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Direct Link To This Post Topic: Illyriad Geography/Demography
    Posted: 03 Nov 2011 at 14:50
This is the world of illyriad.

as you see the world is divided into 32 regions and 4 islands.
now, who are your neighbours? to this question i wish to answer.

thus follows a list of all regions and a summary description of the population ( among the top 20 alliances)  of said regions.
 The Northern Regions

The Wastes
location: far far north- west.
Bio: mostly coved by Arctic landscape, making it highly unattractive, it still boosts feritile and more friendly tundra areas in the south-west and north-east.
population: nothing exiting to see here, there is a little concentration of asocial rejects and smallish independent/unknown ally towns in the fertile and forgiving zones and nothing more. only notable for a little concentration of [FreE] in the south west border whit Fremorn
The Trappers, a nomadic tribe, have their trade hub Triggars Trading Post  on the river that boarders whit Fremorn in the south.
The enigmatic
Giantkind are rumoured to dwell this lands of ice, and contrary on their hight, their temper is said to be short..
Kal Tirikan
location: far north west.
Bio: little ice in the north, till pretty friendly. the core of the region is hilly and mountainous, characterized by 2 major mountain ranges and 2 minor ones.
Population: seems to be popular among new players and has above average concentration of fresh settlements, mostly of minor alliances or independent, notable among those is the -ATG- E/A ~KV~ league. Many notable alliances have towns here, yet no massive clusters are reported.
factions:  some rough critters live in this northern region, and they ain't pretty.
ladies and gentleman, meet the Barbarians living on the lake in the south west and further south east plains.
Holbaek is a  Northmen town in the south east.
 in the far south west plains, you will find the not-so-socially-skilled Tantarkim, bizarre Horse-man hybrids.
The Foshnu Ob Wulpor  have the fame of being the orc's beast-friend, and live in the north west mountain ranges.
Those where the kind and caring ones. If you dwell to much  into the north east of KT, you may encounter the Drangu Mundas and those aint really friendly... if you happen to have lots of cash, you may try to hire/befriend the crimson down in the central plain region.
 not that work is rare for them here..
location: far north
Bio: an Arctic strain of ice covers some of the north west of this region, next a major river system whit 3 big lakes. as you go south following the river, the ice disappears.  the central region is Mountain range and on the east side there is a plain region that features a great lake.
notable is the presence of the cursed marsh, a diamond shaped hellhole.
Population: out of the 20 top alliances, 14 have towns or settlements in this region. the population of this areas seem to be expanding fast, whit new and old ally cluster structure developing at a somewhat regular pace. newbie towns here and there, all over the landscape.
factions: Northmen live in the principal mountain ranges of Wolgast.
 in the western side of the north ice plains, a  Drangu Mundas Fortress makes the north route to Kal Tirkan insecure.
A community of nature worshippers of the weirdest ever seen ( a bunch of elven, orc and human freaks) and dwarf haters lives in proximity of the cursed marsh, the  Fyrgis
location: north
bio: plains whit an weary large wooded area in the centre.  Huge lake in the south east.
population: this being a fairly little region, can boost a decent population. The Crows league (the various crows)  stand out among the 7 out of 20 top alliances that have towns in this region.
factions: the Horse fetish enthusiasts Tewhirrus are actually pretty nice people and inhabit the plains of Windlost.
On the southern lake, there is an island. Bayne's Irregulars have built their head quarters there. the fearsome thing of this rough mercenary group is that they can deploy the most suited troop in the most suited situations... in virtue of his multiracial divisions.
location: far north east
bio: in perfect far north tradition it has an barren ice hell where conditions are prohibitive, its mainly a Hilly region whit two major  mountain peaks and some big forests. 
population: suffers from a leak of Big names, it seems a region of choice for those that have decided to flee the overpopulated spawning regions. if its a wise choice of a stupid one, time will tell.
factions: Bloodravers are spread in the whole of southern Ursor and central Qarosslan. this orcish tribe has no love for strangers but may not kill on sight other greenskins.
folklore legends tell us that the legendary EaglesBrood may populate the northern mountain ranges.
location: far far north east
bio: massive quantities of ice and barren, lifeless terrain. mountain range on the south whit some woods. north of that is the absolute nothing.
not many dared to come over here, and those who did have done so mos likely due to the urge to be alone, in this almost deserted region. only Aesir stands out for having a somewhat decent presence.
factions: Bloodravers live close to the ice pack and probably also all the way to the other fortresses in Ursor.
the real problem is further south west.
Sillars inhabit the Qarosslan. their main ..towns ... are on the mountain ranges. problem is, those snake people .. are weird. yea. try to deal whit a damn lizard... they don't think like us at all..
The presence of  Dragonkin in the far north east is hinted in many works of folklore and fairytales.. no scientific evidence exists to proof this nonsense. 

