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Hope Ridge Hub visibility

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Printed Date: 02 Apr 2020 at 18:53
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Topic: Hope Ridge Hub visibility
Posted By: Etherea
Subject: Hope Ridge Hub visibility
Date Posted: 03 Dec 2019 at 19:33
Hi Devs, 
    I am putting this request here and linking it for others to comment on to show that this is something that many Broken Lands players wish to see. 

   A project has been started to set Hope Ridge Hub as the primary use hub in Broken Lands, after the same fashion as Centrum. But to make this hub accessible to all Broken Lands players as a primary hub, we feel it is necessary for it to be made Capital Visible on accounts as Centrum is. Please consider this a petition by all with interests in seeing this a reality to have Hope Ridge made visible on all accounts through their Capital. 

  To all with interest in seeing this happen, please comment below to make your wishes known. 


Posted By: Gry
Date Posted: 03 Dec 2019 at 19:40
A second capital hub in the BL would be great!

Thanks for the effort 4WT is putting into Hope Ridge too :)

Posted By: Lagavulin
Date Posted: 03 Dec 2019 at 19:47
I like the idea of a second all visible hub in BL. Hope Ridge would be ok. But maybe the Council of Illyria could open a new one in BL?

Posted By: Humanoid
Date Posted: 03 Dec 2019 at 20:01
+1 :D

The world is a soup and I am a fork ...

Posted By: Beleg
Date Posted: 03 Dec 2019 at 21:45

Posted By: GM Stormcrow
Date Posted: 03 Dec 2019 at 22:22
It's a very intriguing idea.

Is Hope Ridge the pre-eminent trade hub capital in BL? Are there other contenders?  

Wonder if there should be an (eg) 1-2 month period where (at the end of the period) we run reports on the volumes (quantities/gold/tax etc) of all the trade hubs in BL, and the winner gets to be a default hub.  We'd clearly have to look at faction relationship tax penalities as well.

Obv if there was a default-tradable BL trade hub we'd either have to (my preference) add it to all Elgea-player-capital default Hub Access (alongside Centrum) *or* (not my preference) restrict BL default hubs to the winning BL hub and remove Centrum... I can imagine a lot of current BL players who wouldn't want their default access transferred from Centrum to Hope Ridge (or any other hub winner in a hub contest).

Just thinking aloud here; but I very much like the idea of a default-accessible BL hub.  It's more the mechanics that I would love thoughts on.


Posted By: Etherea
Date Posted: 04 Dec 2019 at 03:09
Thank you for weighing in Stormcrow, 

    I also thought a lot about it after the suggestion was made to me to contact the Dev team, and I agree that adding it alongside centrum would be the best answer, as the default BL Hub. Most pertinently becuase there are many players with interests on both continents, and they may choose to use both independantly based on city local, or together. But visibility to both would be of great assistance to them either way. 

   As to Hope Ridge being our target of interest in working this up, we looked at centrality of locale as well as racial equality. Hope Ridge was the one hub that fit both markers as closely as possible. For years I had been reading postings by players in the BL for a primary marketplace, so using those messages and the placement/equality of a hub as the guide, came up with Hope Ridge as the answer. So I began a targeted advertisement campaign for Hope Ridge, and its trade is rising quickly. Players with interests in the BL have been sending traders there, sell and buy orders are up, some in the double digits, and more traders are on the way everyday. I sent mailings to every alliance on the first three pages of alliance listings asking them to forward them to all thier membership, and have recieved enough responses in return that I know the message was forwarded. I do a GC update on the status of Hope Ridge daily to keep interest up, and let more players that a primary hub has been targeted and is in activation. 
    I do hope that all this helps in the decision for you, and that the team will feel inclined to activate the process as soon as possible. I do think that it will be the end factor in determining the success of a hub finally be activated as a primary in the BL. 

   Thank you again. 

Posted By: Tensmoor
Date Posted: 04 Dec 2019 at 12:16
I'm for it and think that both Hope Ridge and Centrum should be 'capital visible' to all.

Posted By: King
Date Posted: 04 Dec 2019 at 14:01
agrees with tens   should see both from capital  and any towns close.  thank you Dev team !!

Posted By: TheFanciness
Date Posted: 04 Dec 2019 at 17:07
I'm not a BL player, but I'm all for this.

Posted By: BrianN
Date Posted: 05 Dec 2019 at 21:21
*Dissenting opinion blocked*

Posted By: zolvon
Date Posted: 05 Dec 2019 at 23:02
I'm not a fan of centralized capital visible hubs. They don't encourage the use and creation of Traders.

Except for racial variations all hubs should be equal.

If I wished for DEV intervention it would be to remove Centrum's uniqueness and lower the cost of Traders.

Posted By: Gruumsh
Date Posted: 06 Dec 2019 at 13:13
Gruumsh is certain that this could only be a good idea, despite having no presence in BL it would make life better for those that are due to the distance of Centrum

Posted By: Asvenger
Date Posted: 07 Dec 2019 at 06:06
I'm in at Hope Ridge. In response to Zolvon, whom I respect as a quality Illyrian, Centrum seems to work as a main hub. 

