck through the window and shot a small bit of fire in the air (I knew minimal magic from Ander) and he got the signal. Ander pointed his staff in the air and out came fire, it surrounded the villa and the soldiers were in dismay. Aureaus ran into the foyer and ran up the stairs. He turned and ran into Kildayus' chamber and saw his father standing there. I followed him. 

"Aureaus" his father said 

"Father... why would you do this? Why would you protect this man?" 

"Why else? To protect the people" 

"The people, Father? They are suffering and dying!"  

My father slowly took out his blade and pointed it at my neck. 

I instinctively took out mine.  

"Kaelus, you have been a good friend. Dismissed." Aureaus said. 

"No, please! I must help you fight!" I said in dismay. 

"This is my battle, leave!" I turned around, and got out of the villa, unharmed.  Ander was standing there. 

"What's going to happen? If he doesn't come out soon, I'm going to have to blow the villa. The fire ring has a limited time, and when it runs out, Bladenon is history". I stood there, dumbstruck. We waited. The guards were running around, in absolute chaos. The time had come, Ander was ending it. He pointed his staff at the villa, and a massive meteor of fire sprayed out and hit the building... 


Posted By: Ander
Date Posted: 25 Apr 2011 at 05:40
Wow my name in Aureaus' story! I'm honoured! :)

Fire and chaos everywhere! Will Aureaus come out unharmed? This will be the first thing I'd check after coming home in the evening! :)

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 25 Apr 2011 at 09:26

I stood there, astounded. Ander didn't even give remorse. He blew the place apart. I knew neither Aureaus, his father or even Kildayus could have made it out alive. The townspeople had won the day, Aureaus had won the day, Bladenon had freedom. People were running around, cheering at the sight of Kildayus' Villa being crushed to the ground. The fire suddenly began to disappear... 

A man appeared out of the rubble, holding a blade... 

Aureaus had survived!.. On closer inspection... 

Kildayus. Kildayus had survived!  

"You think I can be killed that easily", and he held out Aureaus' sword. I was shocked, the hero was gone, for good. He climbed down the rubble, and said in a loud voice. "I, Lord Kildayus, forbids anyone to exit the city. Anyone found outside the borders will be executed publicly. The following people will be sent to the death row..." 

"Kaelus Maelstrom, The Wanderer Anderrent. That is all." 

The guards seized us. We were roughly taken along in stocks, being ridiculed by the guards and being eyed by the public. I saw the compassion that wanted to show, but in a town with Kildayus in charge, he'd want a reason to slaughter anyone. 

In the town center, we were placed on a raised platform in stocks. The stocks were made out of Centrum metal, finest in all of Illyriad. No magic could penetrate it, only the magic book of Keppen could have the knowledge to destroy the stocks, and Kildayus had that locked up more tighter than a goblins vault. Hours became days. Anderrent was suffering more so than I. I had brought him into this, and I was the one to get him out... 

Kildayus seized the towns resources and used them at his own benefit...  

Time passed... 

Kildayus looked worried... 

We learnt the reason from collected gossip around the stocks... Dark Blight was coming for Kildayus, they wanted Bladenon destroyed... 

I thought of that has a good thing, without Kildayus in this world, but the horde of the Dark Blight was strong, they were to eradicate us... 

Siege of Bladenon, 1016... 

The armies of Dark Blight were stationed outside of the town... Kildayus, and his army of peasants, stood fearlessly at the army that overpowered them by ten fold. The peasants were obviously scared. These Dark Blight soldiers were trained.  

On my side of the story, I was still in stocks. As was Ander. We were dying... 

Kildayus was standing outside of his monument of him, giving a last speech. 

"Bladenon will not fall, Bladenon will not falter. Under my leadership, It shall prosper, and perish will the other towns become. Dark Blight is a pushover, our soldiers will win the fight! We will be victorious!!!" The peasants were hyped.. They were ready to charge. Kildayus, from what I saw, stayed behind and gave advice. The peasants were brutally killed and slaughtered. Dark Blight soldiers began to laugh! They pitied our defense.  

