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Fall Tournament 2020 - Stats and Winners

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Topic: Fall Tournament 2020 - Stats and Winners
Posted By: GM Cerberus
Subject: Fall Tournament 2020 - Stats and Winners
Date Posted: 31 Aug 2020 at 21:22
Fall Tournament 2020 - Stats

YesterdayNowMidnightAllianceOccupation Time
No Change1No ChangeSkeleton Boar [SkB]336 days 16 hrs 3 mins
No Change2No ChangeThe Pirates of Armok [YARR!]299 days 23 hrs 16 mins
No Change3No ChangeIlly Training Ground [ITG]242 days 12 hrs 5 mins
No Change4No ChangeNorthern Ascension [Ascn]216 days 7 hrs 41 mins
No Change5No ChangeVicToRix [VTX]155 days 8 hrs 51 mins
No Change6No ChangeDavy Jones' Locker [RUM]104 days 12 hrs 39 mins
No Change7No ChangeThe Eastern Empire [TCol]88 days 14 hrs 52 mins
No Change8No ChangeDwarven in-law [DiL]83 days 10 hrs 19 mins
No Change9No ChangeMurder of Crows [mCrow]66 days 21 hrs 38 mins
No Change10No ChangeFairy Road Authority [Roads]45 days 22 hrs 57 mins
No Change11No ChangeLegendary [Lgd]42 days 19 hrs 49 mins
No Change12No ChangeDwarven Lords [Dlord]40 days 23 hrs 41 mins
No Change13No ChangeThe Willd Bunch [Willd]33 days 13 hrs 48 mins
+1 Rising14No ChangeLove And Freedom [Laugh]32 days 13 hrs 18 mins
-1 Falling15No ChangeÆsir [Æsir]32 days 12 hrs 53 mins
No Change16No ChangeAchaean's Associates [*AA*]27 days 21 hrs 55 mins
No Change17No ChangeHarmless? [H?]24 days 5 hrs 21 mins
No Change18No ChangeIron Crusade [Iron]20 days 11 hrs 34 mins
No Change19No ChangeDragon Aerie [Aerie]19 days 13 hrs 32 mins
No Change20No ChangeThe Beach [Sand]18 days 7 hrs 12 mins
+1 Rising21No ChangeSAINTS [SAINT]11 days 19 hrs 13 mins
-1 Falling22No ChangeRoman Empire [RE]11 days 9 hrs 59 mins
No Change23No ChangeNonsuch [NON]10 days 12 hrs 50 mins
No Change24No ChangePRAEVALEO [PRVAL]8 days 19 hrs 25 mins
No Change25No ChangeAchaean's League [ACHE]6 days 5 hrs 29 mins
No Change26No ChangeUnion of Maedhros [UNION]6 days 3 hrs 39 mins
No Change27No ChangeThe Fellowship [TFotR]4 days 21 hrs 24 mins
No Change28No ChangeAvengers [Ave]3 days 6 hrs 54 mins
No Change29No ChangeFour Winds Traders [4WT]2 days 18 hrs 8 mins
No Change30No ChangeEAGLES EYRIE [EE]2 days 17 hrs 17 mins
No Change31No ChangeOrder of the Maiar [MAIAR]2 days 14 hrs 54 mins
No Change32No ChangeThe Kingdom [King]2 days 10 hrs 18 mins
No Change33No ChangeSolitude [-----]1 day 15 hrs 8 mins
No Change34No ChangeTeraLishiousCo. [TLC]16 hrs 20 mins
No Change35No ChangeSnugglerCoalition [HUGs]13 hrs 18 mins
No Change36No ChangeFierce Friends [FUBAR]12 hrs 16 mins
No Change37No ChangeMenzoberranzan [DROW]11 hrs 53 mins
No Change38No ChangeSuper Okay Fun Time [SOFT]9 hrs 54 mins
No Change39No ChangeShire [shire]8 hrs 26 mins
No Change40No ChangeWraith Blade Legion [WBL]5 hrs 46 mins
No Change41No ChangeRough Riders [RR]4 hrs 9 mins
No Change42No ChangeValiant [Valor]2 hrs 40 mins
No Change43No ChangeMorgoth Bauglir [MorBa]1 hr 53 mins
New Entry44No ChangeDelinquents [DEL]1 hr 25 mins
-1 Falling45No ChangePegasus [Wings]1 hr 2 mins
-1 Falling46No ChangeThe Keltae [KELTS]38 mins
-1 Falling47No ChangeReference [INFO]2 mins

Prize Winners: 

1st - Skeleton Boar [SkB]

2nd - The Pirates of Armok [YARR!]

3rd - Illy Training Ground [ITG]

Posted By: Wartow
Date Posted: 01 Sep 2020 at 01:12
Good times.


Posted By: zolvon
Date Posted: 01 Sep 2020 at 22:05
Thanks to the Pirates Of Armok for the great battle in Pamanyallpa and congrats on your fine victoryClap

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