Posted By: Jadefae
Date Posted: 07 Dec 2019 at 16:59
I would love to see both Centrum and Hope Ridge visible to players!

Posted By: Etherea
Date Posted: 10 Dec 2019 at 06:30
Hi Stormcrow, 
   I have been actively following growth in Hope Ridge and it has come a long way in the last couple of weeks. 

   Current numbers are: 25 Alliances represented by over 50 traders (including at least 2 independants). 15 categories are now showing entries in the double digits with many of them climbing quickly and at least on with over 50 entries, and another one closing in fast with over 40. 
   *grinning* just thought you could use an update. 
Big smile

Kristaal - 4WT

Posted By: DeliciousJosh
Date Posted: 10 Dec 2019 at 12:18
Some goods and gold arrived last night. Let the trading begin!

I support the idea of making a BL hub (Hope Ridge comes to mind) that can be seen by capital cities, and cities with traders in them.



Posted By: Etherea
Date Posted: 16 Dec 2019 at 08:50
For anyone keeping track: (I know I am) Embarrassed
okay everyone, most recent audit on Hope Ridge now complete, There are now 31 alliances represented there, by no less than 62 visible traders. There are now 2 catefories over 50 items, and another dozen in the double digits, with basic resources moving regularly.


Posted By: GM Stormcrow
Date Posted: 16 Dec 2019 at 20:42
Originally posted by BrianN BrianN wrote:

*Dissenting opinion blocked*

I very much hope not, as I am extremely interested in hearing dissenting opinions.  I can think of a number of good reasons in the 'con' column (as I can also think of a number of good reasons in the 'pro' column), but I don't want to function in a vacuum.

Dissent away!


Posted By: Salamander
Date Posted: 16 Dec 2019 at 23:06
Originally posted by zolvon zolvon wrote:

I'm not a fan of centralized capital visible hubs. They don't encourage the use and creation of Traders.

Except for racial variations all hubs should be equal.

If I wished for DEV intervention it would be to remove Centrum's uniqueness and lower the cost of Traders.

 Clap   Yes the making of Centrum visible to all ruined the part to the game for traders .  The only thing people should be able to see in Centrum  without a trader is Prestige. crap .  

Posted By: Etherea
Date Posted: 17 Dec 2019 at 00:14
OKay for clarification. I have never asked anyone not to comment if they had an opinion to the contrary on this. I did (admittedly nievely) say as my comment on this, that I was asking all who agree to make their thoughts know. I did not realize this would be interpreted as asking for contrary opinions to be kept out of the conversation. For this I appologise. Anyone with any comments on this are of course welcome to weigh in on the issue. 

Posted By: Robertscott
Date Posted: 17 Dec 2019 at 00:48
    Wringing the hands over Centrum having been made visible to all Capitals is like moaning about the nine city limit having been lifted.  Those ships have sailed.  That being the case, residents of The Broken Lands deserve their own , coequal Hub, to eliminate the onerous burdens of having to wait ridiculous time for items to ship south  out of Centrum, or pay real life money to speed them.

Posted By: zolvon
Date Posted: 17 Dec 2019 at 03:04
It would be awesome to see some hub stats, It would say a lotBig smile

And +1 Salamander

Posted By: zolvon
Date Posted: 17 Dec 2019 at 03:19
By the way...

I have 12 traders and have visited almost every hub in the game, (some may have been a couple of years ago though) most are largely inactive.

The best ones have been;

Hoscarmel, Nemidas, Tor Dunnu, Broadricks Landing, Hope Ridge, Windmire, Cleggs Haven, Headgor Haven and Seven Blessings (excuse spelling)

Notice how many more in BL than Elgea

Posted By: Tensmoor
Date Posted: 17 Dec 2019 at 06:20
Originally posted by zolvon zolvon wrote:

It would be awesome to see some hub stats, It would say a lotBig smile

And +1 Salamander

I'm working on something to show snapshots of the prices in selected hubs and to make the data from those snapshots available for download so those that way inclined can analyse to their hearts content.

To get the data I will need to view every item in the Market page of a town with lots of traders so the data will only be updated at most once a day. The development version of this is visible" rel="nofollow - here . Please note that as I make changes to the code this may stop working for short periods.

Posted By: MayzieP
Date Posted: 17 Dec 2019 at 14:58
Sorry I'm late to the party, but a centralized hub in BL would be wonderful. Visible from the capital and all nearby cities.

Posted By: Mr. Ubiquitous Feral
Date Posted: 18 Dec 2019 at 19:00
Centrum visibility is helpful to new accounts. After they move from the ring the capital should have regular visibility and need a trader to see Centrum. If a trade town is in the BL they can send a trader anywhere they want or build a new strong hub. I will send a trader soon to Hope Ridge.

I am a Machine.

Posted By: Bill_Cipher
Date Posted: 24 Dec 2019 at 19:19

this is a great ideal and saves a lot of time selling resources to centrum and should be implemented

Let fate chase you not me

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