"We shall never give in" Kildayus said as the elite of the Bladenonian Knights charged at the horde. "We shall prosper... For King Sigurd!"  

King Sigurd? Who was this man? I questioned myself. If Kildayus was advertising this man, was King Sigurd as evil as him? 

"He shall send the army of Centrum to help! We shall not falter" 

He screamed out his speech. 

"I can't be killed that easily..."  

Aureaus appeared out of nowhere and swung his sword at Kildayus' neck. 

Kildayus was a goner as his head was decapitated. Aureaus picked up Kildayus' head by the crown. I had realised one arm of his was missing.   Aureaus went onto the battlefield and with his commanding voice yelled: 

"STOP! Lords of Dark Blight, the man which had caused you trouble is dead!" Aureaus threw the head of Kildayus to the horde. "Be gone at once, my fellow man!" 

The horde marched away, keeping the memento...

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 25 Apr 2011 at 09:52
NOTE: I got permission to use Dark Blight from Belthazor. Any problems just ask me.


Posted By: Nokigon
Date Posted: 25 Apr 2011 at 09:57
Dark Blight are the heros once more!
Good job, mate.

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 25 Apr 2011 at 11:51
The man had stopped talking. His story was over. 
"Run along" Kaelus said. "I have nothing more to say. Everything else from then on wasn't important. Nothing was important then. Bladenon was in turmoil. I bid you goodbye, Trader." Kaelus walked on a limp. I didn't know why I believed him at first, he was an alcoholic and was drunk at the time. He also probably didn't even meet this Aureaus fellow, and I am starting to doubt he didn't exist. It was probably an alter ego of this Kaelus man. Kaelus started to rub his neck. It seemed like an injury. Wait. Wait. If he was right about the stockades, he must be telling the truth. No man would be on the stocks that long to have marks like that. I ran after him. 

"Sir! Sir! Please wait!" I yelled. He seemed to listen to me. He stopped. 
"Please leave me alone" Kaelus said. "My stories are nothing anymore, I have told you all I know. I don't even deserve to have known those stories! I abandoned this man once in his life, yet he helps me. Please, leave me be" 
"Kaelus...Kaelus, why must you talk like that?" A voice was heard. It was Aureaus, he wasn't a drunk tale. "I still respect you for what you tried to do at the Siege. I forgive you what happened that fateful night when we were young" Aureaus extended his hand. Kaelus was right, he did only have one arm. "Kaelus, who is this friend of yours?" 
"Aureaus, I never asked his name. He is a trader from the Middle Kingdom" Kaelus said immediately. 
"What is your name, friend?" Aureaus said. "My name isn't important"
"Every man deserves a chance at fame. You control your own destiny. Tell me your name" 
"My name is Mandorth, Trader of the Middle Kingdom" I said. "Please, tell us your story"
"Gladly, Kaelus and Mandorth, listen in... It started during the Siege....


Siege of Bladenon, 1016.

After the death of Kildayus, I knew I was in trouble. The Bladenonian Knights would have been after me and I knew that they wouldn't stop until I was dead. I sneaked out of the town and took a horse. Named her Hope, after what I had left. I rode, and rode, and rode. The scenery got boring, and I had to resort to savageness. These moments after I do not want to describe. I will skip ahead to approx. 11 days after my escape from Bladenon. I was found by the Duchy of Keppen, of all people, I was trespassing in his hunting grounds. We got to know each other well, and I was known as a guest around his estate. Everything was fine. One day, however, was the end of it...

