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Divine Redemption View Drop Down

Joined: 23 Aug 2010
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Direct Link To This Post Topic: New Units
    Posted: 10 Oct 2010 at 19:36

If you like any of my ideas and would like to add some input, please do.  If you have a new unit to suggest with detail, let me know.  I am open for any input that would make my suggestions more realistic and better for this game.

Defensive catapults against sieges. 

  • Research for making catapults defensive as well as offensive.
  • Defensive catapults can be made and used only in the city if a person has a lvl 15 barracks.
  • If a player does not have a lvl 20 barracks, it can take only 1 hour to make defensive catapults, but there is a 6 hour cooldown.  Otherwise it will take 8 hours to make a defensive catapult.  This is for any attacks that were not expected.
  • A player needs a lvl 20 barracks to use catapults to attack towns.
  • One defensive catapult can destroy one ram and one catapult.
  • Can get destroyed by attacking catapults if the defensive catapults are outnumbered by the attacking catapults.

Mages which can either be used to heal troops or inflict damage.

  • Priests- can heal 100 units at a time.  A player can only make 4 priests total. 
  • Priests healing can refresh 100 units to full health four times before the priests retire.
  • So the units reach 1 health and then are put back to full health.
  • The priest heals the units that are the lowest on health by default.
  • Priests can be assigned on either a commander or the troops.
  • Priests can only heal a commander from 1 health to full health once.
  • Fire, frost, undead, water, etc..-Can only make 2 mages total.  They can kill priests and inflict aoe damage to 50 units total, bringing down there health by 50%.
  • By default mages attack other mages first, then priests, then fire archers.
  • A player can choose before an attack which troop type the mage will attack.
  • Mages can be killed by other mages, defensive catapults, and other military units.
  • A player can not make a priest and a mage, a player has to choose if they want a priest or a fire mage etc...
  • Need a lvl 20 mage tower to make these units and to research them.
  • Takes 48 hours to make a priest or mage unit.
  • Mage and priest units are as slow as milita units.


  • Can be used during an attack to rebuild walls and buildings.
  • A player needs lvl 10 library to be able to make these units.
  • These units can be made in the library.
  • A player can only make 10 builders.
  • Costs 20 gold per hour to have them alive.
  • 1 Catapult = 2 builders and 1000 fire archers = 2 builders
  • Takes 2 builders to repair a building or wall.
  • Once the builders repair a building to 100% they retire.
  • A player can only have builders repair one building at a time.
  • Takes 1 hour to make 2 builders, but it has a 12 hour cooldown soon after.
  • Once 2 builders die, there is a 12 hour cooldown before a player can make more.
  • A player can choose which buildings in terms of order to be fixed when their town is attacked.  A player can either just choose a barracks or do it in order.  A player can choose 5 buildings to repair max.


  • Can now specialize in fire arrows.
  • Can be used against siege machines and against buildings.
  • Cheaper way to destroy buildings.
  • Would need 1000 fire archers to be able to destroy a building.
  • Would need 200 fire archers to destroy a ram and 400 fire archers to destroy a siege catapult.
  • If the amount of archers are correct, it would take 12 hours to destroy a catapults or ram.
  • It would take 24 hours to destroy a building with 1000 fire archers.
  • Once the ram and catapults are destroyed, the archers will retire and a person would have to remake said archers all over again.
  • It will cost 3-5 gold per hour to keep the fire archers alive.
  • 1000 fire archers can only destroy one building.
  • After the fire archers destroy a building they would retire and the player would have to remake archers.
  • A player only needs lvl 5 barracks to start making these archers.
  • This would allow newer players a chance to siege or defend against a siege.
  • The maximum amount of fire archers a player can make are 1600.  
  • The least amount of fire archers a player can make are 200.
  • It takes 1 hours to make 200 fire archers with a 12 hour cooldown.
  • It takes 2 hours to make 400 fire archers with a 12 hour cooldown.
  • It takes 4 hours to make 1000 fire archers with a 24 hour cooldown.
  • It takes 8 hours to make 1600 fire archers with a 24 hour cooldown.
  • A player can either make 200, 400, 1000, or 1600 fire archers at a time.  The fire archers die at the same in time in groups of 200 or more depending on the division make up of the player.
  • Once a group of archers die, a 24 hour cooldown is in place before a player can make more.
  • Fire archers can only be killed by catapults or mages.  They also die once a catapult, ram or building is destroyed.
  • Fire archers are as slow as militia units.
  • Fire archers can set up their own siege camp, this can be researched if there is a lvl 5 barracks and a lvl 5 library.
  • Fire archers can not use the same square as a siege camp using catapults and rams.
  • Fire archers siege camp can not share a square with another player that has fire archers as well.
  • Fire archers can be sent to a player’s town being attacked and can reinforce the town of the allied player.
  • The most allied fire archers defending a town can be 6000 fire archers.
  • By default, fire archers will attack catapults first when defending.  If there are no catapults left, they will attack rams.
  • Before sending a fire archers to attack a town, a player can choose which building he or she wants the fire archers to attack.



Edited by Divine Redemption - 12 Oct 2010 at 00:07
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Belthazor View Drop Down

Joined: 10 Oct 2010
Location: Asgard
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 10 Oct 2010 at 20:51
Some of those ideas sound good. Instead of defensive catapult,the name could be a trebuchet. Now the thing with the archers,thats just too much imo. The mages seem like an interesting concept but now the builders,not so much.Just have to take care of some rough edges and it will look an interesting sugestion.
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Grunvagr View Drop Down

Joined: 20 Aug 2010
Location: USA
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 10 Oct 2010 at 22:26
Defending a siege from inside your castle walls should be easier.  Nobody leaves a castle.  That's why you build the darn thing.  Sally forth makes little sense, other than to mop up the enemy if they are fleeing.

Castles had boiling oil or water cauldrons poured on the enemies.  There were slits in the wall for archers to fire.  Wall-mounted ballistas and anti-siege weapons were common.  Even rolling big-arse rocks down the enemies below was effective.

Why the hell do I build my wall do get a sweet bonus, only to not use it?  or settle on good terrain for my races units, only to sally forth onto unfavorable ones.  Makes no sense.

Defending from inside your castle walls (not having to march outside) should be easier - specifically, to stop a siege.

Some of these ideas that handle that topic are good.  The others are probably wishful thinking Shocked

Edited by Grunvagr - 10 Oct 2010 at 22:27
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Laccy View Drop Down

Joined: 26 Apr 2010
Location: Spain
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 11 Oct 2010 at 09:36
Well, some would say that the castle walls we build in-game might act as a deterrent from someone with an overwhelmingly huge army, who hypothetically might otherwise decide to just send their entire force at you. To me, that counts as a use.
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Borg View Drop Down
New Poster
New Poster

Joined: 28 Sep 2010
Location: oklahoma
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 12 Oct 2010 at 12:05
i agree with the part about walls being virtually useless when being sieged. i think your archers at the very least should get to attack the sieging armies from the walls of thier castle. even without the bonus it would be something. they should counter every hour just as the siege fires every hour. adding a boiling oil defense would be useful too.
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