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3 New Magic Schools Proposed

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Topic: 3 New Magic Schools Proposed
Posted By: The_Smasher_1992
Subject: 3 New Magic Schools Proposed
Date Posted: 28 Oct 2019 at 19:00
Hello, I hope what is mentioned has not been repeated again and again! I did a quick search in recent topics and while I found ideas for new spells and schools I didn't find the ones I bring to the table now, the way I bring them to the table. But they don't sound that original so I am afraid someone must have proposed them again in the past. Anyway! The three new schools I propose are added are Sorcery, Planeswalking and Alchemy. One is for military use, the other one is for teleporting your kin and the third one, like Geomancy, is for resource enhancement.

Sorcery: As soon as you research the basic research option you get a new military unit able to be trained: the Battle Mage. He can't be equipped with weapons or armor, but he can be trained (non-reversible) in one of four directions of your choice. Those four different paths are the four different branches in the research tree, each having 4 levels in total: apprentice, initiate, adept, master. The paths are Earth (+def/+atk against infantry and spearmen, weak against cavalry), Fire (against archers and spearmen, weak against infantry), Wind (against archers and cavalry, weak against spearmen), Water (against cavalry and infantry, weak against archers). You can make divisions out of 40 battle mages, doubling their selected school bonuses and penalties.

Planeswalking: The teleportation school, yay! 3 branches in the research tree. One teleports diplomats and settlers (far distance limit), one teleports trade units (medium distance limit), final one teleports armies (short distance limit). The different levels in the branches all increase the number of your units that you can teleport, not the distance limit. The only exception is for an extra final level for the diplomat branch, that allows you to teleport settlers all over the known world.

Alchemy: Unwise or unlucky choice of city placement? Changed your mind and you need different resources than the ones you used to? Alchemy lets you cast spells that, with a moderate cooldown period, transmute a portion of a resource income into another with a reduction penalty, for as long as the spell runs. The different branches let you transmute wood into clay or stone, clay into stone or steel, stone into steel or wood and steel into wood or clay. Gold becomes food (your rich citizens faint at the idea) and food becomes any resource, but at a bigger penalty. Finally, a final level in each branch let's you cast one-of spells that transmute any resource into enhancement shards, should you have researched enchanting as well. These final levels need the special building, the Alchemist's Lab, to be built in your town.

That's my brainstorming folks! Hope I brought something new, even something small. Tell me how you find them below! Big smile

Posted By: DeliciousJosh
Date Posted: 29 Oct 2019 at 10:14
To me, alchemy and sorcery seem cool
I'm not so sure about the planes planeswalking in this game. Teleporting troops and diplos would kind of ruin a lot of things.
Maybe just allow for trade units?



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