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    Posted: 22 Jan 2015 at 22:34
Comanders are backbone of an army


There are 2 main groups in commander skills : individual and divisional.


1.Individual -  these skills boost the commander himself, regardless of whether he is or he isn’t leading troops. These skills include stat increasing ones such as heroism or avoid charge and those of “helpful nature” as more life (vitality) or faster recovery from wounds.

    A. Heroism* : simply a must have skill. This skill increases commanders attack stat (the amount based on the unit type he is). Each level adds the equivalent of 6 units of his type. So a Knight commander ( a human t2 cav) starts with attack 65 . Each heroism level would increase his attack by 6*65=390. So a knight commander would end up having 3965 attack with heroism level 10 ( he would count as having 61 free knights in battlefield). Since the increase is based on the unit’s base attack, an elven protector commander ( elven t1 spear) would start with 6 attack, and gain +36 per heroism level, to end up with 366 attack at level 10… so this would be a very poor choice. T2 cavalry commanders are a popular choice as their attack gets very high, there are other factors to consider but this is an important one.  In a fight, attackers use attack value while defenders use defense value, which means that a defending commander doesn’t get any benefit from heroism. Nevertheless , commanders will need training and most of this comes from hunting npcs. NPCs , currently, don’t  attack, just defend… so the sooner a commander learns heroism the better (so every single fight benefits from his improved attack value).

  B.Avoid Charge* : as opposed to heroism, defensive skills require choosing. Each of the 4 defensive skills grant a bonus to one type of “damage” or attack type : cavalry, archers, infantry and spear. Avoid charge is the first of these 4 defensive skills that increase defense. It increases defense against cavalry. The amount increased is as heroism (6 times the base cavalry defense of the unit that becomes a commander). The higher the base, the higher the increase and the final value at level 10 . Cavalry is a popular choice for attacking (speed, high attack value.. esp. for humans as that’s their racial unit type) so this could be very helping if you plan on defending (at this point only on pvp). If you get attacked by archers,  infantry or spearmen, this skill becomes as useless as heroism ( a commander with 10 avoid charge would do the same as one with 0 avoid charge if attacked by archers). Even for commanders that are meant to be defenders, could be a later choice (after increasing their attack to help them train better)


  C.Break spear wall* : same as avoid charge, but increasing defense against attacking spearmen. Personally , the least likely to be triggered skill as not many people will attack using spearmen : due to their low attack (and orcs are less numerous than other races.. and even orcs use other units to attack most of the time..)


  D.Cover *: same as the two before, but increasing defense vs archers


  E. Sword mastery* : same as the previous , but increasing defense vs infantry. Since infantry is a popular choice (far less than cavalry) , it’s likely to be used if you have to defend, especially in certain terrain conditions or versus dwarves.


  F.Vitality : this adds 50 more hit points to the commander’s life per skill level. It can be useful, but varies on the use of the armies. As a offensive army, life is of very limited use. The reason : when you attack you either win or lose. If you lose, all your troops will be killed and your commanders die (no matter they got 100 or 600 hp), they lose 100% of their max life. So attacking a 150 hp commander is as good as one with 600 hp: if they win the fight they will lose 0 to 99 hp.. and if they fail, all their hp. Probably you would attack with all your troops (from a town) so if the fight is very close to defeat (losing 99% of the troops) even if the commander returns home and has more hp to fight, probably you wont have troops , or significant amount of them, to add for a second fight .. even if so, maybe for a second round and that’s it ( so anything beyond 200 hp is of very little use if you attack). Vitality is very useful if you plan on defending tho, especially if many defenders stack up (like in a tournament or a siege). Those fight tend to have multiple waves of different attackers and back ups from allies, so commanders can die from multiple hits before their actual troops die. And once commander start getting killed, their individual bonuses and divisional bonuses end, and the whole army falls much faster.

  G.Accelerated healing : each level of this skill allows faster recovery from wounds, +2 hp per hour. By default a commander recovers 2*24=48 hp-s a day, if you attack frequently, especially if cavalry army that moves faster, you might find this not good enough and preventing from attacking while commanders recover. Usually , even for fastest armies and most active players, an extra level (or two at most) is more than enough to have them fully healed between attacks. In rare situations a higher regen could be of use (especially if defending as alliance or group) but only if the armies last long enough and the base hit points of the commander gives some buffer or stack .. (a low max hp commander might get attacked and killed too fast to allow regen over time). In all, not a bad skill, but there might be better choices (past +1/+2).


  H.Defy death : a very useful skill , for high level commanders. Each level grants higher chance to survive for a commander (if he gets killed, his life goes down to 1 hp instead). As commanders increase in level, their resurrection times increase (1 hour per level) and also the cost to resurrect them. So this skill allows them to survive from time to time, and save up gold and time to resurrect. Works both in defense and in attack. This skill gives “less fear” to attack those myriads of npcs or big armies. The chance is not uber high, but noticeable.


