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Trade Enhancements

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Printed Date: 29 Mar 2020 at 10:09
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Topic: Trade Enhancements
Posted By: TheBillPN
Subject: Trade Enhancements
Date Posted: 14 Dec 2019 at 18:55
So I've been thinking a lot recently about how the trade system (hubs, mostly) works in Illyriad. It seems my major problem I run into is one of volume, and then one of speed. So I propose for your consideration the following additions to the trade system:

1. More and faster caravans
This is easy enough, another two, maybe three researches for each thread, double and then triple caravans per town, and double and then triple carrying capacity. Or something to that effect that more accurately matches the original curve. With lots of players having towns in the Broken lands, and the Hope Ridge Initiative, and the sheer volume the towns can store, carrying millions of resources at once seems to be a better idea. 

2. Faction Caravans
My Idea here is that you can hire your faction hubs faction to transport and inordinately large amount of resources (lets say =<100million) from one hub to another. Some things to consider:
2.2 Faction to same Faction
Some tax would apply, and this would be the lowest tax rate out of all the options. It would take into account the average cost of the goods sale price that you are wanting to transport, your standing with the faction, and possible how many traders and trade orders you have had with them in the past. It can take into account as many factors as you want to make it more fairly representative of you trader status.
2.3 Faction to allied Faction
Same as above, but with some increased tax. They are taking the risk of shipping it to someone else, but obviously they're an ally, so we trust them.
2.4 Faction to opposed Faction
Same as above, but even higher tax. There could also be an additional risk of some of the goods "going missing", that you can pay an additional protection tax for. 
2.5 Faction to Town
Very costly, but they would offer the option of sending all of your resources in nicely sized chunks you can hold, about 10 minutes apart. Useful for prestige building and avoiding redlining.
3. Sale to Factions
Ever wanted to fund a faction? Now you can! Sell the faction your resources, increase your standing with them, and as a small side effect increase the spawning of their troops on the map. Fun way to start some more faction interaction in the game.

Anyway, just a few thoughts since I've spent this afternoon buying all the basic resources for sale in centrum for a laugh and I marvelled at the sheer volume people keep there. 

Posted By: DeathDealer89
Date Posted: 15 Dec 2019 at 06:45
Personally I always liked the idea of having vans that were attached to the hub instead of part of the 70.  Perhaps via discovery after so many trades, or through the merchant guild/similar building. 

I agree something simple like selling basics to factions would be a great way to bring factions into it.  Think that we would have to see better faction AI, at some point their troops would have to appear green and start doing things that benefit you.  Ie reinforce your army, join you for an attack, reinforce your city etc.

Posted By: Etherea
Date Posted: 15 Dec 2019 at 14:54
Definately like the idea of a means of larger transport of goods. Would be very useful. 

Posted By: Jadefae
Date Posted: 15 Dec 2019 at 15:20
I am liking the idea over all! I run into so many issues with having to decide if the hub can transport good or if the town can. And the faction idea is marvelous! I love it!

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