location: far far north east
ice on the north. its quite a plain region whit sole light woods here and there a mountain in the south.
population: nothing exiting. the usual H? presence, some crows and other alliances. Relic are reported to have a "nice presence", also KoG stands out for having built their kingdom here, and even if not being a top 20 are worth mentioning.
factions:  MaraudingSkullsplitters on the southern mountain range. they do exactly what their name hints them to. 
The Central Regions

Middle Kingdom
location: its the centre of illyriad. the Trade hub "centrum" is exactly what it says on the thin: the weary centre of illyriad.
bio: three hilly, minor mountain rise in middle kingdom. it has a pretty average "geology" doesn't stand out for any extreme of meaningful landscape.
population: welcome ladies and gentlemen: the middle kingdom. o boy... Really DENSELY populated.
one legendary city next to the other.. big, strong cities as far eye can see.  Big cluster of even bigger towns characterize this region. ALL top 20 alliances have at least 1 town in this region.
H? clusters dot the map of Middle Kingdom and also Invictus, WE, Eternal peace, Absaroke have many towns here... those and many others prominent alliances can be found in MK.
factions: the kind and caring king Sigurd of illyira, the head of theCouncil of Illyria lives right next to Centrum. the council boosts a large influence in many regions of the world,wishing to subdue all of the lands, but kinda fails on keeping all in check. The ambitions of this factions may prove to big to implement, considering the chaotic nature of many of the borderland cultures.
Empiriumis a logic-driven open minded atheist organization. the illuminated believes make no distinctions in the races that are part of their ideology.
Circle of five the Human Archmage Stendas, lives in southern MK at the boarder whit perrigor 
Illyria Trade Council the masters of trade are world spread and are among the most successful mixed factions.

location: just north of Middle kingdom.
bio: the Norweld geography consists manly in a circular  mountain/hill region surrounded by plains. the ring of mountains hosts a plain valley crossed by a river. the plain zones of this region are famous for their bountiful lands and great farmyards. 
population: Blessed whit suck, this region is heavily hit by the ominous Newb Spawn Ring of Doom (NSRoD for short). nonetheless, its home of may people, and many great alliances have some kind of hub here. mCrow&Crow and Champs stand out, having some kinda of major hubs here, and boost their influence respectively in the south west for the formers and centre for the later.  do not forget my own farms are in this region   
location: north West
bio: Mellia is a croissant shaped region in the west. basically a huge clay hill in the south,  massive forests  in the east and centre, a huge  mountain on the eastern croissant end, and plains all around.
population:NSRoD hits mellia barely ant the eastern end. the norweld/ middle kingdom border zone whit emphasis on Norweld, is CROWDED HARD by curse of the wolfs members. they pretty much own the eastern part of that one region. other alliances and random players are present as well, but CoTW takes the cake in mellia.
location: West. just south of Mellia
bio: now this is easy. Keppen consists of a semicircular, hook shaped  mountain range ( an extension of the Tor Carrock mountain massive) that "hooks" a big plain area whit a great lake in the middle.
population: a bit of everything really. many of the top 20 have towns here, but not in massive numbers. a modest Invictus cluster in the south. its quite peaceful and the steamtastic brewery is here,  its said the water of the lake is what makes the gnome beer so bland.
location: just  east of middle kingdom.
bio: pretty plain whit above average forests.
population: omg. i said OMG! this region lost the NSRoD lottery. Almost the WHOLE region is part of it. this makes it highly unattractive for big alliances but nonetheless its crowed. mostly inactive.
this didn't stop Crows and specially CoK to call it home sweet home, whit the later having their main core there.  Chaps found liking in the most northern slice of "Lou cerna" that they staid there ever since.
location: north east.
bio: a mountain towers in the centre an large forests are kinda the trademark of Ragallon.
population; dissed by most of the major alliances, safe for the usual H? presence ( that is quite big) and one of the cores of Aesir, this region has nothing special about his population. you may dont hop on Aesirs lawn, its not a nice thing to do!
Mal Motsha
location: east
bio: a large, clay rich hill region whit sporadic forests. a big mountain in the north and a smaller in the south. is surrounded by rivers on it's borders and its said to be a orc paradise.
population: once teathre of a major illy war, its the home of the legendary BSH that dared to stand in the way of the late self proclaimed rulers of mal motsha, TMM. notable camp of Champs.
Tor Carrock
location: south
bio: practically a massive mountain range whit a relatively small plain-forest zone in the south.
population: NSRoD region. Notable Valar presence,WE in the south plains,RES, Eternal Peace,CalCr and others. pretty cosmopolitan region. 
Western realms
location: far far West
bio: its a pretty plain region crossed by rivers. has above average forests and has an equatorial jungle in the far south of it.
population: crowed due to the newb exodus via spell, has some minor champ, mcrow and DLord settlements. True tranquillity are all over the place, and a major cluster of WoT in the north.
overall an appreciated region.
location: Far far west ( and tendency to north)
bio: a HUGE mountain range in the south crosses the whole region, losing height as it extends north, turning quickly into a hilly and clay rich region, whit some dark forests and almost no plains.
said to be the nest of monsters and outlaws, rebels and cut-troats.
population: some eternal peace and true tranquillity members have to deal with the massive presence of Fremen Empire [FreE], (the former Colonist Empires [=CE=]) that rule most of Fremorn. the Wheel of Time [WoT] in the south (extension of their cluster in the western realms)  also deserves mention.
location: far east
bio: the southern river, is source of water for the bountiful plains that stay on the feet of a megalithic mountain. the enormous mountain  covers about 75% of Taomist. 
population: not much really. some members of a crow academy farm the plains on the riverside. notable is the presence of a DLord cluster whit some above average big cities. ( for the rural-region standards of Taomist)
location: far far east
bio: wast and big plains on the north. a modest mountain range in the south. the Desert of Kul Tar in the south west peeks into Keshalia for about 75-50 squares
population: good question. a modest Valar camp is notable and a good number of young/unknown alliances that have still to make names for themselves inhabit this regions.
location: far far east
bio:pretty average whit big plains, small mountains here and there and some notable or outstanding features.
population:only mCrow has some notable towns there. pretty much deserted, if you dont consider the sporadic presence of newbs arrived to try their luck in the mysterious east and some minor alliances that are weary much still unknown.
location: south
bio: Stands out for being mostly (90%) plains, whit some big lakes and a complex river system.
poulation: NSRoD huge presence of many alliances. Valar clusters, HUGE Curse of the wolfs cluster, massive WE presence in the south, DLord expansions coming from North Turalia, pretty big Crow presence, Invictus (!) , Calcr settlements.. and that is whitout counting the newbies that spawn there... easily one of the potentially hottest and instability regions out of the whole lot.

