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The BOK war

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Topic: The BOK war
Posted By: Nokigon
Subject: The BOK war
Date Posted: 05 Apr 2011 at 18:47
Please feel free to rate.
And also, please let it be known this: I did not write this. No, that honour goes to one far more skilled than myself: Metallicus.

Come closer comrades....sit about the fire and charge yer ale jugs as i recount the tale of the rise and fall of the "Brotherhood of Knights"


Soon after the great Orc exodus,the warlord Uuntaar happened upon a fine area to build a city and make safe his followers. He formed the war guild Dark Blight and on seeing the lack of Orc survivors in the area decided to recruit warriors of any race to the banner.

The first knight to answer the call was a young and foolish human named Jrtheman. He swore allegiance and vowed to tread the path of the warrior but his head was soft and his heart weak.

In only 9 short days he proved himself lacking in the required spirit and ashamed by his failings he saught for some way to save his dubious honour. 

In the mean time Uuntaar had been busy pacifying the local area. His neighbours were given fair notice to either stand by the banner of fall in battle.These great lords balked at the thought of war as they were cowardly curs and so plotted against the mighty Uuntaar.

Half a score of them banded together into the loftily named brotherhood of knights and began to attack Uuntaars city. The young Jrtheman saw his chance of redemption for his cowardice and became a traitor. He joined the Brotherhood and took with him information that would be of use to these cowardly dogs.

Uuntaars Orcs stood many an assault and the walls held off many an enemy foray but vastly outnumbered he was beaten into an uneasy peace.He sat in the great hall and brooded over the treachery committed upon him. Revenge had to be attained at any cost.


He saw more Orcs coming to the lands and recruited them into the guild. Other race warriors of good resolve and honour also raced to the banner and soon a force of vengeance was raised. Attacks were sent at all the brotherhoods cities. Men fell and women mourned. The brotherhood were swiftly brought to their knees and in their last hour of desparation the called upon a greater guild named the Calaquendi. Legions of thieves were sent to pillage our cities whilst our brave troops were out fighting and the loss was great. Yet again a dishonerable peace was forced upon us.

Weeks past and our armies grew. Yet more warriors flocked to the banner and plans for the final destruction of the brotherhood were laid and agreed upon. One night Uuntaar and his most trusted lieutenants sat drunk in the great hall when news came of the greatest of the Brotherhoods knights defection to another guild. Thus drunk and enheartened by the news all the available armies were despatched again and a reign of terror fell upon the fearful knights. One by one their armies fell and their goods were looted. Their fair weather allies had tired of the knights cowardice and had left them to their fate.

Uuntaar readied his siege engines and sent then at the foolish young traitors two cities. In short order both fell and the young wretch fled the area never to be heard of again. With unusual grace Uuntaar now offered peace to the survivors of the Brotherhood but a stoney silence was his only reply. It is said that most of the brotherhood took their own lives or fled in terror from the great armies ranged upon them.The War was won and Dark Blight rejoiced. Now we look to greater targets with relish and anticipation. This world trembles at our name.

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Posted By: Attila the Hun
Date Posted: 05 Apr 2011 at 20:48
/me trembles

It's just a game. :)

Posted By: Tinuviel's Voice
Date Posted: 05 Apr 2011 at 20:55
[EDIT by SC: Post removed - - The rules for this forum are clear.]

Originally posted by GM Stormcrow GM Stormcrow wrote:

Please leave politics at the door
If you disagree with something (especially in the History subforum) then please make your own thread in The Bitter Sea - or better yet, write your own History to "set the record straight".  There are many other forums in which you can vent your disagreements. 

Posted By: Tinuviel's Voice
Date Posted: 05 Apr 2011 at 22:24
OK! Cool

Posted By: Attila the Hun
Date Posted: 05 Apr 2011 at 23:18
SC... Strategos is Mr. Green, you my sir are Mr. Blue!  Do not use strategos's color!

It's just a game. :)

Posted By: LadyLuvs
Date Posted: 06 Apr 2011 at 06:09
Strat uses a pink pen in the Forums.  SC uses Green.  

Posted By: Shadar Logoth
Date Posted: 17 Apr 2011 at 14:46
So... wether one likes the story?
I do Wink

More Orc, less talking!

All that is said is my own opinion. I am not a leader nor voice for Invictus. I will always abide by Invictus's rules.

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