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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 03 Mar 2011 at 00:18
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 02 Mar 2011 at 23:10
Awesome Brids!
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 02 Mar 2011 at 21:47
Great idea!
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Direct Link To This Post Posted: 02 Mar 2011 at 21:19
So I'm not sure if they is the right place to put this or if there's even a right place to put this but I figured I'd put it here. 

I'm nearing my 7th town and I decided that after putting this off for so long, I am going to put it somewhere obscure. So yesterday I decided to start searching for an island and I discovered a few things. First, most small islands are impractical to settle on. They have poor sov spots and often no resource or NPC spawns. The few islands there are that these exist on have already been taken by other players. Second, the islands large enough to accommodate lots of resource/NPC spawns are too big to claim my own and will end up being shared by other people, probably not people from my alliance either.  So it seems that the reward for settling on an island right now, is getting to settle on an island.

Out of all the islands I found, the one I like the most is the least accommodating. It's ugly when viewed in the current UI, it gives the appearance of being large but it's actually just long, it has no sov spots I would want and it has no spawns of any sort on it. To make matter worse, when I decided to search up the factions, to see what faction areas each of the islands that I was interested fell in, this particular island is home to a faction that hates everyone.

Upon reading about the factions, some of them were writing in the form of journal logs, instead of descriptions of whom the factions actually were and this struck my idea. I figured I'd start writing journal logs of my "expedition" to the island. Now generally, I would have wrote this down in some notebook and would eventually get piled with the collection of notebooks I own (I just can't stop buying the damn things) but then the idea of posting them on the forums for possibly other people to enjoy came up, so that's what I'm going to do.  

So first, a disclaimer! These posts are going to be fictional, so please don't take anything in them as factual information. Some of the things I post might be soon to be features or they might be things that will never happen in game. There are also creatures in the faction info that google doesn't find anything for so I'm going to simply make up a description of them. It's very possible what I'll describe them as will be completely different from what the GMs may have imagined them so don't take anything I say here as factual info about the game. There will be some things I take from the faction info however most of it will be made up. I also may make reference to other alliances in these posts, anything in the posts will be purely fictional and are not meant to insult anyone or be taken seriously.

(Keep in mind I haven't written anything in a form meant to be shared or read by other people since junior high, so my writing skills aren't going to be that of some famous author)

Day 1: It was decided a couple weeks ago that the Brids Empire needed to expand. With most of our cities bordering the river, save for one of our newly developed cities just to the west, looking to take advantage of iron found beneath an old ruined tower nearby and one city that was "conquered" by our armies to the Southwest.

It still baffles me that so many people considering it a great military accomplishment considering we not only needed help from our allies but the city was in a state of anarchy, nearly defenseless and almost completely cleaned of anything of value. Why they felt to need to bring down the walls and destroy over 75% of the city is still beyond me. We spent more money destroying the place than cleaning up the rubble and rebuilding everything and all for what? A stockpile of livestock and some weathered siege blocks that have deteriorated over the years.  Had we better spent our time and money, this very expedition may not have been necessary.

None the less, it's been decided we need to expand and unfornately, we can't do so anywhere remotely nearby. The alliance that once called themselves "Wolves of something or other"  has recently changed their alliance name and for whatever reason, has decided to ban wolves anywhere near their cities. Just our luck that they are found just to the Southeast of us.

It seems that rather than actually doing something sensible with the wolves, they've slit their throat and dumped them all in the river. Nearly 20,000 dead wolves were cast into the river. For over a week the river ran red and soon after, stank of decay. The river is no longer suitable for drinking or fishing. Thankfully we have a freshwater lake near our cities untainted by this wolf genocide. It's been unanimously decided we need a city in a place far enough away from this "Curse" (ironic name...) alliance so that we can trade with others without someone asking why we smell funny.

I'm still not sure why I was chosen to go on this expedition, or anyone else for that matter. Everyone who was chosen to go could have been replaced by someone better suited for the job. None the less, I and one other navigator, a man of which I can't pronounce his name let alone spell it, have been chosen to make it to our destination, which still hasn't been entirely decided yet. Us aside, there are five mages, two of which are specialized in healers and all of which are new to magic, 12 men specialized in plant life, rock formations and other assorted expedition related things, 25 men as the crew for the ship, many of which are apprentices, four cooks and of course, the expedition leader, of whom I'm sure will be pointless barking orders while getting payed obscene amounts of gold.

In total, this makes 49 people, just one less man needed for some expedition fund that would give us extra equipment and food at a discounted price. Thankfully, I spoke to the expedition leader earlier today and convinced him we should grab a random civilian off the street and claim they're needed for something, to make it a full 50 man crew so we'd be eligible for the discounted supplies. He thought it was a brilliant idea, so brilliant, he convinced himself of he could have thought of it and hasn't stopped gloating about it since.

Alright, so due to some weird forum issue, I can't continue to put the logs here because the posts pop up with weird symbols (like the As you sometimes see in peoples posts) and I don't want them in the posts. As such, I've taken Mr. I-have-a-hard-name-to-spell's idea and set up a blog to post it in instead. Every time I post a new one, I'll update the OP with a link to it.

Log 1:

Log 2:

Log 3:(New)

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