The Southern Regions 
location: South
bio:arran is a nice southern region that features a "W" shaped mountain range. pleanty of plains and forests, some of the later are equatorial jungle. Arran borders at south whit Tallimar, and is separated from it trough the ocean.
population: arran has some dense population. Most notable the big Valar clusters, the 0-0 's massive presence, notable WE forces reside in the area.  Eternal peace has a huge cluster that dominates the whole of the eastern plains. DLord in the east populate that mountain range.  plus presence of almost all major alliance on the territory.
location:  far Shout east
bio: azura has a minor mountain range in the eastern part, and some weary clay rich jungle territories on the west. but what here matters most, azura is on the south sea, the great ocean. the whole souther border is in contact whit the sea. a lot of forests and jungle in the southern sides make it a difficult environment.
population: azura is widely populated. H? holds the southern cape on the ocean whit massive presence, and is the One power in the whole region. settlements and minor outposts of major alliances are present in the whole of azura.
location: south
bio: turalia north is a three peek mountain range that extends form west to east connecting whit the arran's "W" shaped range, losing hight as it goes east. the middle land territory is a luxurious and giving plain landscape.  as you go further south, there will be jungle, and lots of it. jungle and tropical climate as you reach the Southern Ocean. 
population: three major alliances have their home here. in the northern mountain range, the DLord have their cavalry-proof strongholds and main hub, going shout Absaroke presence is confirmed by their towns well placed on the turailia plains. even more south, there is one of the main hubs of Invictus. pretty crowed hu? there are more. a decadent ally that once was among the biggest, the good company, is on the eastern river. not as many as there used to be trough.
location: south east
bio: featuring a mountain range, this tropical region has 2 rivers that mark respectively the eastern and the western border. in the north, the turalia mountain range extends, going all the way trough north Zampur and further east. at south the ocean is surrounded by tropical jungle. at east-north-east you will notice that the Kul Tar desert is advancing into Zampur.
population: Curse has a modest presence here. along whit the always present crow factions and other prominent alliances that keep a minimum their outposts there.
location:  far south
bio: is what you would call an exotic paradise, whit lots of plains, sun, tropical environment and little shade. in the north, a modest mountain range develops into a tropical forest that extends further  south. its fully surrounded by sea so it's technically an island and is kinda cut off from the northern regions. In virtue of its dimension, i separated it form the other islands, that are way smaller.
population: H? has huge presence in the whole territory. A weary minorValar outpost south east. Invictus has a nice cluster on the east coast.
Lan Larosh
location: far south west
bio: the eastern side of LL is characterized by huge plains and complex river-lake systems.
in the central zone, forests and plains as far eye can see. on the south west tropical jungle and in the north west there is the kumala dead  desert that peeks in.  
population: mostly H? domination. there are also some semi unknown alliances whit nice PR as Triality. and some other minor ones.
Kul Tar
location:far south east
bio: mostly a desert country in the south ...but there are some nice places in the north.
population: desert zone is widely unpopulated. the DE are going strong in the northern side.
location: far south east
bio: similar to Kul Tar, only that here the desert is in the northern side and what remains is a jungle-like hell hole.
population: insects, predators and some fearless BSH clansman.
location: far south east
bio: remember Elijal? well now picture it bigger and whit a rocky desert instead of a sandy one.
tropical forest and jungle environment everywhere else. The desert zone is so hostile, its downright unpopulated.
population: against all odds, this place is inhabited. the crows have nested in this region.
some sporadic settlements and some shy H? outposts. nothing else survives here.
location: far far south west
bio: in the north: Boody desert and bloody jungle. it get worse.  going south and passing a fence like jungle where everything tries to kill you, you go all the way south just to reach Audrey. kumala is a peninsula that hosts the gulf of kumala in his north west ocean side border.
any serious  tourism company would advise you against even just breathing  the air down there.
well.. as long as you like malaria you may enjoy it.
population: the northern regions are kinda populated.  shy H? settlements on the east border. some gleeful mCrows dared settle in the jungle. and some poor sods that teleported in the southern peninsula were literally or to dumb to live or victims of ignorance.
location: far far south east
bio: pretty plain, the Larn peninsula is crossed by various rivers and almost entirely surrounded by sea. it has also a big and nice share of jungle and tropical forests.
poulation: some H? settlements, some Valar, and a huge invictus cluster. Merry people and clueless newbs often feel the call of the south sea.
The Islands