Uncanny sense : this skill allows higher chance to survive assassination (from diplo attacks). When assassination on army encampments gets to work, this skill may be of greater use. Right now, commanders can only be diploed in-towns, and you can deploy defensive assassins to avoid this.


Divisional  : these skills provide bonuses, on attack or defense, for leaded troops, only for those troops leaded by that specific commander… any other troop in any other division wouldn’t benefit from other commanders divisional bonuses in other division. Example, commanders A and B , each with 100 troops. If A had “charge” divisional skill , if his troops were cavalry, they would benefit from A’s bonus but wouldn’t benefit from B’s bonuses, if any, the same way as the troops leaded by B wouldn’t benefit from any divisional bonus from commander A.  If only one of the commanders has divisional bonuses, he should be leading all the troops, and use the other commander as a helper or side commander.( to increase army stats by adding his individual personal stats).


  A.Charge : this divisional skill boosts the attack of the cavalry that are in the same division as the commander who has this skill. Up to 10% (or 15% if the commander is a t2 cav). For an army of cavalry , a must have skill (after heroism). At least one of the commanders should have it (and lead all the troops). If more commanders got the skill, the troops can be shared but nothing special is gained by doing so (not more trunc-ing in casualties). This skill also gives the bonus to the commander itself. So a Knight with 10 heroism and 15 charge will end up with 4560 attack ( and granting 15% bonus to any charioteer or knight under his command).


  B.Close quarter : same as charge but increasing the attack for spearmen. Up to 10% (15% for t2 spearmen commanders)


  C.Concentrated fire : same as charge but increasing archers attack. Up to 10% (15% for t2 archer commanders)


  D.Bloodlust : same as charge but increasing the attack for infantry. Up to 10% (15% for t2 infantry commanders).



Defensive divisional skills


  A.Square formation : this divisional skill boost the cavalry defense values of ANY unit leaded by the commander with this skill. So a commander with lvl 10 in this skill would grant a +10% bonus to the troops under his command, whether they are cavalry, spearmen, infantry or archers (also gives 10% bonus to his self cavalry defense value). On the other hand, if attacked by an army without cavalry, this bonus is of not use, as its useless if the army is on the attack side. Since cavalry is a popular choice, square formation is a good choice,  if a choice has to be done. The bonus can reach +15% on a tier 1 cavalry commander.


  B.Phalanx formation : same as square, but boosting the spear defense values . 10% for any commander, and up to 15% if the commander is t1 spearman. The chances to be attacked by spearmen are much lower than the rest, so this skill is less likely to be of use.


  C.Tortoise formation : same as the previous, but boosting the bow defense values. 10% for any commander, and up to 15% if commander is tier 1 bow.


  D.Interlocked Shields : same as before, but boosting the infantry defense values. 10% for any non t1 infantry commander, and 15% for the later.




Forced march : this skill grants a increase on the speed of the commander and his troops. Keep in mind that an army moves at the lowest speed in the whole army, and this includes the commanders. For example, a human cavalry army with knights (or even just one of them) would move at speed 12 (the knight speed). Even if the army was made of charioteers , but a single knight commander, all will still move at speed of 12. Each forced march gives a bonus of +5% to speed.. so with level 2, they would move at 13.20. For a multiple commander army, all the commanders need to have the forced march skill.. or those without it will drag it down to their speed. Example : a knight commander with 10 forced march would move at speed of 18 (12*1,5). If such an army had 4 knights commanders, 3 of them with 10 forced march, but the last one without it, the whole army would move at 12 (unless the slow commander is removed from the army). A very useful skill (once heroism and the appropriate divisional attack bonus is capped) . Distances are huge, so speed is always good, especially in tournaments or if spreaded out. Even for npc hunting , speed is good as you might reach a npc group before others do.


Military logistics : this divisional skill grants a bonus on the cargo hold for troops, a 5% bonus per level. So for units with 100 cargo they could end up with 150. Attacking other players for resources is not very common ( as the reports move fast and bring problems), besides armies can only take basic res, so this skill is not that useful…



Important note.These skills require a minimum troop amount in the army (not in division) to work fully. The exact amount depends on the type of troops. For example a human knight commander with L10 heroism ends up with 3965 attack, but only as long the troops in the army, in any division, add up at least that attack, for example 60 knights, or 107 charioteers, but it would require 567 miliatamen . The same applies for defense stats, units need to add up to that value. If less troops are used, the stats drop to the same %, using 30 knights, would make the commander attack value to drop to match that, roughly 50% cut. If multiple commanders are in same army, the amount of troops required still alike. E.x. 5 knight commanders with L10 heroism, will still require just 60 knights or 107 charioteers in the army.. either in same division or split.

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Very thorough!
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