"Aureaus! Come on in! Good to see you again" said the Duchy with a fine grin on his face. He gestured his hands telling me to take a seat. 
"As with you, sir" Before I sat, I bowed. "I have a few questions, sir, If you don't mind me asking. That is." 
"Not at all!" 
"Who is King Sigurd. The Lord Kildayus was mentioning his name during a rally? Please elaborate"  I said curiously.
"You do not know who King Sigurd is? He is the one who's wisdom cures the land" said the Duchy, surprised.
"Im sorry, sir, but I'm still not completely sure who this man is. I'm sure he is a top man, but still, his tales have not passed my ears" I said.
"A top man!? His wisdom and leadership has brought Illyriad together. (At least most of it)" He said under his breath.
"You are dismissed. Learn your basic knowledge before you come here again" 
"Sir, are you doubting my abilities?!" I retaliated...
"I believe I am.. What are you going to do? Stab me..." he started laughing. 
I left the room...

Posted By: Ander
Date Posted: 25 Apr 2011 at 15:57
Aurea, you lost your one arm?

I shall send you some books that I received from Lorre as my newbie gift. The books are full of wisdom about Illyriad and King Sigurd! Great work Aurea! :)

Posted By: Kurfist
Date Posted: 25 Apr 2011 at 21:23
Originally posted by Aureaus Aureaus wrote:

IKildayus was an idol to Aureaus' eyes. Fighting legions of orcs seemed heroic and he was always pretending he was his general. 

Only problem I have with it all so far, everyone knows orcs don't fight in legions. That would be silly!

Patience is a virtue, resource giving is a sin

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 25 Apr 2011 at 23:49
I'll edit it to Hordes then :)

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 27 Apr 2011 at 10:18
The Duchy later had grown quite tired of my opinion. He had, on multiple occasions, scolded me for the "rumours" i had created of King Sigurd. My assumptions is the only thing I could have based my judgement on. Kildayus had positive feelings about this man, I automatically thought he was in league with this man. Heck, King Sigurd could even be plotting against Bladenon at this very moment. Can't do anything now. The Duchy has taken all my gear on the terms that I would live here. Doubt he would give it back in the current situation. Probably make up some excuse like: "Treachery in the name of King Sigurd". I've got two options I can think of:

1. Murder him and take my weapons, which would probably make me an enemy of the King.
2. Steal his prized horse and make my way to the King.

I decided to do number 2, due to obvious reasons. I walked inside the Duchy of Keppen's Estate and walked inside his chamber.
"Lord, I apologize for the behaviour of which I acted yesterday. I mean no offense to you, or our King. Please forgive me." I tried to sound as sincere as I possibly could. 
"Apology accepted, but due to your ill manners of entering like you just did (he pointed at the door)and from yesterday, I would have to say that you aren't sincerely sorry for what you did. I will give you my respect if you travel to the city of Centrum on a pilgrimage and pay your respects to the King. I will also give you my best travelling guards on the way. IF you so happen to even attempt to hurt the King, Bladenon will be razed to the ground, and Keppen will no longer welcome you! Now, you have a day to pack. Not many people get to go on this once-in-a-lifetime trip, so make it worthwhile! You are dismissed!"
"Yes sir" I can't believe that I have to see the King. The man who Kildayus planned with, who Kildayus respected. Anyone in league with Kildayus was a traitor to me, and the people of Bladenon. I needed to pack, and needed a well deserved rest to catch all my thoughts.

The next day killed me. I needed to wake early, and I needed to meet the Duchy at his stables. I got up, got ready and walked my way across the estate to the stables.
"Lord, I'm here as you requested" I said, honorably. He was surprised to see me, knowing my attitude to the King, I think he thought I would have left.
"Ahem...good to see you, Aureaus. This is your companion for the journey. He came to me one day willing to serve the good King Sigurd. His name is... The Chosen One. He refuses to tell me his real name, but he mentions how he will protect the King at his time of need. Hopefully your trip won't be his calling." He started laughing. "You will be travelling with no weapons. Here is a Keppen horse, finest of the land. The Chosen One knows where to go" He nodded at me with his sword at the ready. "He is also willing to spill blood in honor of the Middle Kingdoms. Now, godspeed gentlemen!" I got on my horse, but Chosen One was quicker. We walked into the distance. 

