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Resource balance for orcs

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Topic: Resource balance for orcs
Posted By: Diablito
Subject: Resource balance for orcs
Date Posted: 13 Mar 2010 at 08:26
Being an orc I only get 3 wood nodes, this is a serious problems as the devs stated that "orcs are master of the zerg".

Well, indeed we have the easiest time producing units early on, however units require a *lot* of wood i've come to discover, the resources required to build a soldier ends up costing you wood more than anything..the one resource I lack.

As things are i'm constantly running *very* low on wood with thousands of other resources stocked up, despite being about to build my third lvl 9 wood cutter.

Perhaps a re-balancing of the resources required for things like spears and armour should be considered? they seem *very* wood heavy, I dont mind them being pricey but this focus on wood makes it very hard to manage my orc zerg.

Posted By: GM Stormcrow
Date Posted: 13 Mar 2010 at 09:55
Hi Diablito,

It is certainly true that Wood is among the major resource bottlenecks in the early game.  This does change over time, but we'll let you guys and gals figure out in which direction as the game progresses.

The balance of starting resources vs production costs vs unit utility (and the underlying numbers) is a complex one.  We think it's about right.

There are currently quite a few tools to get additional wood such as:
  • raiding (or thieving from) wood-heavy Elf cities
  • trading some of your other goods - a brief glance at the current Marketplace Offers shows wood for sale at a 1:1 ratio with another resource type
  • tasking some people in your alliance to provide a stream of wood to you in return for (eg) reinforcements and a low or zero percent tax rate
  • pursuading people to send you wood in return for (eg) protection
Settling a second city in a nearby wood would also be recommended if this is what you're really short of.

One thing that will change the equation is the upcoming release of gatherable resource spawns of random types on the map.  An army will be able to occupy these squares (assuming it can get there fast enough) and then gather the resources with caravans whilst defending the square from intruders.  I expect that Wood tiles will be heavily fought over.

Thanks, though, for the comment.  It is - generally speaking - this way by design, but we will continue to monitor it and definitely want feedback on these balance issues.

Best wishes,

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