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    Posted: 25 Apr 2012 at 21:43
the moon lit the sky,shining it's light on a lone orc warrior standing guard infront of the cave entrance, he watched the treeline and bushes on any sudden movements his job not made easier by the heavy wind that is blowing.
Govenor-militant Racheal was watching him through the bushes,she smiled glad at her apart preference of armour, where it was habit to wear the silvershining armour all the commanders of Fortchernkavanagh wore, she was different.
her black helmet fitted nicely her neckguard was almost not visible because it was decorated in such a manner that it looked like hair, the noseguard was plain and simple two extra bars reinforced the helmet,running across the helmet.
her armour was made of strips of metal bound together with cords on the back it was reinforced with black leather, lightweight and flexible yet strong, her greaves and shinguards were decorated with images of warriors.
now she did not stand out in the darkness her armour made her blend in, the orc guard had no idea what was gonna happen.
Govenor-militant Racheal raised her hand on that signal a single arrow flew through the air,piercing the orc's head without any trouble, the orc collapsed without making a sound.
once again she raised her hand 8000 archers stood up all wearing a white mask with a sober black marking of an arrow all were wearing a hooded brown cape, they were expert marksmen and the wrong force for this misson but they were the closest so they were orderd in.
on the mark of Govenor-militant Rachael each and every soldier drew there curved long knife, carefully and quietly the soldiers advanced on the cave.they ran in the cave and quickly dispatched of the first few orcs.the cave was lit by hundreds upon hundreds of torches.
the cave was huge big enough to fit a city, soon govenor-militant Rachael and her 8000 soldiers came to a halt, the mission briefing had stated a small orc war party of around 3000 strong, noone had expected anything like this 30000 orc warriors all ready to fight, "a soldier cried out they have been expecting us, it was a trap!"
She tried telling him to be quiet but her words were cut of by the loud roar of the orcs, the orcs had started to charge towards the elves. Govenor-militant Racheal orderd quickly to form up in 5 ranks deep the forward 2 ranks had to keep there knives drawn and be ready for close combat fighting the latter 3 ranks had to start firing volley after volley into the orcs.
soon thousands of arrows were flying towards the orcish horde slaying many but not able to stop the floodwave of orcish warriors.
the two battlelines collided in brutish hand to hand combat, far beneath the dignety of the proud elves, govenor-militant racheal saw a lone orc with impressive armour standing far behind watching with a grin. she was interrupted when an orc sword swung just past her missing her only by an inch.
dodging one blow after the other, dealing strikes around her the line between friend or  foe faded, all she saw now were blades, blades trying to wound her trying to kill her so she killed them before they could kill her.
after many hours of combat after seeing her comrades fall one by one by the superior numbers of the orcish horde, her comerades and herself had slain so many yet it wasn't noticeable. "retreat" she called, the elves back away slowly but surely trying to defend themselves while doing so, the orcs were encouraged by this it seemed and started attacking in a more wild manner having no care for selfpreservation they kept pushing the attack.
Govenor -militant Rachael her lines could not hold anymore, finally they broke the sun was high in the sky when they left the cave in disorder with orcs chasing them.
"to the forest! retreat!" she heard several soldier yelling  the sounds of the wounded were terrible but now she had to survive she could make them pay when she got organized again when her lord gave her a new army.
her lord was not rich nor did he own many cities infact he only owned 4, none very big still he could bring a well trained army together in a relativly short time a strong army of archers.
each youth was forced to learn to shoot a bow at age 4 and train those skills everyday in good or bad weather, wind or no wind.
the lord was forced to become this way because his people were traders they lacked protection so the lord provided now his people have become expert marksmen protecting neighbouring cities in exchange for weapons and food both sides profit from it. 
the 4 cities are close to eachother and a 5th one is planned to make a small protected area where wildlife is kept in check,raiders are hunted down and disposed of where enemy armies will find only resistance and there numbers will dwindle.
She and and a small group of survivors she ran with made it to the forest and made a run for it to there capital.
a proud city where every citezin is a warrior, every kid at the age of 12 is consider a warrior they will give there life to protect the city, the walls stand high with many fortified points were archers have a clear view of the area and a free shot.
the solid metal gates stand proud and defiant in the way of any intruder.
the city in itself is designed to be a fortress untakable and defendable with the fewest number of soldiers possible.
750 survivors out of 8000 made it home,bloodied, tired and with broken spirits they marched in a colum towards the metal gate.
Govenor-militant Racheal was mad, she was humiliated her forces were broken and defeated by orcs! the filthiest creatures of them all even worse then dwarves and humans!
this had been the worst loss for the city in over a century, the orcs had known the were coming how in the gods names will she explain this to her lord?
how will she tell the people that there husbands,wives,brothers and sisters have fallen in battle because she lead them in an ambush? 
how would she tell them that there loved ones bodies now are being desecrated by these beasts?
the gates opend for the weary troops, a deadly silence was deafening when the troops marched in the city to the main square where they would take on there positions and pledge allegiance to the lord once again and then would be allowed to go to there homes.
on the main square the soldiers took there positions kneeled and held there fist against there chest and droned "for the lord we fight, for the city we die. protecting we do, surrended we wont".
the lord walked towards govenor-militant Racheal and signed for the soldiers to go home and rest.
she tried avoiding his look,holding her head stubbornly down even when it is against protocol. the lord smiled kindly and offerd his hand to the govenor-militant, she hessitantly took his hand and stood up uttering the words "my deepest regrets my lord that you  tainted yourself by holding the hand of the biggest disgrace this city has had in the past century"
in wich he replied "you did not taint me my loyal Govenor-militant, you and your soldiers put up a valiant fight against the horde, you will gain victory over them in an open field battle, prepare to march in 2 weeks but first come with me for a drink and then you can tell me what you saw"
together they walked of to the lords chambers, talking while they went the lord did not stop smiling to her, encouraging her....
The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemies.
Napoleon Bonaparte
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