location: south west of Larn
bio: its an island. pretty average.
population: Absa people have found their home here.
Ferra Island
location: south of azura
bio: hilly / mountain island. huge cliffs on the ocean. difficult terrain. is said to be infested.
population: some Sta, Lyorn of Jaenesh and some minor people.
location: west form Larn
bio: an archipelago whit a giant fresh water lake on the main island.
population: pretty much deserted if not for 2 or 3 hermits.
StormStone island
location: far far south
bio:strange, scary island whit a black tower.  has jungle in it and a fresh water lake in the back
population: some mCrow. gutsy dudes.

P.S gonna edit faction in later on, as Highlight ally tag.

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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 03 Nov 2011 at 14:56
KILO!!!!! It's Triality, not Triviality! lololol
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Originally posted by Dhenna Dhenna wrote:

KILO!!!!! It's Triality, not Triviality! lololol

this thing is still Work In progress.
please, PM me the errors, mistakes and all the like.
specify what region it concerns and so on.
dont want to have to search in this huge lump of textBig smile
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Originally posted by Dhenna Dhenna wrote:

KILO!!!!! It's Triality, not Triviality! lololol

You think that was not deliberate? You underestimate the meanness of a dwarf! Big smile
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Greetimgs Kilotov of DokGthung

Highward of the Dwarven Lords and master cartographer extraordinaire. This was to be my next project, as I feel that not enough players appreciate the work that has gone into the topography, biomes, geography and codified history of Illryia and its factions. You have beaten me to it. Congratulations on your work in progress thus far. I raise my glass to you sir

Celebcalen et al

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Nice work Kilo, just a few corrections in the "Fremorn Section". Corrections are written in red.
population: some Eternal Peace [Peace] and True Tranquillity [peac3] members have to deal with the massive presence of Fremen Empire [FreE], (the former Colonist Empires [=CE=]) that rule most of Fremorn. The Wheel of Time [WoT] in the south (extension of their cluster in the western realms)  also deserves mention.
Later on you might want to add the local factions present in each territory, here are the ones for Fremorn: The Undying Flame, Daedalons, Outlaws, Treggars Crows, Trappers, and Illyria Trade Council

Edited by Tordenkaffen - 03 Nov 2011 at 17:34
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I like it! good job.
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Very nice!  Although I would like to say that oddly there is no "u" in Qarosslan.
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please make suggestions on how improve this.
would really help.
i intend to add mystery informations, factions and such, but not gonna post any coordinates.
squares are a distance unity in my opinion and coordinates in this guide shall be replaced by " narrating location" if you get what i mean..
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Kilotov, you rock!!! This is awesome!!!

/me bows to high one of the DLords
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