Travelling with a man who loves the King with no weapons was dangerous for me. He looked like a master swordsman, by the way he was talked about, no point trying to anger him. As the Duchy said: Not afraid to spill my blood. I kept riding with him until it got dark. 
"Time to rest" His voice had no emotion.
"Alright then, do you have any idea where we are?" I said, curiously.
"Of course, I know this region back to front. Say, why do you hate the King so much? He has spread order nearly everywhere?" He seemed trustworthy.
"I hate him because a dictator in my village, Kildayus, was in league with this man.
"Kildayus, the man who slaughtered the hordes of Pax Orcana. He's a hero, a legend. Why would Kildayus be in a simple village. He lives in a castle in Centrum."
"Impossible, I killed him with my own blade!"
Chosen One took out his blade and pointed it at my neck. 
"Say something about him again, and I will be happy to spill blood"
"Sheathe your sword now" I said. I know the way of fighting with my hands. 
He sheathed his sword. He took out a map. He continued to talk like nothing happened.
"Look, we are here" he pointed to a place in Mellia, a forest "and we have to go here" he pointed to a golden city in the heart of Middle Kingdoms called Centrum. 
"So how long do we have to go?"
"Not long, my friend, not long" he said. "Get some shut-eye. We need to get to Centrum as early as possible. You need to see the King"
"I'll see you in the morning, Chosen One"
I put out the fire that was lit and collapsed on the ground.

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 28 Apr 2011 at 11:38
Sorry guys, won't be able to do anything today. Will do more tomorrow. I promise :D

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 29 Apr 2011 at 11:51
Fire. Destuction. Blazes of fire were everywhere in the town of Bladenon. King Sigurd must have come for his revenge. He wanted me dead, he wanted Kaelus dead. He wanted everyone who I had been in league with, dead. As I walked through the town, bodies were littered, people were crying for help, soldiers were beating up small children and murdering all that opposed them.  I walked throughout the town, Kildayus alongside what I pictured King Sigurd, issuing orders to murder.  They are monsters. Demons from the pit known as Hell. I watched as Kildayus slaughtered his own people. Slaughter everything that stood in his way for victory. For glory. 

Why are these people dying? Weaponless, Experience-less civilians who have never took up arms in their life, being brutally slaughter by these people. These monsters. These demons. A tear came from my eye as I saw a woman pleading for mercy, and these peopl-No, these monsters gave them no mercy.

I took out my blade, and ran out into a opening. King Sigurd laughing from his horse. I sprinted as fast as I could. King Sigurd took no notice of me. I jumped and was about to attack him when I froze in mid air. Everything was frozen. People had looks of fear on their faces. It was scary. King Sigurd looked at me and smiled. No words were needed. King Sigurd was telepathically communicating with me. At least that's what I thought. 

"This fight is not yours, Aureaus." King Sigurd had said. I could not believe what I was hearing. The fight was not mine?!? He was in league with a tyrant, A 'leader' with the capabilities of slaughtering people who he thought was "against" him, but who he thought was, was in fact innocent citizens. He needed to die, he was a monster. He would have burnt the whole town down, and run to his King. 
"Not mine? But he slaughtered my friends, my family! I had to leave Bladenon because of him, and you dare say that this fight is not mine?" I yelled. This man had the right to say this was NOT my fight?
"I am the King of Centrum. You will not defy my orders, Aureaus. I repeat. This is not your fight!" I was angry. Yet I couldn't move. What magic did this mortal man have? To stop time? King Sigurd got off his horse and took out his sword. "This is the end. I bid you farewell" He swung his sword and-

"Holy God!" I woke up, sweating. I couldn't breath. Struggling for air, I went outside the tent I was sleeping in. Thank god for morning air. I noticed that the camp was in ruins. The tents were broken and the-

The Chosen One! Where was he? How was I supposed to complete my journey with him missing? Even though this man was against me with belief, this man also knew the way to Centrum. I need to find him immediately. I walked near the campfire, and noticed blood. Good on ya, Chosen. Managed to kill a few. I looked at the bodies nearby. 

Elves? What would Elves be doing in this area? In Mellia? Wasn't this place supposed to be guarded by King Sigurd. I heard from folk tales that Elves were the last people to be involved in a war. Things were getting weird. Maybe this was a set-up. An assassination perhaps? I do not know. I continued to search until I found a small piece of parchment nearby some rubble. 

Dear who this may concern.

The Chosen One, a man wanted for his crimes within the Valley of the Elves, has been captured on terms of the Elven Lord, Archmedi. The trial will be witin a few days. All that wish to defend this man please arrive with the Elven Village in Mellia Forest as soon as possible. Coordinates are listed below.

The Elven Council.

The Chosen One was the one thing that was keeping me away from King Sigurd. I needed to find this man, I needed to help him escape from the Elves. At least I knew he was alive. I place the parchment into my pockets, and ransacked all I could find. I found an elven blade and a horse. Perfect. It looks like I will be paying these people a visit. I got on the horse and starting riding into the direction of Mellia Forest.

Posted By: Ander
Date Posted: 29 Apr 2011 at 14:52
 Why would Kildayus be in a simple village. He lives in a castle in Centrum."
"Impossible, I killed him with my own blade!"
Ah what a twist! :O 

And elves doing an ambush on the King's men? Some illusionist must be at work! :O

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 29 Apr 2011 at 14:55
As I rode to the forest, I had a sense of isolation. I was riding alone, who knows how far from Bladenon, in what seemed like the middle of nowhere. I rode faster in the north. My horse was getting tired. I needed to stop. I hitched my horse near a river. I saw the forest up ahead. If I were to survive tonight, how was I supposed to find out where the village was? I have never visited a Elven area in all my weeks of travelling. I was tempted into the water as well, so both of us was drinking like no tomorrow. As we finished, the clouds were starting to darken. How could that be? It was sunny a moment ago. I took out my sword and examined it. Elven made. Bronze. Half-decent. I swung the sword. This was a light sword. Not really my type. I put it in my case and looked at the sky. What could be doing this? It mus- Wait! A sign! From the elven village. They use magic, I assume. My horse collapsed. I had to leave it behind. I begun to walk. It seemed so far. An illusion, a way to mess my head? No... For Bladenon. For Kaelus. I must continue. I must save this man. The Chosen One. As I reached the outskirts of the forest, I heard a voice:
"Only one with pure intentions may enter the village of the innocent."
Did I have pure intentions? Was my morals pure? I believed so. I needed to meet the King.  I needed to discuss important matters and my intentions were to help a man escape. I walked into the entrance of the forest and noticed the normal wildlife. Birds, insects. It was soothing. Calming. It was the first time during this journey that I felt relaxed. I continued to walk. Where was I going?.. Who cares- No! Gotta remain focused! I blocked out the sounds. I blocked out the calm. I needed my instincts.  The same voice echoed but this time in my head: 
"Only the one who is calm, may enter the village of Truth"
The village of Truth? The village of Innocence? What is this? My intentions are pure. I am calm. I calmed myself. If I am to continue my journey, I must follow all this voice says. 
"You have completed the tests. Now you must follow your instincts to find the village".
I kept walking, the soothing sounds and feelings were distracting me. I blocked out (by closing my eyes) them and remained calm. I kept walking and I felt the ground shaking. I opened my eyes. The entrance to the Elven Village.

I walked in. Elves were looking at me. Staring. Glaring. I felt uncomfortable. I looked at one in the eyes. He turned away. 
"Harsh reception" I said.
"Speak again" said one of the elves. "When have you been permitted to speak?" 
"I need permission to speak?" I said, smart-alec like. He grabbed his sword but I was too fast. I countered by taking his sword. 
"Do not dare try to att-" I was stopped. Nearly everyone who had been watching had drawn out a weapon and was about to attack. I was screwed. A guard hit me across the face. I remember nothing from then.

I regained my senses and realized I couldn't move. 
"Help me!" I yelled. Where was I? Was I still in the village? I saw an elf with an old face. Elder. Must be in the village. 
"Let me out!" I realized by looking at the side. I wasn't the only prisoner. 
"So, Aureaus is it?" The elder said with a sly grin.
"How do you know my name. What do you want with me?"
"How do you know we want something from you, Aureaus?"
"Because, knowing you elves, you would have kicked me out and left me for dead!" I yelled.
"Really, because I think that it would be nice to...test you on some of our...magic" he had an aggressive tone now. I wasn't scared. They wouldn't have the guts to do that magic on me. No way in hell! I looked to the side. The Chosen One! He was knocked out. Third person to the left. Suddenly, I heard a shake in the ground. A elf came in
"Sir, humans at the gate! I don't know how they got in!" The elder looked worried and stared at me. 
"Alright, let's do this" The elder walked out and that's all I saw of him. After a while, I heard a familiar voice.
"Under King Sigurd's act 1783 of Year 1016. All citizens of this kingdom will have to follow the law of the King himself, or the Duchy of Keppen" It was the Duchy. "If you do not comply with the following terms, this village will be liquidated and citizens murdered" 
The population went in a outrage.  The Duchy spoke once more. 
"You have 5 seconds to comply"  If the elves did not comply, these people would be killed. Slaughtered. Like...

I remembered the dream yesterday. King Sigurd had frozen me mid air and said 
"This is not your fight, Aureaus" A bright light awoke me...

What was happening. The hut I was in was on fire. Elves were around me, lying motionless. Death. Death in the village of innocence and truth. I saw the Duchy walk into the hut. 
"Aureaus! I am your saving grace, aren't I, me boy? The Chosen One, my best knight! My mages, please unfreeze them" The mages performed a spell and I was able to move.
"Thank you, good mages. Thank you, good sir" I bowed to the mages and the Duchy respectively. 
"Now, due to my good will, I will personally transport you to the King himself. Please give me that sword (he took the sword off me) but you will be participating in the tournament. There will be many participants. If you lose, you will be returned to Keppen and executed. If you win, you will have a chance at meeting the King himself. Deal? Good. Let's get you to Centrum"
I walked out of the burning Elven village, the bodies of innocents around me.

Posted By: Nokigon
Date Posted: 29 Apr 2011 at 14:57
Oh, darn. Me defeating you has created a deadly twist....

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 30 Apr 2011 at 12:49
I was led through the forest and into a cattle car. Why did the Duchy come for my rescue? Why did he want me to complete my journey to Centrum? The cattle car was small, and had very little room. As I was cramped in here, a guard tapped on the side of the cattle car. 
"You are under the command of the Duchy himself. Do anything stupid, and the Duchy will have your head." The guard had no emotion in his voice. Like he had done the deed himself. I decided to follow his judgement and I kept quiet. No sound. The guard tapped on the side of the car and went forward. I'm guessing checking the stability. The guard disappeared from sight and the car started to move. Obviously other prisoners of those elves were in here, so I didn't feel so special. Thank god. As time passed, or at least I thought, the scenery remained the same. I didn't know why. I decided to get some shut eye to make time pass. I would need all the rest I could get for the tournament of King Sigurd. I closed my eyes and drifted...

I was in a gleaming room. Tapestries everywhere. Gold everywhere. I was sitting down in a chair. As I was observing my surrondings, I heard someone come in.
"Enter!" I said automatically. I realised I couldn't control what I was saying. A man came into my sight and bowed. 
"My lord" said the man.
"Good to see you, Duchy. Very good to see you, how is your realm?" I asked.
"Good, my lord." the Duchy of Keppen. "I have a favor to ask of you..."
"Ask away, my friend" I said. My friend? What was I thinking? Then I realised...
I was King Sigurd.
"I have this problem. His name is Aureaus. Big problem..."
"In what way would this man be a problem?"
"He is a pest! A traitor to the country. I have informers in Keppen, Your majesty. I find him, bring him and make him participate in the tournament. He will surely die. He will not be a problem"
"I accept this proposal. On the terms that if he wins, you cannot harm him. If he loses, he will be granted leave to Keppen where you will be escorted with my guards and Aureaus will be executed. Sir, you are dismissed." The Duchy bowed and left the room..

I woke up screaming. I saw a guard outside of the cattle car, about to enter. "Sir" I said to the guard. "I thought I saw an orc horde. My mistake, can't be too careful around here. You never know who is in league with who" I lied. 
"Fair enough" he pointed his sword at me. "Keep eyes peeled." he said and he started the cattle car once more. What did these elves do to me? What did that elder say about magic? Did they attempt to use me as a test subject. I needed to know what they di-. Wait. They are dead. My head started to throb. Why must it be me. If I didn't Kildayus, there would not be anything wrong with me!  Why did I see that scene? Why was I King Sigurd? Was there a connection?  Why would the wisest of all allow me to be executed on terms I lost? Anyway, I needed to practice and that practice would be done at Centrum.

Posted By: Aureaus
Date Posted: 01 May 2011 at 12:00
The cattle car stopped. I was unaware at the time and was getting used to the same old scenery. When I stopped, I saw the gleaming walls of Centrum. The golden outline of the coat of arms was upon it. It was breath-taking. No wonder Kildayus was in league with this man. He had power like no other. He had a beautiful city and a vast empire. As we came closer into the city, the more breath taking it became. As we reached the gates, it made the elven village look like Bladenon after the siege. As the guards forced me out, I then saw the dominance of the gates. They towered me and could withstand any siege. As I came out in awe, the guard said:
"Snap out of it! Pay your respects to the Church, then you will be sent to the gladiatorial training room. Come on, follow me!" the guard had started to move. I followed him. If I were to get lost that would mean a deal of trouble. I continued along the pathway which led to a beautiful city. People had equality and this city seemed like a utopia. Maybe King Sigurd wasn't such a bad guy. Maybe I had-. No! He was in league with Kildayus. I needed to sort this out. I needed to win that tournament. This tournament was the key to finding out the truth. Did the King order Kildayus to do the worst to Bladenon. This was my chance. For the people of Bladenon. For my family. As I was shown through Centrum, the people were shown to be friendly and living in luxury. This place was utopian, yet I knew somewhere in the heart there was corruption. Sadly.

I was shown to the church, a massive church to the Kings of Centrum. It was magnificant, then again, everything about this place was. I walked up to the priest. An old man, possibly seventy, and looked at him. I asked him:
"I come from a town in Keppen. I have travelled far and wide to meet the King. My hometown was forced upon pagan religions. Please show me how to pray to the Kings."
The priest looked at me with a funny sense. "Very well, my son. The Kings welcome all who wish to learn the ways of the religion. You pray for enlightenment, safety and wisdom. I shall demonstrate. The priest bowed, and went down onto his knees. He placed his hands together and bowed once more. He got up and said: "That is how it is done. Try it yourself" I did the exact same as he did, without the experience or the flow. "Well done, sir! You are doing well for a beginner. Please, use this information wisely. May the past Kings smile upon you." I left the church. I now learnt the basic religion of Centrum. Now it is time to learn how they fight. Although I had past experiences, I had lost an arm. This would be a massive disadvantage. But I have to continue. The guard was still there. 
"Aureaus! Have you paid homage to the Kings?"
"Yes, I have. Please lead me to the training area"
"With certainty". How could I trust this man. He was a lackey for the Duchy. He plans to kill me if I lose. As we went past the bustling marketplace and the townhouses, we finally came to a small arena where two fighters were in the middle. One with a great sword and another with a wand. I sat down next to this man. He looked at me. This man had obviously done battle before. Had his own reasons to fight. Money, hope, respect. Who knows. I watched as the man with the wand casted spells, and the man with the sword deflected them. What sword could do that? This fight was getting interesting. As the man with one arm...

This was going to be fun.

(I know small extract, but im tired. Hope that's a good enough reason. I'll write more tomorrow. :D)

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